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Thursday, June 1, 2006

Meet Sonia (aka Panda) 21 comments  

She loves her husband and two boys, is a big sports fan and has a passion for documenting events to preserve for future generations.

Posted by FunStuff

How long have you been scrapbooking?
I started scrapbooking 5 years ago after my youngest son was born. I started collecting supplies after my first son was born - 7 years ago. 

What inspires you? (art, kids, challenges...)
My kids inspire me. I love to watch them learn and grow and I just want to document every step of the process! My dad is a historian and does a lot of genealogy. I love hearing the stories beyond the names, the dates and the photos, although they are harder to find. I feel like I'm making it easier for future generations of historians (although maybe harder with the sheer number of scrapbooks I've accumulated!) 

What do your family and friends feel about your scrapbooking?
I have lots of friends who scrapbook, so they are really supportive. My family is too. I've done lots of gift albums for family and they are always well received. My dh is just the most supportive and always tries to give me time to myself to complete projects. The boys love to look through their scrapbooks, although my 7 year old is not always cooperative with picture taking... He asked me the other day why I had so many more pictures of Matthew at one event and I had to tell him it was because Matthew doesn't hide from the camera. He's been much more tolerant of my picture taking since then. 

Do you have a favorite product line?
For papers, I love bright & happy & clean paper lines, like Doodlebug & Pebbles. But having two boys, the "clean" look doesn't always work... I love the Kaleidoscope and Wild Asparagus kits -- they make quick pages a breeze! I use Chatterbox and Scenic Route a lot too. I love the new Imagination Project collections too. I have a little (or a lot) of everything and my favorites change from day to day! 

What is a favorite technique that you like to use?
I'm pretty indecisive, so this changes frequently too. Right now, I love ribbons and buttons and chipboad and always look for new ways to use them! 

When and where do you create your masterpieces?
Masterpieces???? Hardly... But I usually scrap at night after the kids go to bed and usually on our bed, much to my dh's chagrin... I have a scraproom, but I can rarely find my table, so I've spread out! 

Do you have any tips to share for saving time, organizing or getting started?
If you are just getting started, my only advice is just to do it. (do I sound like a commercial?) I wasted so much time worrying about scrapping the "right" way, but it turns out that there is not a right way. Whatever you like is right!

To save time, when I go to crops, I always pick out papers and embellishments to match the photos ahead of time, so I can usually get lots of pages done. (plus, I would have to rent a Uhaul to take everything with me!)

Organizing? Hhmmm... I'm probably not the one to ask about that! I get most of my ideas from the creative ladies on this board! I frequently go on organizing binges and my method usually only works until my next shopping spree. 

Any other hobbies?
Oh yes! I collect hobbies like I collect scrappy stuff! I love anything outside- camping, hiking, bike riding & gardening (at least until the humidity keeps me inside). I love going to Royals games and watching the Chiefs and the Jayhawks. Although my favorite sporting events are whatever my kids are doing at the time! I also cross-stitch a lot and sew.

Posted by FunStuff

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Reader Comments ...
7/5/06 4:07 pm
Hi Sonia! I enjoyed reading about you.

6/5/06 2:01 pm
Nice to meet you!

6/1/06 1:26 pm
Hi Sonia -- nice to meet you!

suslvgeo . Colorado
6/1/06 1:07 pm
Nice to meet you :)

6/1/06 12:13 pm
Hi there!

6/1/06 11:29 am
Nice to read about you.

6/1/06 10:45 am
It is wonderful to meet you!

Charleneanne . Central Valley California
5/31/06 11:00 pm
Hey there miss Panda Bear. How are ya? lol nice article

5/31/06 10:46 pm
Hi Sonia

butterfly843 . Long Island, NY
5/31/06 10:38 pm
Great to meet you!

5/31/06 10:32 pm
Nice to meet you Sonia!

5/31/06 10:29 pm
Hi, Sonia. I cannot find my table either! ;o)

5/31/06 9:49 pm
Nice to meet you Sonia!

5/31/06 9:08 pm
Hi Sonia!!! Great interview! :-)

5/31/06 8:43 pm
Hey Sonia!!

5/31/06 8:40 pm
love ya ;)

5/31/06 8:08 pm
Hey Sonia!!!

5/31/06 7:45 pm
Hi Sonia! Good seeing you again!

5/31/06 7:42 pm
Hey, Sonia! Great to read about you!

5/31/06 7:35 pm
Hi Sonia!!!!

bluejeans7 . Kansas
5/31/06 7:29 pm
Hey Sonia!! Great getting to know you better.

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