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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Misting and Masking Oh My! 21 comments  
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Glimmer mist, Chalkboard Mist and Prima Masks

Posted by megamay

This month I thought it would be fun to do a combo reveal/tutorial on some of the new mists and masks in the store. I was running a little low in inspiration this month, so this reveal is full of sketches and other inspirations. 

Here is the first layout that I created.

Inspired by:

The Sketch:

it was inspired by the art for this month at the arttastic blog. See how I used the mists to sort of make four sections of colors like in the painting? This page was really tough for me because I wanted to use the bib from my first run, but I wasnt sure how to do it. I am not so great at using memoribilia on layouts, and this was a BIG one! I used a sketch from Creative scrappers and got my title from the scrapping the music challenge to use the song "Chances Are".  After that, I had the mists and the photos and the title, but thought it still needed a little something, so I created these flowers. I started with Jillibean Soup cardboard flowers, then wrapped bakers twine around them, before adding felt flowers and some buttons. They remind me of some flowers that Sassafras Lass makes, and I LOVE them! To keep the twine wrapped, I just used a glue dot on the back - tying it would have been too much trouble.

You can also see here how my mists came out all splotchy, and the chalkboard one has sort of lines. It looks ok on this page, but I wanted a more uniform look and it just so happened that a tutorial by the owner of Tattered Angels showed up on my facebook feed the same day! It's a you tube video and she shows you how to get a more uniform spray you should start your spray off the side of the page and sweep it across. There are a bunch of mini tutorials on the tattered angels channel that you might want to check out but here is the one I am talking about:

I have to admit, watching this made me want to run and play with my mists!

Moving on, I couldn't wait to work with this photo or these turquoise papers from My Mind's Eye. I tried out a new photoshop action on this photo that I got for free, it's called Jubilee from Paint the Moon, and isn't it adorable! I love how artsy it made the photo look!

I also used a sketch for this one, this time from Twisted Sketches, where the twist was to use a frame. I decided to make my frame by misting over one of the prima masks. 

I wanted to get a little funky here and do a couple of different overlapping mist techniques. And I made a little tutorial for you also. I started out using a template for a shaped paper (I created this template a while ago by tracing a shaped paper and cutting it out) as a mask, and overlapping the sign mask because I wanted it to look like the sign was hanging OVER the frame created by the paper. 

I used the technique from the above video and this is what it looked like when I finished misting. you can sort of see where the 'swipes' were if you look at the edges of the cardboard/paper that I put down to protect my carpet. Not that it really needs protecting because it is a total MESS anyway. thank goodness it was just a remnant from when we had our stairs recarpeted, and we still have some. I think it is so far gone at this point that I can't vacuum because it would break the vacuum! But, I digress.

after removing the mask and wiping it off on a paper towel, this is what I had.

Then I put the mask back and sprayed with another color of mist. The first mist was chalkboard, and the second was glimmer mist, so the second gave a more transparent look. the colors were very close though, so they sort of blend and keep the whole thing coordinated. A word to the wise, if you intend to blot like she does in the video - by putting a paper towel over your finished spray, really committ to it - can you see my hand print in the image below? There are sort of three fingers poking out from the bottom of the mask. *blush* 

So, after that I did some more vigorous blotting to try and get rid of those splotches at the top and the hand print on the bottom. Then I outlined all the masked parts with a coordinating marker. Unfortunately my marker wasnt as good of a match as I would have liked, and the wide line around the die cut part really bugged me, so I ended up zig zag stitching over it to sort of cover up that color. It remains around the frame but doesnt bother me as much there. this is what it looked like after the marker but before the stitching. 

Here it is with the stitching - yes I am a total freak and stopped the machine where the hanging part of the frame is, and started on the other side, to keep that illusion of the sign being on top of the background.

Then, of course, I didn't have the right color letters, so I got out some white chipboard ones. I probably should have sanded them a little first, but I didn't. The first time I sprayed them with the chalkboard mist, I went a little overboard, and the mist sort of pooled on them, and dried funny. The next time I tried the lightly misting in a sweeping motion technique and after 2 or 3 light coats they were totally covered.

