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January CT Spotlight Layouts 14 comments  

Starting the New Year off with a Bang!

Posted by Laura Fiore

It’s that time again! Time for a new CT Spotlight and you’ve had us wondering how to choose just one! The work since the beginning of the year has been simply fabulous!


Resolution 2009 by Yukari


Was chosen by Jess (ScrapGoo) because she couldn’t take her eyes off of this amazing monochromatic layout in the gallery! “The gorgeous photo, the layering, and the lace paper numbers all make for a beautiful design!”

Beth W says, “ I absolutely adore this LO!  IT caught my eye in the gallery, too, because of the monochromatic orange color scheme, the fantastic photo and all of the layering.  It is perfectly designed.”

Angela (bluejeans7) thinks “This layout is stunning!  I love how the bright orange pops against the white background!  And that photo is so sweet!”

Cindy (kimandasmo) says, “Breathtaking-stunning amazing. I love the orange, the layers, the lace paper. The design is just perfect.”

Tracy (Icanhascherryontop) says, “This one has it all-great composition, color and texture. Truly outstanding!”

Cassie (mommybruno) thinks, “The colors on this are absolutely faboo! Love the layers and textures, and the lace paper is a real standout!”

Kristianne (MamaK321) says, “The bright contrast of orange and white are fantastic! I love how she continued the number theme with her background paper also.”

Susan (susluvgeo) says, “Wow the colors on this are simply STUNNING!!! Love the scallops, the curled edges, the layers, the pic...LOVE IT ALL!!”

Pam says, “Breathtaking.  The colors are PERFECT, the picture is adorable.  This belongs on a magazine cover.”

Janell (janello) says, “The orange elements are so vibrant and embrace that darling picture just perfectly!”

Diane (Dianedi) says, “What a gorgeous layout! Love the layering and the splash of buttons throughout. The orange papers used throughout really create a stunning backdrop to the photo. “


Wild Ride by Scrapsakes


Was chosen by Beth-W, who says, “I love the design of this page!  The colors were perfect. The photos are awesome.  The embellishments frame the cool photos perfectly and add dimension and texture.  I could see it in a magazine.  Great layout!”

Angela says, “There is so much detail work to see on this layout.  I love how she cut out the flowers from the pattern papers and then layered them to create one beautiful flower embellishment.”

Cindy says, “Fantastic job- great photos. I like the layering and the placement of all the elements, like the red brads for a touch of color on the blue felt embellies.”

Tracy says, “I love the color scheme here. The turquoise is a great choice and really pops.”

Cassie says, “This one is all about colors and layers! I love how the colors totally complement the pictures, and the dimension achieved by layering elements both under and over the pictures.”

Kristianne thinks this is a fabulous example of layering and combining many patterns and loves her photo effects!

Susan says, “Amazing pics and AMAZING layout using the Granola Line. Into my saves!!”

Laura thinks Grace has a GORGEOUS style! Her layering is always so fabulous!

Pam says, “A family layout with flowers that still looks masculine and perfect.  I knew it was Grace's right rocks.”

Janell says, “I absolutely love all the grungy embellishments with the raw photos, it really brings it all togeher to make one amazing layout!!!”

Sarah (davsar) says, “Fantastic mix of papers and cut-outs for her pictures - they go together perfectly!”

Laura (Art_Teacher) says, “I love the color scheme and the "grunge" of the papers really sets off the photos.  The title is very well-done, as well as all the little elements.”

Angie (nun69) thinks the blue and brown color combo, along with the rustic feel just give you the feel of the outdoors.




Face Your Fears by RitaS

Was chosen by Angela, who says, “I love this layout!  The overall design is awesome and I love the spider web in the corner and the look on the little girl's face is priceless!”

Tracy says, “Totally adorable! (Even though it is my biggest fear.) The spider and web are great.”

Cassie says, “Great pics! Love the fun feel of this layout, and the big spider web that extends beyond the background paper.”

