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CT Spotlight layouts for September

Posted by Laura Fiore

The talent in our gallery is simply amazing! So many scrappers, so many beautiful layouts to inspire us all to scrapbook, too! The Creative Team here at A Cherry on Top feels privileged to bring you some of the brightest stars in our gallery this month!

Pam (4peasinourpod) chose:

31 by 2rowdy boys
saying, "I often list all the things I love about a layout...but this layout totally blows me away.  Everything is perfect, from the colors, to the photo, to the mix of embellishments.  Everything is perfect!"

Tracy says " Such a lovely page! I really like the distressing and layering work."

Beth loved this LO when she first saw it in the gallery because of the layering, colors and cluster of embellishments.

Laura F. thinks the layers on 31 are perfection! She loves the subtle color combo and the big title numbers.

Cassandra says, "The soft color palette and the awesome layering make this a great LO! I really love that clock, too."

Laura (ArtTeacher) says, "Terrific job of layering and I really like the soft, natural colors with all the elements and the b & w photo."

Jess loves the cluster of embellishments, especially the use of the clock to emphasize age, and says "She used gorgeous, rich papers and colors!"

Angela loves all the layers and different textures on this layout!

Cindy thinks the layering and subtle colors are TERRIFIC! The clock is the perfect embellishment here.

Kathy says, "I love the layering on this layout and how she mixed all of the different elements together.  Great photo too!"


Angie (nun69) chose:

by Kami  and says, "her extraction is AMAZING and this overall LO just SCREAMS FUN!"

Jess says, "This is amazing!  The colors and simple design really make it look like she is jumping off the page.  I also love how the title is nestled under her knee."

Kathy says, " What a cutie!!  This looks like an ad for 'Back to School' - awesome colors!!"

Diane (dianedi) thinks this is a fun layout! A Gorgeous photo with such a fun color treatment! 

Janell (janello) says, "I think Kami is setting a serious trend with this layout.  I have a feeling it's going to be scraplifted many times. I love the bright impact this awesome layout has at first sight."

Susan (suslvgeo) says, "What a fun and vibrant layout!"

Kristianne (MamaK321) says: Kami's layouts always amaze me! The placement of the perfectly extracted photo on the graphic background helps it leap off the screen.

Karin (Mayerkt) says,  "WOW!!!  This just blows my mind!  Quite possibly the coolest extraction I've seen in a while!"

Pam LOVES that picture and the extraction!

Tracy says, "Kami did an outstanding job with her use of this extracted photo. The paper choice is perfect-really drawing your eyes right to the center and her little cutie!"

Tracy (Icanhascherryontop) chose:

Perfect by Pegster
saying, "I love the quilted look of this layout. Combined with the soft pretty colors, it feels just like a baby blanket. Wonderful job setting the mood for the photo of those beautiful twins!"

Laura F thinks PERFECT by Pegster is simply that...Perfect! From the sweet photo to all of the layered elements, it is sweet and perfect!

Cassandra says, " The perfect thing about this layout is the color scheme. It's so soft and pretty, and the arrangement of elements is perfect too!"

Laura thinks the pink and green are so soft and they are the perfect colors to spotlight this precious photo!

Jess says, "This LO is just simply sweet!  I love the quilted look to the background and all the adorable touches of stitching."

Angela (bluejeans7) says, "What an adorable layout!  The sweet photo catches my eye right away and all the soft colors work perfectly with it."

Kathy says: OMGosh, this is too cute!!  I love the sweet photo & clustered embellishments!

Diane thinks this is such a precious layout. I love the layering and the soft color scheme. Just gorgeous!

Janell says, "You want to reach in and squeeze those adorable cheeks. I love the soft colors and how the photo remains the focal point, but there are still so many cute elements to look at."

and Karin says, " Indeed, it is perfect!  Two cerubic faces in masses of frilly pink :) Beautiful!"

Beth-W chose Debra by Scrap-n-angel:

"This layout was created for the September Manufacturer's challenge and it caught my eye in the gallery.  I love all of the layering, distressing and the vintage feel to the LO.  The overall design is wonderful and so artistic."

Laura F thinks the design on Debra is very cool...the half bracket is an awesome frame for this vintage layout!

Cassandra says, "Wow, I just want to reach out and touch this layout! It has such dimension and depth and texture, and all the elements work together so well!"

Laura (ArtTeacher) says, "So many little details come together to make this layout a work of art.  I especially like the open bracket frame around the layout.  It helps it hold together."

