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Thursday, November 9, 2006

Bo Bunny "Trick or Treat" Bag Album 5 comments  
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Be bold, be bright, and be fun!

Posted by scrapsakes

The Final Product:

"Trick or Treat" Bag Album (substitute supplies where necessary)

I'm sure the photos are self-explanatory where you can see all the
pieces needed, as well as their measurements, so that you can trim
them accordingly before assembling each page. It's much quicker that
way. You may also use a bone folder or stylus to crease the bags in
half. Punching holes & adding the binder rings should be done last.

Please keep in mind, you will be working with 3 paper bags with a
FRONT COVER, INSIDE (left & right), and BACK COVER, plus the bottom
flaps will all be decorated, so it might help if you number each one of
them, as to not get them all mixed-up. We will not be decorating the
inside pockets of these bags, however, they are great for stashing a
few extra photos, for hidden journaling, and for Halloween souvenirs.


( supplies included in this kit )


( supplies needed )


Now, let's begin:


( fold each bags separately )



( do NOT glue bottom flaps )



( front cover BAG 1 )



( inside BAG 1 )



( bottom BAG 1 )



( back of BAG 1 & front BAG 2 )



( inside BAG 2 )



( bottom BAG 2 )



( back of BAG 2 & front BAG 3 )



( inside BAG 3 )



( bottom BAG 3 )



( back of BAG 3 )



( punch holes & add binder rings )


Now, when you're finished, think of ways you can make this your own
by personalizing each page with an assortment of embellishments like
rub-ons, stitching, quote/phrase stickers, various colors & sizes of
buttons, couple of mulberry flowers, and even some doodling in there.
( i've done exactly just that with mine, check out the photo below )


This is such a nice and easy album to make for yourself or for
someone else. I hope you have a lot of fun putting it together!
If you need further assistance, just give me a holler :) ~grace

Bo Bunny Treat or Treat Bag Album is available for purchase at ACOT


Posted by scrapsakes

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Reader Comments ...
11/10/06 9:02 pm
Ooooh, this is adorable...and getting bookmarked!!!

11/10/06 9:56 am
Great make it look so easy!

11/9/06 3:07 pm
Your photos are awesome, Grace! Great job!

11/9/06 1:29 pm
Grace, great article to follow, looks fun and easy to do. Thanks!!

11/9/06 12:25 pm
Awesome detailed article Grace! thanks