Jess says, “This is adorable and clean... the spider and web in the corner are almost as cute as the grin on her face!”

Kathy says, I'm loving how this is such a non-traditional holiday layout - the photos are priceless & I love her journaling!!”

Amanda says, “I love the use of a Christmas theme with something halloween related.  The expressions on the photos are priceless.”

Ronny says, “Very fun, it is very unexpected to see a spider and web on a Christmas layout. Beautiful!”

Diana says, “So cute! I am loving the spider and web!”


Laura F thinks the expression on Rita’s daughter’s face is just priceless. How cool is it that Rita found that awesome chipboard web frame?

Diane says, “What fabulous photos for this page! Just adorable! The spider web is the perfect touch! “

Susan says, “LOVE the subject behind the layout. It’s nice to see real time happenings. Love the spider and the web and the pictures are priceless!”

Pam says, “Rita has an AMAZING photography skill....and then she rocks her layouts!”

Janell says, “What a darling layout with the two perspective photos and the spider web is a cute addition to the Christmas themed papers, something you definitely don't see every day in scrapbooking!”  





Wink by pne123

Was chosen by Diana (dianagirly) because, “Look at how perfectly clear and adorable that photo is! The colors, elements, and textures are exceptional! I feel like I could run my finger along those stitches and feel that fuzzy alpha. Stunning!”

Jess says, “The photo and detail here are amazing!  I love how much color is used here without it being distracting.  Just gorgeous!”

Beth says, “What an adorable photo.  The white background makes it stand out even more and the embellies are so pretty.”

Angela thinks this layout is adorable!!  The soft colors are perfect to highlight that sweet photo and I love all the detail work that surrounds it.

Cindy says, “This is the kind of layout that makes me want to go digi--it is fantastic. The photo is just stunning- the placement of embellishments and the colors just make you go WOW!!!!”

Tracy says, “Another great one by pne123! This is so realistic looking! Amazing shadowing and just a gorgeous layout.”

Laura F says, “The photo on this layout is completely amazing! All of the soft, pretty embellishments highlight it perfectly!”

Cassie says, “This digital layout is so full of dimension you feel like you could touch everything! All of the white papers and elements really help the colors to pop!”

Kristianne says, “It almost seems tangible, not just digital, it is truly STUNNING!!”

Pam says, “Great pic, great title...and the layout colors and "texture" are fantastic!”

Sarah says, “The soft white and blue she pulls out of the picture are beautiful and the accents are awesome!”

Laura says, “ I love how strong the little bits of color appear on the white background and the photo is totally eye-catching!”

Sing by JannyLynn

Was chosen by Ronny (Smiley-Scrap8) who says, “I was drawn to this layout by the lack of color. The layering and placement of all the elements is perfect. The journaling strips are a great touch.”

Diana says, “ I love the glitter and stars, great photos!”

Jess says, “Great color scheme!  What a fun subject to scrap.  The black and white photos on the gray background look great!”

Cindy says, “The sprinkled glitter behind the title just makes it pop. I love the photos and journaling and the added little guitar is so cute.”

Laura F thinks the monochromatic look of this is very dramatic!  She loves the cool design and the fun embellishments!

Tracy thinks this is very fun-the guitar is perfect!

Cassie says, “Love the colors on this layout, and those great pics! The glitter on the page echoes the glitter in the pictures, and the subject matter is too perfect - everyday life!”

Kristianne says, “I love this design and I think it is a wonderful way to document this moment in her daughter’s life. “

Susan says, “Love, love, love the design! And the stardust is awesome!”

Pam says, “I love the way that this SEEMS simple...but when you look closer, the detail shines!”

Janell loves the sprinklings of glitter and the cute hanging stars, great multi-picture layout!

Sarah says, “Great design and love the grunge-like background with the theme!”

