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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Simple Digital Scrapbooking Techniques, part 1 7 comments  

Learn how to round corners using Photoshop.

Posted by Keling

Interested in learning how to scrapbook digitally? Terrified by the thought of trying to explore the realm of technology at your finger tips? Afraid that you will never be able to do all the things you can do with paper?

When it comes to digital scrapping, there really isn’t much to fear. With simple steps, you’ll be creating fanatabulous layouts all while holding your baby in your arms, talking on the phone and cooking dinner, all a the same time.

Here are three simple scrapbooking techniques that we take for granted in paper scrapping.

Rounded Corners

1. Select the elpitcal marquee tool by clicking on the arrow at the marquee tool and selecting the circle.

2. Using your marquee tool, create a perfect circle. You can do this by holding down the shift key.

3. Drag the circle up into the corner of the photo so that it is touching the edges of the photo.

4. Select inverse.

5. Switch to your eraser tool and erase just in the corner of the photo.

6. To keep using the same circle for uniformity, after you have erased the corner, select inverse again so the shape selected returns to a circle.

7. Drag the circle (still in Marquee mode) to the next corner.

 8. Inverse and repeat.

9. Continue with remaining two corners.

Posted by Keling

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Reader Comments ...
3/27/08 3:23 pm
perfect instructions! thanks Sara

5/30/06 10:26 pm
Thanks for a great tip. It took me several tries but I did it.

5/30/06 3:00 pm
thank you, i've been wanting to do this!

5/30/06 2:11 pm
now i can to make it...perfect

5/24/06 3:37 pm
great job sara!

5/24/06 3:33 pm
Good job on the article.

5/24/06 9:07 am
Cool. I can't wait to print out the text and try it myself! LOVE learning new things!

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