You can still kind of see how they are not a totally uniform color, but I kind of like that, it gives them texture. I think the moral of this story is, with mist, sometimes you just have to go with it and trust that it will work out in the end - yeah you can still kind of see my handprint, but I bet you wouldn't have noticed if I didn't point it out. Yes, the letters are not a uniform color, but that gives them character. And yeah, the sign masking has a little blotch in the middle right below the triangle, but again you probably wouldn't have noticed, and it gives it character.

Next, I wanted to try a resist technique. I saw a frame made out of these doily stamps on someone's blog and thought I would try a twist on that. First I got a piece of white cardstock larger than I needed and traced my photo onto it. Now, I used pencil, but it doesnt really matter, I don't think you would be able to erase it after the fact, so I traced around the photo assuming that I was going to mat the photo and cover the pencil.

Next I stamped all around the frame with the doily stamp and clear embossing ink. I recommend the tinted though because I had a really hard time lining up my stamps. then I covered the whole thing in white embossing powder. You probably could use clear embossing powder too, because the cardstock underneath is white, but sometimes with and intricate pattern like this, I find that the mist bleeds a little under the embossed part and makes the intricacies not as crisp. Of course, the intricate parts didn't show up that well with the white embossing either, so I don't know.

after shaking the powder off and heat embossing, I sprayed the whole thing with red glimmer mist.

Then I waited a moment for it to sink in to the paper before placing the paper towel on top and pushing it down uniformly so I didn't get any hand prints.

and this is what I had

Then I moved on to the background. This time I stitched the patterned paper down, and stitched around the edge before doing the misting.

Then I cut down the frame, and created a sort of sign to hang over the masked part, and voila! here is what you have...

Finally, I made a card with two more misting techniques. I used a uniformly misted piece of cardstock as the back mat on this card. Then I sprayed some mist on a piece of plastic and dipped a stamp in it and used it to stamp the leaves. I am so annoyed at that bow! I glue dotted it to within an inch of it's life and it doesn't want to stay straight! ugh!

Products Used in this Reveal:

Posted by megamay

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Reader Comments ...
3/13/11 9:13 pm
Wonderful reveal Meg!

3/10/11 4:16 pm
Wow! Great layouts & thanks for all the instructions! :)

3/10/11 10:40 am
Oh this reveal is just stunning - lessons, great ideas and wonderful end results. You really outdid yourself.

3/10/11 8:45 am
OMG! I have some glimmer I want to play! Great reveal!

3/9/11 3:43 pm
WOW those are stunning. Makes me wanna run out and get some to play with.

3/9/11 2:40 pm
Meg, you have done an incredible job on this reveal. Love everything !!!

3/9/11 12:43 pm
Wow! Great layouts, and all the work you put into them is just incredible!

ChrissyTina . Okinawa, Japan
3/9/11 11:47 am
Holy Smokes!!! I am definitely LOVING what you did! And yes! I notice a Twisted Sketch there!!! ;D Fantastico!

scrapy1967 . Ohio
3/9/11 11:21 am

writerlady . Southeast Connecticut
3/9/11 11:21 am
Terrific reveal and thank you so much for the instructions!

Kara . Howard County, Maryland or Woolford
3/9/11 10:48 am
Awesome!!!!! these are amazing!

3/9/11 10:28 am
Thanks for the detailed instructions. Great reveal!

handerful . STL
3/9/11 10:26 am
Wow! Amazing! I had no clue about the restisting technique! Thanks for the tips!!

blbabe1234 . Corpus Christi, TX
3/9/11 10:25 am
Thanks for posting the "during" pics. Amazing job you did!

3/9/11 10:22 am
really great job!

3/8/11 4:51 pm
I love this reveal/tutorial! Your misting is fab! :)

3/8/11 2:02 pm
Wow some really cool tips. I am going to have to try some of them.

3/8/11 11:44 am

ScrapGoo . Framingham, MA
3/8/11 9:29 am
Awesome... so many tips!! Thanks for the link to the video!

3/8/11 8:41 am
Great job...I need to try this but I am scared! You made it look so simple!

bluejeans7 . Kansas
3/8/11 8:02 am
Awesome reveal Meg!!