Pout by Megamay

Was chosen by Cindy (kimandasmo). She has this to say about the layout, “The corrugated cardboard is really awesome and the colors are fantastic. What a great picture as well.  The little bow on the top is perfect touch....very well done!”

Jess says, “There are some awesome textures in this LO! And I adore that sweet photo!”

Beth says, “What a great subject to scrap-it is part of our everyday life and memories.  The corrugated cardboard, cool fibers and design all work so well together.”

Angela says, “Oh my goodness that photo is so cute!  I think most of us mothers can relate to a photo like that.   I love the mix of textures used on this layout.  The softness of the laces is perfect with the corrugated cardboard.  Great job!”

Cassie loves the distressing and the cardboard on this! There are so many touchable elements on this, and that picture is too cute!

Kristianne thinks this is such a sweet photo and she really like how Meghan added the whimsical accents to give the page a more youthful feel.

Susan says, “Again, love the real time journaling. Great layers and the corrugated paper is awesome!”

Pam says, “I love the sophistication, yet whimsical nature of this layout.  Perfect for the subject matter!”

Sarah says, “How darling - what a cute moment to catch!”

Laura says, “Fun layout and I envy anyone who can put their own handwriting on a layout and make it look like it belongs there!”

Angie says, “LOVE the mix of paper and colors and ribbons, just FAB!”

Amanda says, “Incredible look. There is wondering layering and colors.  I love the corrugated paper and the bunny.”

The Sound of Holiday Merriment by lockhart01

Was chosen by Tracy (Icanhascherryontop) because of the beautiful clean design. She loves the muted tones and use of wordart and space!

Karin says, “Fantastic white space!  Love the word art in this one :)”

Diana says, “So cute! Great white space!”

Laura F thinks the subtle words under the photo and the soft title of this are amazing. The white space draws your eye right into that beautiful photo!

Ronny says, “Wonderful design, and all the white space really puts focus on the photo which is perfectly altered.”

Amanda says, “Terrific use of white space here as well as the fa la la la being repeated.  Great layout.”

Kathy says, “SUCH a great use of white space - I like the somewhat muted colors too!”

Angie thinks this is SIMPLY BEAUTIFUL!

Jess says, “What beautiful white space and pop of red in the photo!”

Angela says, “ This layout is the perfect example of white space!  It's simply beautiful!”

Cassie says, “Simply gorgeous! Love the text work on this, and the little bits of red to coordinate with that Christmas hat.”

Kristianne says, “Fabulous design! The word art and delicate flourish make the perfect accents.”

Lady in Green by fun2educate

Was chosen by Cassie (Mommybruno) who loves the use of textured white space on this LO, and the clustering job she did with the flowers and the extra pictures. It’s just so pretty!

Kristianne says, “I love how the page elements hang off the page and she repeated the title phrase to give it emphasis.”

Pam says, “The white space use is perfect, and totally makes the picture stand out.”

Janell says, “Of course that darling little dangling photo catches your eye and doesn't let go, fun bright pictures!”

Sarah says, “The word art and the dangling frame are wonderful on this page!”

Laura says, “This is just so adorable and the word art looks wonderful!”

Jess says, “The textured background is a great touch and I just love that little hanging frame!”

Tracy says, “I like the word art and the charm is super!”

Angie thinks this layout is so great that she may just have to scraplift it!

Kathy says, “ Awww - so cute!!  I really like the integration of purple to play off the green here - great mix!!”

Ronny says, “Beautiful, the placement of the photo is very eye catching and the purple flowers are the perfect contrasting elements for the green in the photos.”

Diana says, “ I love that she included a photo from the back! The embellishing is VERY cute.”

Laura F thinks the photos on this are just precious! She loves the dainty way that small photo is framed!


Be Inspired by helenh

Was chosen by Kristianne (MamaK321) who says, “I adore this simple and stunning layout design. I really like how she used a copy of the photo to blend into the background and how she highlighted key words in her journaling. This layout inspires me!”

