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Monday, November 17, 2008

Crop Class - Kaiser Accordian Frames 2 comments  
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Handcrafted Gifts

Posted by katarria

Class: Kaiser Accordian Frames - Handcrafted Gifts



Inspiration: My friends & family are always asking to see my layouts and crafts.  My original idea was to create one long set of frames for the mantle.  I was planning to alter one side using the red/green Kaiser Christmas paper, then alter the other side using the Kaiser winter line.  That way the frames could be displayed all throughout winter instead of only during the holidays!  Once I got the frames, I realized they would make cute gifts for the same friends & family who always want to see my scrapbooks!  I altered some to be ornaments/hanging frames and some to be displayed on a mantle or shelf.    

Class Objective:
 Creating handcrafted gifts to be displayed beyond the holiday season!

Ivory Flip Flop Fancies 311-51877
Mistletoe 508-10154
Holly 508-10153
Wreath 508-10152
White Christmas 508-10156
Silver Bells 508-10157
Silent Night 508-10158
Let It Snow 508-10159
Ice Blue Rhinestones 508-02774
Pewter Pearls 508-02791
Champagne Pearls 508-02714
Accordion Frames 508-00145
Holly Swirls Wood Flourishes 508-02732

Additional Supplies:
Coordinating ribbon
Modge Podge (or other liquid glue)
Xyron (large enough for 3.5 x 3.5 paper)
Medium-sized glue dots

X-acto knife to cut apart the frames and wood flourishes
Cropodile (or drill) to make holes in wooden frames

Step 1 - Preparing the Frames

A.  When the frames arrive, they need to be cut apart using an X-acto knife. 

B.  I laid out the set of frames on a self-healing mat so that I would not cut into my crop table. 


C.  Once I cut the frames apart, then I trimmed off the small pieces to get smooth edges. 

Step 2 - Tracing the Paper Frames

A.  Use a pencil to trace the frames onto the patterned paper.  I used a mechanical pencil because they make such thin lines.  If you are comfortable with your X-acto knife, you could also use an X-acto knife for this step.  I prefer using my scrapbooking scissors, so I traced the frames with pencil before cutting them out.


B.  I chose to use both Kaiser lines so that I could alter the frames with red/green Christmas paper and with more generic winter paper.  This way, the frames can be displayed after the holiday season has ended.

Step 3 - Cutting and Adhering the Transparent Photo Frames

A.  To cut the 12 transparencies to fit the wooden frames, I used one of my paper frames as a template.  I held the paper frame over the transparency to cut out the transparency.  I was able to cut two layers of transparencies at once, still keeping neat edges.  Each wooden frame will need two transparencies.  This way, both sides of the frame can be used to display photos!

B.  Once all of the frames are cut, glue down one set of the transparencies to the frames.  I used K&Company Craft Bond glue, but any crafting glue that works with wood and plastic will work.  I also had Modge Podge on hand, but I tend to make more of a mess when I use Modge Podge.  I let the glue get slightly tacky before adhering the transparency frames.

C.  I let the frames dry for about 3 hours.  You will be able to see when the glue is dry because it will turn from white to clear.  At this point I used medium-sized glue dots to adhere a second layer of transparencies directly on top of the layer I just glued down.  Only one side of the wooden frames will have transparencies.  If you are only planning to use one side of each frame, then you only need one transparency to protect your photograph.  In that case, you could adhere the photo directly to the back of the frame, keeping in mind that lignin (found in wood) will degrade your photographs over time.  I used the transparency layers purposely so that my photos are protected against this!

By using glue dots, there was only a slight separation between the layers, which is just enough space to insert photographs.  I left one edge open so that I would be able to insert photographs from that end, and marked that end with a small pencil mark so I will always know which end is open to insert photos into.  While the frames were drying, I put my paper frames through my Xyron 510 to prep them for adhering to the wooden frames.

D.  Then I adhered the paper frames on top of the wooden frames/transparencies. 

Step 4 - Altering the Frames

A.  Altering the frames is the fun part!  I tried to keep mine relatively simple by using only one or two patterned papers on each and embellishing them with flowers, pearls, rhinestones, and ribbon.  I began by cutting some of the wooden flourishes so that they could be used across two frames.  I chose to leave all of the wooden flourishes natural (without paint, ink, glitter mist) because I wanted a classic country look.  However, feel free to use what you have on hand to dress them up!  I love the look of glitter mist on these frames!!

B.  Once I cut the wooden flourishes, I adhered them to the frames using K&Company's Craft Bond glue (Modge Podge will also work).  I let them dry overnight.

C.  I altered both sides of some of the frames, so that they could be displayed after the holidays.  The frames shown below are the back sides of the Christmas frames shown above.  Once photos are inserted into the transparencies, no wooden flourishes will show through the center of the frames.  I used glue dots to adhere the flowers, then placed rhinestones and pearls into the centers. 

Step 5 - Adding the Ribbons to Hang the Frames (or attach the frames together for display)

A.  It is easy to use a Cropodile to punch holes into the finished frames.  If you don't own a Cropodile, you can drill these holes into the frames, or attach ribbon to the back of the frame using glue (for hanging frames).

B.  Once the holes are punched/drilled, attach the frames with coordinating ribbon.  I had been holding onto this sheer gold ribbon (Making Memories) forever and it was the perfect accent for both sides of my frames!  At first I used a cream-colored ribbon, but liked the look of the sheer ribbon better. 

C.  I tied knots on both sides of the frames to give them more of a "scrappy" look.  Make sure to leave a tiny bit of 'wiggle room' so that the frames can be displayed on either side.


I'm planning to gift these frames to my family and friends this year.  I like that they can be used as small frames or ornaments by separating them into four smaller projects rather than one large project with all six frames.  Either way, I'm loving the results!

Posted by katarria

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Reader Comments ...
Kara . Howard County, Maryland or Woolford
11/17/08 7:10 pm
I knew there was a reason I have these in my cart!! Thanks for the lesson!!!

ScrapGoo . Framingham, MA
11/17/08 2:54 pm
These are awesome!! What a great little gift idea!

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