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Monday, October 9, 2006

Altered Bulletin Board 15 comments  

Create it With Style

Posted by Lillpop

A bulletin board - what a fun project to create for your house, family, friends, or even a gift.  Learn how to make one in several easy instructions.

1. Buy a bulletin board at an office store or Walmart.  The one used is by RoseArt and is approximately 11 x 14.

2.  Take your bulletin board and begin painting the outside edges.  This may take a few coats of paint.  Let the paint dry between each coat.

2.  Next, use sandpaper to make the paint look distressed.  There will be quite a bit of paint that will flake off.

3.  Add ink around the edges to distress the board even more.

4.  Pick three to four different pattern papers or cardstock.

5. Cut the first piece approximately 12" x 7".  You may want to ink around the edges.

6.  Adhere your first piece of paper to your bulletin board.  Adhesive (tombo) or glue dots work great.

7. Cut your second piece of paper approximately 5" x 9".  Adhere to your board.

8.  Cut your third piece of paper to approximately 12" x 3".  Again, adhere to your board.

9.  Finally, cut your fourth piece of paper to approximately 5" x 4".  You may choose to use another pattern or use your first paper that you adhered to the board.

10.  Your background is complete.

11.  Next, it is time to embellish your board.

12.  The first embellishment to add is a name.  You may want to ink around the edges of the letters.  You need to make the name fairly big so it is dominant on the board.

13.  Add a picture to the board of friends, family, or a pet.

14.  Next, you may want to cover up any seams with various embellishments such as ribbon or flowers.

15.  Add various embellishments to complete your board.  This would include die-cuts, stickers, ribbons, and flowers.

16. Your board is complete!

Products used on the bulletin board can be purchased at ACOT and are the Daisy D's Girlfriend Line:

Posted by Lillpop

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Reader Comments ...
butterfly843 . Long Island, NY
10/16/06 10:04 pm
this is adorable!

10/16/06 9:31 pm
I love this & will be doing some for Christmas as well! Thanks!!

10/15/06 6:48 am
precious!! I've done smaller bulletin boards to hang over my desk in my studio but the big one is awesome! Ditto on seeing a few Christmas gifts from this!
thanks for sharing the instructions!

10/15/06 1:18 am
this is TOOOOOOOOOOOOO CUTE!!!! great job!!!!

10/14/06 1:12 am
Great idea! It came out awesome!

10/13/06 3:11 pm
what a great idea! I can already see a few people that would love this for Christmas this year. Thanks!!!

10/12/06 10:44 pm
Loving this, Kim. What a great gift idea! Thanks for the thorough, clearly written instructions. Can't wait to try this!

10/10/06 8:06 pm
Cute, Kim!

10/10/06 3:24 pm
Great job! So glad this is posted now. I'm going to make one and needed the notes. Took the class, but couldn't remember everything. Thank you!!!

MindySue . Sitka, Alaska
10/10/06 11:25 am
Printing this out so I can do it. I bought the board for the crop, but wasn't able to attend the class as I had to be somewhere else. But, I see several Christmas gifts in the making!

10/10/06 7:22 am
This is really cute! Great idea!

10/9/06 10:07 pm
This is so cool!

10/9/06 2:52 pm
Splendid idea! Love what you did.

10/9/06 12:21 pm
great article, Kim! cute board!

10/9/06 11:47 am
You did such a great job on the Kim!!! ABsolutely adorable!

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