Pam says, “This is totally AMAZING.  The larger unsaturated picture, with the totally colored smaller picture is fantastic...and the quote takes it over the top.  Fantastic.”

Laura F always finds something to love about Helen’s work, and this is no exception. The photography on this is stunning!

Janell says, “The photo of the flowers really brings a ray of sunshine during the middle of winter, beautiful word art and blending. “

Sarah says, “Wow - the blending on this is gorgeous as is the actual picture!”

Laura says, “The way the photo is faded into the background really reinforces the beauty of the full-color photo.  Also, I think the journaling is very inspirational!”

Angie thinks her blending is great and also loves how she used the same photo in the background and foreground.

Kathy says, “The mix of the blended background photo and the color photo make this layout totally pop for me!  I also like how the journaling stands out because of how she highlighted words throughout!”

Amanda says, “The photo in the background and the color on the smaller one is stunning.  Wonderful journaling with the certain words highlighted.”

Ronny says, “Amazing layout! I can't pick my favorite part, the blended background, the journaling with splashes of pink, the frames on the photo... all perfect!”

Diane says, “Wow, such a beautiful effect! Love the highlighted text throughout the journaling. Simply fantastic layout! “

Jess says, “She did a great job drawing the viewer to her colorful photo... and the highlighted journaling was the perfect detail.”

Home by BethR

Was chosen by Susan (suslvgeo) who says, “First off you know I just gotta love the dog! Secondly I love all the amazing extras she added! From the little gingerbread buy to the pompom tassels. Great layering, great design, great layout!”

Laura F thinks Beth’s work just ROCKS! She has an amazing ability to layer fun elements!

Jess says, “You gotta love polka dots and round scalloped paper!  And the angle and textures on this LO are fantastic!”

Beth says, “I love the angle of the design, all of the fun trims and papers she used.  There is so much pretty stuff to look at.”

Angie thinks this is a GREAT mix of elements, ALL of them!

Kathy says, “Beautiful use of color and embellishments - I'm loving all of the texture & the photo is super cute!!”

Amanda says, “Incredible use of elements and layering.  I like how it is at an angle rather that straight on.  Great layout!”

Ronny says, “So cute, I love that photo. And what fun! I love all the great embellishments all inside the circle, great design.”

Diana loves all the depth and texture!

Diane says, “That big puffball is just too cute for words. Fantastic photo! Love having everything on the angle and the layering is just perfect!”

Karin says, “Heehee :)! What a sweet photo of a puff ball and kiddo :) This whole layout makes me smile!”

Cindy says, “The angle on this is terrific. All the details added make it really wonderful...and the doggie is too cute.”

Perfect As Is by 1LuckyMom

Was chosen by Laura Fiore, who says, “Her layering and depth are just beautiful. I also love that there are so many products on this, and yet it is so cohesive!”

Pam says, “I love all the pictures, and all the elements...they all work perfectly together.”

Janell says, “This layout is bursting with life caught on film! I love the orange accents and the chipboard alpha, just one rockin’ layout indeed!”

Sarah says, “Everything is perfect on this page!!  Love the inked alpha, the buttons along the swirl, the design, everything!!”

Laura says, “There are a lot of things on this layout, yet they all mesh together very well.  I enjoy the seemingly random appearance of photos and embellishments, which I know were very carefully placed!”

Jess thinks the colors are perfection and the giant flower and ric rac are fabulous!

Beth loves how she combined the photos on her page and the layering is fantastic.

Angela says, “Wow, this layout blows me away!  I love the picture placement and her journaling.  The use of embellishments and layouts adds so much depth to her layout!“

Cindy says, “this layout is totally stunning. I love the photo on the flower and the colors are wonderful...but what really gets me is the journaling, it is so perfect!”

Tracy says, “Awesome textures!! Love the multi photo design and the oranges really pop.”