Jess adores the combination of colors and products on this!  The cut out bracket is a perfect frame for her wonderful layering.

Angela says: Beautiful design and I love all the little details that she added to the layout.

Cindy thinks has an awesome vintage feel to it.

Kathy says, "What a great layout - such a cool mix of papers and embellishments, keeps my eye moving!"

Janello thinks scrap-n-angel used a beautiful ecletic mix of elements.

Susan loves the splashes of pink and how she cut the die cut frame. The layering is fantastic and I love the distressed feeling surrounding the whole layout!

Jess (ScrapGoo) can't resist:

Watch Animals by Yukari
because it's so vibrant!  There are a lot of elements of interest but it is still an orderly design.  "I just love all the graphic elements, especially the pops of bright yellow!"

Pam says, "I find it diificult to incorporate a lot of pictures in a layout, but this is done perfectly.  I also love that the embellishments are not traditional zoo elements, but they fit the layout perfectly"

Tracy says, "I really like the design of this one.  Great mix of graphic style, layering and the bright colors are just fantastic!"

Laura F says, "Yukari has such a bold, fun style and Watch Animals at Zoo is no exception! She fits so many photos on the page in a design that draws you into the story!"

Cassandra thinks: There's so much to look at on this page! I love how the colors pop against the black background, and those circle embellishments just look so cool!

Kathy loves the placement of the photos here and how the papers and embellishments are so vibrant!!

Diane says, "Absolutely gorgeous! The black background is just stunning with so many vibrant colors and layers."

Janell says, " There is so much visual interest in this back with the bright colors and the black background."

Beth says: I loved this LO, too.  It caught my eye in the gallery when I first saw it because of the pops of color on the black background.  Fitting so many photos on there along with the cool accents was great.


Tristann (n7zuq) chose:

I Love You by Pia Lopez
because this layout immediately jumped out at her.  She says, "The black border and black buttons are a nice contrast to light pink and blue colors. I love the border of flowers and buttons along the left side; they add a nice touch without over-powering the photo. The photo is perfect; it really pulls you in and lets you experience this special bond. Simply stunning."

Pam says, "The combination of black and a light pink is one of my favorites...add a splash of blue, a great design and a gorgeous photo, and this ROCKS!"

Tracy LOVES the mix of black with the soft colors here. Great contrast-very stunning!

Laura F says, "I Love you by PiaLopez is stunning! The mixture of flowers and buttons is lovely and that photo is priceless!"

Cassandra says, "What a sweet, sweet page! Love the soft colors and the use of so many different types of flowers!"

Angela says: When I first saw this layout in the gallery it caught my eye right away.  I love the sweet photo and there is nothing stronger then the love between a mother and her child.

Laura (ArtTeacher) says, "Adorable photo!  The border of flowers and buttons is perfect for grounding the photo, and the color scheme is so eye-catching."

Jess says, "This is one of my favorite color combinations and her photo is very striking.  The vertical row of flowers and buttons has so much visual interest!"

Cindy thinks the pink and black together look amazing as well as the border. The picture really tells the story.

Kathy says, "What a great photo!!  I'm loving the border of flowers and use of ribbon - so cute!"


Egle (FairyMouseMom) chose:

Made with Love by DigiVixen.  She says, "I love the look of the black with the color pop coming only from the elements that Anita used!  Cute B&W photo as well."

Laura F thinks the color combination on this layout is stunning! The flowers cluster and photo are beautiful too!

Tracy says, "Another stunner by Anita! The photo is so dramatic - and the use of a dark background with small colorful clusters allow it to take center stage."

Pam thinks the picture and title work are great....the design is incredible!

Cassandra says, "Wow, this is so elegant! I love the gold accents and the bling!"

Laura says, "Love the soulful look of the photo...the eyes just draw you in!  Also, the yellow against the black and white just adds the right touch of color."

Jess thinks Made with Love is a striking page!  The little stars against the black background really add to the dreamy feel of the photo.

Janell says, "GORGEOUS, what a beautiful picture and I love the overlays and the black!!!! Very chic!"

Beth thinks: Gorgeous page!  I love the cluster of embellishments and the choice of colors.  It all works so well together.

Susan says, "The colors are just wonderfully striking. I love the trail of stardust on either side."


Kathy (katarria) chose:

Like New by ScrappininAK
saying, "  I absolutely LOVE this layout and I think I've looked at it at least 10 different times in my saved folder!  The wave of red mixed with the black and white is fabulous and I love the photos!!"

