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Wednesday, April 5, 2006

Using Ribbon On Your Scrapbook Pages 29 comments  
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From our Working with Ribbon Class

Posted by LoveMyBella

My obsession with ribbon started almost as far back as my obsession with scrapping. It has made it’s way onto almost every layout I’ve crafted. The following is a transcript from the ribbon class recently held here at ACOT.

To achieve the look on this layout…

Fold your ribbon in half

Hold in place on your page

And staple into place. Or, use brads to hold it in place.

If you have a printed ribbon, like the “baby girl” ribbon on this layout and you want the printed side of the ribbon to continue to show… 


Wrap the ribbon around your finger with the printed side facing out.

Hold ribbon together in the middle, slide your finger out.

Hold securely on the paper (sorry, this one is a little dark)

Staple into place, in the middle of the ribbon

Trim the ends as desired

To embellish buttons…

You can do this with any ribbon, if you’re determined enough, but it works best with a sheer ribbon. Be sure you cut some extra length. It’s sure to fray as you’re pulling it through.

Twist the ribbon into a point.

Poke through button holes. Use pliers as needed to pull the ribbon through. It seems to work best if you kind of wiggle the ribbon from side to side.

Tie it, trim ends as desired, and glue to your layout.

For anchors…you can try the tying technique. But, for a little change…

Fold your ribbon in half and twist to a point.

Poke the point through your anchor and pull about ¾ of the way through. You may need pliers to finish this step.

Form a loop with the part that you have pulled through

Push the ends through this loop and pull tight. Glue to your layout.

To achieve the look on this layout…

First, let’s go over how I actually tie my ribbon. For demonstration sake, I punched the holes quite a bit father apart than I normally would. Generally, they work best at about ¼ of an inch apart.

Punch holes with my hole punch or an eyelet setter. Organdy and sheer ribbons don’t require a very large hole. If it’s too big, you’ll be able to see the holes after your ribbon is tied.

Run the ribbon through the holes.

Then, slide the ribbon back and forth through the holes until you’re sure that there are no twists and the ribbon lies flat. With the patterned side facing down.

To get your ribbon to tie in the same direction each time, pick a side…right or left and always tie that side over the other. I’m right handed, so I tend to tie the right end over the left. 


Once you have your ribbon ALMOST tied, you’ll probably notice, if you’re using patterned ribbon that one side is pattern side it down.

If that’s the case, twist that side so the pattern is facing up, while you’re finishing the knot.

If you’re tying ribbon that’s farther apart, you’re going to need a knot. If you’re trying to imitate the style show on the layout above, you only need a single tie. You can also cheat a bit to accomplish this look. Simply tie a knot in your ribbon before attaching it to your layout.

Trim the ends. And glue to your layout.

For the long row…
Punch all of your holes first…you can do them fairly close together.  It doesn't need to be even, and it doesn't need to be pretty.

Then, slide all of your ribbon through (I did then one at a time for the demo, but don’t normally do them that way.)

Then, tie all the ribbons in the same direction starting at the bottom.

Then, trim the ends as desired.

There you have it, a few uses for ribbon on your layouts!

Posted by LoveMyBella

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Reader Comments ...
12/31/06 1:06 am
Terrific tutorial I love ribbons more! hehe

4/28/06 6:24 pm
Fantastic tutorial--will definitely use more of my ribbons in the back of the drawer--so pretty, but now how is it I can use it? Merci!!

4/17/06 8:29 pm
Wow, Im a ribbon fan so this gives me right on the spot!; THANKS!!!

4/15/06 10:36 am
Great tips...thank you for sharing!

4/8/06 9:09 am
Miranda this is great!!! I love those LOs too and one I had not seen before or don't remember!!!

4/7/06 6:44 pm
You are the bomb, Miranda!! What a great idea to post a step by step. Thanks.

4/7/06 4:13 pm
this is a great tut!

4/7/06 12:21 pm
This is great!! Thanks Miranda

bluejeans7 . Kansas
4/7/06 10:53 am
Awesome job Miranda! Thanks for all the great tips!

4/7/06 6:30 am
Thanks for sharing.

4/7/06 6:20 am
Thank you so much for this, Miranda. I've often looked and looked at your ribbons and wondered exactly what you did to accomplish the look. (I've admired your ribbon use forever!) Thanks for the clear, easy to follow instructions.

4/6/06 10:00 pm

4/6/06 9:49 pm
Thanks so much, this was excellent!!

4/6/06 9:43 pm
Thank you for doing the class and a transcript!!! This was very helpful and I'm looking forward to doing more!!!

butterfly843 . Long Island, NY
4/6/06 5:56 pm
This is great, thank you!

4/6/06 4:42 pm

4/6/06 4:07 pm
Thank you Miranda!! Great job with the article!

4/6/06 3:41 pm
Thank you!

4/6/06 2:56 pm
Thank you for sharing. I was not able to get in on the chat so this is great! I will definatly be using more ribbon!

4/6/06 2:55 pm
Thank YOU!!

4/6/06 2:27 pm
It was a great class! Thanks1

4/6/06 2:18 pm
Thank you Miranda!!

4/6/06 1:58 pm
oh this is such a great i hope it goes someplace viewable after it leaves the home page. thanks

4/6/06 1:55 pm
Some great tips. Thanks for posting this for those of us who missed the class.

4/6/06 12:09 pm
Love the pictures, Miranda! Wonderful job!

4/6/06 11:34 am
GREAT article! Gonna save this one for sure.

4/6/06 10:24 am
this is great i too love ribbons and now i know how this is done

grifscap .
4/6/06 9:07 am
Just what I have been looking for. Thank you for going step by step.

4/6/06 8:21 am
This is an excellent tutorial!!