Cassie says, “ I really like how she used the orange fence rails as a color inspiration! This layout is full of dimension and movement, and those pictures are adorable!”

Kristi says, “A wonderful subject for a layout and I love how she used the focal photo as a flower center!”

XOXO by JulianaM

Was chosen by Pam (4peasinourpod), who says, “XOXO: A great photo, featured in black and white AND color...the ribbon heart, the tickets....seriously.  A love layout can get NO better than this.”

Laura F LOVES the way Juliana repeated that awesome photo! The Making Memories papers are so sweet and perfect for this layout!

Janell says, “Very sweet and I love the text overlay in the background paper, very cute the way the ribbon is crinkled in the heart, add a great focal point. “

Sarah thinks that heart is to die for!  Great colors!

Laura says, “An absolutely beautiful layout!  I love how the folded heart brings your eye into the photo!”

Angie thinks the ribbon wrapped heart is FAB!

Kathy says, “TOTALLY loving that red heart & the mix of black and white photos underneath the one in color - gorgeous!!”

Ronny says, “Fun, I love the background paper and the ribbon heart draws your eyes to the photo.”

Diana says, “ I am a sucker for romantic layouts-love this!”

Karin says, “the layering in this LO is superb, as is the attention to detail.  Love the B&W photo strip hidden under the heart.  Fantastic!”

Jess says, “The striped background is unique and really works here!  The gathered ribbon heart, the felt, the tickets... all awesome!!”

Beth says, “I think the ribbon heart is so very creative.  Awesome photo, too, and it was very cool that she used the same photo several times.”

Cindy loves the black and white photo strip behind the color photos-- just lovely.

Tracy says, “Romantic, sweet and gorgeous! Love the heart and paper dolls.”

FairyCute by DaisyLou

Was chosen by Janell (janello), who says, “The brush detail with the swirls and wings is AMAZING, love the cute title and play on words and her smile just melts your heart. “

Sarah loves the pun on words in Day’s title - very cute!!

Laura says, “Fabulous photos, terrific colors and I really like the title!”

Kathy says, “Awwww, this is so cute!  I really like the trail of 'fairy dust' and how she did her title below the photos!  Awesome costume!!”

Amanda says, “The use of the blue with the brown looks amazing.  The use of the wings and the glittered trail are great.  Look at that gorgeous smile.”

Ronny says, “How cute is that? Great extraction and the brown background makes it look like she is popping right out of the page.”

Karin says, “First off, the title is just ADORABLE!  Secondly, what a FABULOUS extraction of wings!  It’s just a Fairy AWESOME layout overall.”

Laura F thinks this layout is just AMAZING! Love those fairy wings coming off the photos!

Jess says, “What an adorable title and fairy!  You can't help but smile at this!”

Beth says, “What gorgeous photos and costume.  The sparkly fairy swirls were perfect on this page.”

Cassie says, “How cute is that little outfit, really? I love that the elements were kept to a minimum to keep the focus where it rightfully belongs, on those pics!”

Susan says, “What an adorable title and layout!”

Play Hard by LilCameronsMommy

Was chosen by Sarah (davsar) who says, “Such a excellent boy page - the grey background with the blues and greens, the mix of alpha in the title - it all screams boy!”

Laura F loves the cute succession of photos on this layout! All of the fun boyish embellishments are perfect!

Laura thinks this has a great arrangement of elements that focuses your eyes on the photos.

Jess says, “Great rough spots and tearing on this excellent boy page!  Great design!”

Beth says, “The grid paper background, paper tearing and elements work so well with a little boy page.”

Cindy says, “I love the way each of the photos is framed and the boy elements on this are great.“

Cassie says, “Lots to like on this masculine layout - the stitched paper frames, the torn paper strip, the element cluster...this is great!”

Kristi says, “Love this design and she did an awesome job layering all the elements.”

Susan says, “Cool design. Really diggin’ the steno type paper frames!!”