Kristianne says, "A perfect balance of Black & White with a splash of color. Wonderful photo tinting to coordinate with the color scheme and the repetition of circles makes for a very eye pleasing design!"

Susan thinks the overall design is very eyecatching. Love the half circle brads and stitching.

Beth says, "I love the color combo- red, black and white always looks so fantastic together.  Love the cool design and the half circles of stitching and brads. "

Janello says: Such striking pictures and everyone loves a great red, black, and white color scheme, this is so beautiful. The layout has such a unique flow though the way the wavy paper and the circles are placed.

Diane thinks this is an awesome layout! The color scheme and black and white photos are just fantastic. The stitching just adds the perfect touch!

Jess says, "All the shapes on this LO work so well together.  The wave with the two half circles makes the whole design balanced.  The photos and color treatment are fantastic!"

Pam loves the mix of the stitching and the brads to make the circles...what a great layout!

Tracy says: What a great balanced design here. The selective coloring is wonderful! I also like the stitches and bling she used.

and Cassandra says, "These pictures are awesome!! I love the red and black color scheme on this, and the colorizing on the photos. Such a simple design, but so eye-catching!!"

Janell (Janello) chose:

Baby Love by Susanne_79 
because the clustering of the flowers is so perfect and she loves the muted tones in the photo, the strips of paper and the font, it all goes so well together!

Jess thinks this is Adorable!  The vintage color treatment on the photo really goes so well with the rest of the page elements.

Cindy says, "Sooooo cute. The clustering of flowers is terrific as is the color scheme."

Angela says: I love the black & white photo paired with the soft muted colors.  Love all the overlapping flowers in the corner.

Kathy's really liking the strips of paper and how the title was put together on this one. "He's such a cutie!!" she says!

Janell says, "The clustering of the flowers is so perfect and I love the muted tones in the photo, the strips of paper and the font, it all goes so well together!"

Beth says: What a cool effect she used on the photo!  Love the use of "white space" and the cluster of embellishments.

Susan thinks Baby Love has so many wonderful embellishments to look at. Great layout!

Pam says, "WOW on the clustering and fantastic color choices!"

Tracy thinks there are a lot of great things going on in this layout. I love the muted colors of the photo, the great layering and clusters, and her color pallete is the perfect compliment to her photo.

Cassandra (Mommybruno) chose:

Far Out by Meadow92  
because she loves the retro feel on this, and that awesome extraction! Makes you feel like that little boy is going to drive right off the page!

Laura (ArtTeacher) says, " Fun layout with lots of whimsy!  I really like the choice of elements."

Jess says: I can't get over how totally cool this LO is!  The look on his face as he "drives" that car is priceless and the lines to indicate the road are awesome!

Kathy says, " This is so funky - such a cute photo and I like the way she drew our attention to the car!"

Diane says: What an adorable layout! Just love this. Love the added textures and I just love the retro images!

Janello thinks this is a fun and funky layout!

Beth says, "Love the extraction technique and the page is so cool! "

Karin says, "This totally make me chuckle :) The little guy is so cute on this page!"

and Laura F says this layout just makes her smile! The baby is adorable and the design is super fun!

Laura Fiore chose:

Sweet Little Boy by ReMoni
because it's the torn papers and the sweet doodles around the circles!

Pam thinks the white space in this layout is perfect for the great pictures and the miniminalistic embellishments.  It is wonderful.

Tracy says, "Great layering here!! The circles add so much interest. Very sweet!"

Cassandra says, "Sweet is right! Love the brown and blue colors, and the embellished paper strip. But those pics steal the show!"

Laura (ArtTeacher) says: Great use of white space and the color scheme is lovely. I like how the variety of circles grounds the photos.

Karin says, "Ahhh - the title says it all! I also think the ripped cardboard on this adds a nice touch. Wonderful!"

Kristianne says, " Adorable! I absolutely love the various shaped edges used for this design and the way the circles tucked beneath carry the eye and also mimic the round font of the word 'boy'."

Susan thinks the use of white space is great. The layout flows in such a nice way and the torn edges are the perfect touch.

Cindy says: I love the photo placement and the torn papers. Also, the added circles are just the right touch.

and Angela says, " I love the use of white space and that photo is too cute beyond words."

Kristianne (MamaK321) chose:

Precious and Priceless by Kim Johnson 
because  she loves  how Kim has used the frame to accent her journaling and created a mirrored effect with her descriptive title.

"Wonderful composition!  The colors are beautiful and I love the reflected title." says Karin.

Janell loves the mirrored title and the the beautiful papers.

