Thursday, November 18, 2010

Christmas Mini Album 4 comments  
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Using Echo Park Everybody Loves Christmas

Posted by SarahA

This album is really great for gift giving- it's quick and easy! Or, if you love it so much, just keep it for yourself and make another to give away!

First, you need to cut a 4x12 strip of paper, then score it at every inch. After you score it, fold it accordian style. You want the first fold on the left to go backwards, just like shown here:


This will be the binding of the book, so we will want to glue it together now. I tried to show below where to start the gluing on the back side edge:


Then glue the edges and fold. When you are done, it should look like this:


Next, you will cut six 4x4 squares from the papers. You will also cut a 4 x 2.25" piece that will cover the binding edge. You should have this  pile in front of you now:


Next you will start adhering the pages to the tabs on the binding piece. You just put a few strips of adhesive on the front of the tab, then adhere the pages like this:


Once all of your pages are stuck on the tabs (including the cover), we will cover the spine with the 4x2.25" piece. First you will want to cut a piece of twine or ribbon about 22 inches long. Put a few rows of adhesive on each long edge of the spine cover piece. Put the center of the twine at the spine of the book, then center and wrap the spine cover piece around to cover the edge. Your book should now look like this:


Next is the cover! I used a 4x3 piece of paper (one of the backs of a card from the card sheet), and adhered it to the cover with a border sticker on the left edge. I used stickers from the sticker sheet and some Thickers to embellish my cover. Feel free to do whatever you want here to really make it your own!









Posted by SarahA

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Reader Comments ...
11/18/10 7:38 am
Such a great album Sarah! Love this!

11/16/10 6:37 pm
what a really cute idea & love your use of EP papers :)

ArmyWife95 . Chesapeake, VA.
11/15/10 11:45 am
Looks like fun! I may have to try this out!

scraptag . Next to Disneyland
11/12/10 1:17 pm
I had fun doing this at the crop. Thanks sooo much!