Pam LOVES the central placement and the gray/green color scheme.  SO cool!

Janell says, “The linear composition adds a lot of movement to this adorable layout, love the boy colors and cute sprocket embellishments. “

Kathy says, “I really like the arrangement of photos on this layout and how everything goes together so well - the rounded corners are perfect!”

Sweet Love by scrapdz

Was chosen by Laura (Art_Teacher) because, “I love the color scheme, but what caught my eye most was the upside-down face!  The title quote is perfect!”

Jess says,  “The photo is a real eye-catcher and I really like all the fonts used in her quote!”

Beth says, “The up-side-down photo is priceless.  I absolutely love it and now I have to take my own of my daughter!”

Angela says, “The upside down angle that the photo was taken makes this layout stand out and that quote is just too perfect!”

Cindy thinks the perspective of the picture is fantastic and the title is too sweet.  

Laura F thinks that quote and the little confetti hearts are the perfect touches for a layout using this beautiful photo!

Sarah says, “Wonderful title work - like the way she substituted the "O" with a charm!  Cute page!”

Pam LOVES the untraditional photo and the great quote!

Susan says, “Great quote (saved), great colors, great pic, great layout!”

Kathy says, “Beautiful mix of color with the black & white photo!  I like how the title/quote are set off to the side to balance the layout so well!”

Amanda says, “The first thing I noticed was the photo.  It’s a great perspective.  Terrific quote and layout.”

Ronny says, “Beautiful page, the photos, colors and quote all fit perfectly together!”

I See Me in You by n_eggen

Was chosen by Angie (nun69) because, “I LOVE the simple title and how the red letters bring you full circle to the red hat in the pictures...”

Laura F loves the repeated text behind the photos. The starkness of this layout is just stunning!

Kathy says, “Awesome use of white space here!  I'm really liking the contrast of color with the black and white background!”

Amanda says, “Adorable! I love the wording in the background fading and the small touches of red.”

Ronny says, “Simply beautiful, I love all of the cirlces and the repeated text fading into the background.”

Diana thinks this is so clean and beautiful!

Karin says, “I ADORE the design on this!  So simple and elegant!  I can't wait to scraplift this!”

Jess says, “I love a LO that makes great use of circle photos!  And the white space on here is fabulous! “

Tracy says, “Stunning design. I absolutely love the white background as the basis for this layout. The word art and colors really stand out against it.”

Cassie says, “Wow, love the photos and circular elements on this! I really like how the word art acts like a paper strip to anchor the other elements to the layout. Very cool!”

Kristi says, “This is sensational, I love the design and sentiment.”

Pam says, “Words escape me on this layout.  This is just....PERFECT.  Really, really perfect.”

I Caught Santa by mommy2srs

Was chosen by Kathy (katarria) because,  “I absolutely LOVE the idea of this layout.  What better way to show Santa to your child than a scrapbook page about catching him with the presents!!”

Ronny says, “So fun, what a great page. I love the photo of Santa coming out of the chimney. All of the fun elements make the page so festive!”

Diana says, “This is so cute! I love all the photos and placement. Great page!”

Karin says, “Ho ho HOLY SCHMOLY!  This is a great, fun, festive layout with lots of holiday cheer :)  I especially love the sparkly title!”

Jess says, “This LO is so fun and just packed with great stuff!  The pictures are hilarious! “

Laura F loves the great design on this. Mommy2srs was able to get lots of photos and embellishments on this page and it tells a fun story!

Beth says, “Such a pretty page.  I love how the large circle ties of the page elements together.  Great photos and subject!”

Cindy says, “The photos on this are just too cute. The colors are great and so is the arrangement.”

Tracy says, “Cute series of photos!! Love the way she got so many photos on the page.”

Cassie says, “These photos are hilarious! Love all the Christmas elements, especially the ornament photo frame. How can you not smile when you look at this?”