Kathy says, "Awww, this is sweet!  I like the mix of flowers and how she blocked the photos & journaling!"

Cindy thinks the terrific flourishes and little touches take this over the top.

"Beautiful colors and design here!  The flourishes and journaling are the icing on the cake!" says Jess.

Pam says, "I LOVE that title!  The non-traditional photos are fantastic, and I love the heartfelt journaling."

Tracy adds, "Such a pretty layout. I like the colors and elements Kim used and the way she split the photo is really neat!"

Cassandra says: This is just gorgeous! Love the title work, and that great frame!

Laura loves the color scheme, and the way the title is reflected.  Terrific dimension and texture!

Cindy (kimandasmo) chose:

Beauty by JulianaM
because she loves the colors, the placement of the circles and the layered papers behind the photo really make it pop.

Diane thinks this is a beautiful layout and photo! Love the colors used in this layout.

Janell says, "Love those big circles with the curled edges and the stitching.  Of course, the polka-dots are my favorite!  Super cute layout."

Susan LOVEs how she cut the die cut and used the other part on the other side. Completely complements the angle of her picture.

Laura F thinks the way Juliana used the diecut is unexpected and superb. The photo is stunning and the dark mat surrounding it just draws the eye in!

Kristianne says, "A fantastic design. I love the stitched circles carried off the edge of the page and how they are backed by a similar colored paper so as not to distract the eye."

Pam thinks the placement of the diecut is fantastic, the picture totally rocks, and her title is simple and perfect.

Tracy says, "The dark matte on this layout is awesome!!  It makes that photo just pop right off the page.  I love the color scheme too."

Cassandra says, "The colors just totally grab the eye on this layout, and I'm in love with those big stitched circles! This is beautiful!"

and Laura (Art_Teacher) says, "The distressing of the circles really adds a nice touch, and the color scheme is perfect to bring out the photo."


Laura (Art_Teacher) chose:

My Greatest Contribution by pne123
because she loves the colors, the simplicity of the layout, and the song lyric is perfect at the edge of the photo!

Pam says, "I LOVE journaling on photos!  It draws your eye right to the picture, and this layout is ALL about the journaling and picture."

"I LOVE the crop of this photo and the inclusion of the journaling right on it. She does a wonderful job of keeping that photo the focal point by using small delicate embellishments," says Tracy.

Cassandra thinks the colors on this are just stunning! Love the journaling on the photo!

Jess says, "The combination of the beautiful, vibrant colors with the touching black and white photo is wonderful.  I love the simple elegance of this!"

Laura F thinks this is just gorgeous! The beauty of the photo and the swirling embellishments complement the title perfectly!

Cindy says, "The colors are very striking and eye catching and the photo is so sweet. The sentiment is perfect."

Kathy thinks  it's simply beautiful!  Those swirls are fantastic with the flowers & the colors are awesome!!

Janell says, "Darling picture and the vibrant colors are really attractive."

"What a sweet photo and the journaling really touched me.  The sentiment is so true," says Beth.


Thanks to everyone for your great contributions to our gallery this month!



Posted by Laura Fiore

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10/2/08 8:06 am
Great layouts! These are great choices. COngrats to all!

DN in MN . Duluth, Minnesota
9/30/08 2:20 pm
Congratulations to you all! What wonderful layouts!

9/24/08 4:55 pm
Thanks you so much for selecting one of my LOs this month - and for all the inspiring comments
Congrats to all

9/23/08 10:42 pm
I am so honored to have one of my LO's chosen this month! They are all so amazing! Congrats to all the rest of you!!!

9/21/08 3:53 pm
beautiful LO's ladies!

crisdam . FL
9/20/08 2:22 pm
Congrats ladies!! beautiful layouts.

9/19/08 6:18 pm
Wow thanks ladies! Awesome pages everyone!!! :)

Sus79 . Denmark
9/18/08 2:07 pm
Congrats ladies. What awesome pages!
Thank you team, I so honored too :)

9/18/08 12:39 pm
Oh cool!! I am so honored that one of my layouts was chosen this month!! Thank you and congrats to all the other ladies as well!!!

9/18/08 8:26 am
Thanks so much for choosing my layout! I'm so happy to be part of this list again! Congrats to other scrappers featured here as well!

9/18/08 7:10 am
I am so honored to have my layout featured in this article. All the layouts are beautiful and inspiring, Congrats!

9/17/08 11:33 am
Great article, Laura!!! Congrats to all those scrappers featured! You all make it so hard to pick each month.