Kristi says, “Those photos are priceless! This layout will definitely be cherished in years to come.”

Little Explorer by makabe

Was chosen by Amanda (mkcdaisy) who says, “The thing that caught my eye was the large photo in the back and the circle around the small one.  She has used great elements and title.”

Ronny says, “Beautifully put together. I love the photo blended to become the background and the circle cluster that stretches across the page. Great layout!”

Diana thinks this has great composition and she loves the colors!


Karin says, “The color scheme is so serene!  I also love the large, blended photo in the background.  Beautiful!”

Jess says, “Gorgeous!  I love the colors and all the layered elements behind the picture, not to mention the beautiful photo background.”

Beth says, “Love the photo blended into the background and the cluster of embellies in the shape of a circle works so well. “

Tracy says, “Love the cluster around the photo. The use of space and elements is great.”

Cassie says, “ Really like the double use of the photo, which is so subtle I almost missed it! The cluster of elements on this is great, and I love the title work!”

Kristi says, “Beautiful job with the blending, I really like how the photo fills the entire section of paper and the embellishments are perfect.”

Janell says, “Love the nature elements and the beautiful title work. Such a sweet little explorer! The blending is so subtle, I missed it at first glance, but the second time around it really adds to make dynamic interest!”

Sarah says, “Gorgeous!!  Love the natural elements combined with the beautiful outdoor picture!”

Laura says, “I love the circle framing and focusing you on the rectangular photo and I am amazed by the depth in this layout, which the photo blended into the background helps to create!”


So, as you can plainly see by the beautiful work displayed here, we have amazingly talented scrappers hanging out with us at A Cherry on Top. These and so many unmentioned layouts bring us daily inspiration, and for that, we thank you!




Posted by Laura Fiore

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Reader Comments ...
1/26/09 9:12 pm
Thank you so much for featuring me! I am beyond honored!

1/24/09 7:56 pm
WOW!! What an honor and privilege to be among the chosen ones. Kathy, thank you so much for chosing to spotlight my layout and thank you all for your kind words. Congrats ladies, awesome layouts!

1/24/09 2:52 pm
thank you for selecting my LO but I have to say - everyone has such stellar skills - the photography just captures my heart, the products used and how... just an awesome selection of layouts. An honor to be in such company for sure!

1/24/09 12:58 am
What amazing LOs! I am very flattered to have one of mine among them. You ladies have a tough job to do picking from that amazing gallery and I love every single thing you chose!!! Congrats and thank you :)

1/23/09 9:31 pm
Laura, all that running and time for scrapping! whew! Thanks for choosing my LO. It is always an honor to be noticed. I am lucky to have that cute little niece as my model!

1/23/09 12:40 pm
I feel truly honored to have my work chosen alongside so many fabulous layouts! Thank you very much for the spotlight! :o)

1/23/09 7:37 am
Laura, all that running and time for scrapping! whew! Thanks for choosing my LO. It is always an honor to be noticed. I am lucky to have that cute little niece as my model!

1/22/09 5:39 pm
still always, such an honor to be one of the chosen ones (THANK YOU!) and no i do not pay beth... a lot ;)

1/22/09 3:48 pm
WOW! Thank you so much!! What a great way to start the year!

1/22/09 2:12 pm
I feel honored to be on the same page with these beautiful layouts! Thank you ladies so much for spotlighting my page. Laura, your bio is awesome. You are a amazing women and I'm glad to know more about you.

1/22/09 10:58 am
Thanks so much for highlighting my page!

ScrapGoo . Framingham, MA
1/22/09 10:24 am
Way to go, gals... there was some amazing work to choose from!

Kara . Howard County, Maryland or Woolford
1/21/09 9:07 pm
wonderful choices!!! congrats chosen ones!

1/21/09 7:50 pm
What wonderful selections! Each one is amazing!

And thanks for selecting my Hugs & Kisses LO!

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