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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Wonderful WordArt 7 comments  

Posted by Mommybruno

This week the Digi CT has created layouts to show you how easy it is to make your own WordArt. It seems like most digi kits come with at least one piece of wordart - a quote, or a word on a paper strip, or a ready-made title. But sometimes these prefab constructions are not exactly right for the project you're working on. Solution? Make your own! There are countless free fonts to be found online to help you customize your wordart. Here are some examples from the Digi CT to help inspire you:

Everyday Superhero by mysunshine (Angie): Angie used a combination of pre-made alphas and fonts to create a wordart quote that complements the subject matter of her layout. And how cute is that little Superman flying through the O?

The next few layouts feature wordart as the title of the layout, which I think is the most frequent use of self-made wordart.

Hanging By A Thread by Art_Teacher (Laura): "For this word art reveal, we were to create our own word art and use it. My favorite way to do this is to use it for the title. For this one I use the font Artistamp medium to make the word "Out" and overlapped the "Hanging by a Thread" made with the font Calamity Jane NF. I chose two very contrasting fonts so it would be readable and also use the colors of the layout so it would coordinate well."

Picture Perfect by Smiley-Scrap8 (Ronny): "This week's reveal is way too fun, making your own word art. This can be a little intimidating but I try to first come up with the theme of my word and then pick a font and small graphic that shows off that theme. I made a small camera graphic using my shape tools and then added my font using the 2nd word of my title as a shadow for the first. Give it a try something, you won't regret it."

Happiness Is A Warm Puppy by FairyMouseMom (Egle): "For this layout I created a “word art title” by incorporating a title using an embellishment of a dog, alphabets for a word, and a font for the rest of the title…sort of making it a mini word art cluster."

Happiness Is A Warm Puppy

I'll Stand By You by mommybruno (Cassie): "I used a mix of fonts and embellishments to create the word art that serves as my title. I put one of the words on a paper strip to give the title some visual interest. It's easy to be creative with wordart, especially with the vast number of free fonts out there that help you get just the look you want." 

Crazy Cave Cousins by Art_Teacher (Laura): "I find creating your own word art the best way to find word art to fit your layouts. For this one, I used 3 different fonts (Calvin & Hobbes, Paint Peel, and Maxine Script) and chose colors from the layout to help them coordinate. I arranged them to play off the staggered photos, as well. Plus, I was able to size each word so they would fit together in a visually pleasing arrangement."

"Owl" Always "Bee" There For You by FairyMouseMom (Egle): "For the left-hand side of the layout…I created a word art caption spelling out “OUCH” using a bandage doodle. I copied it as many times as I needed for each letter and rotated the doodle to create the word art caption! For the right hand side of the layout…I created a word art title using colored doodles to help mimic the words in the title."

Candid Moment by mommybruno (Cassie): "I created the title as a separate file, combining two different fonts and a digital brush. This is something I do a lot on my layouts, but usually I don't save it as a separate file. This way, now I can use this again should the need arise!" 

Love You Always by Art_Teacher (Laura): "For this double page layout, I wanted the word art to function as an element to tie the two pages together. I used a saying that my hubby and I use in cards to sign our names, and I chose the fonts Edwardian Script ITC and Pottery Barn because one was very ornate and flowing and the other was straight and condensed, so they visually illustrate the words. I put half the saying on the left page and half on the right to draw your eye across the page, and I outlined the white letters in the blue so they would stand off the page and not blend into it."

This next layout shows another use for wordart - making your own word strips to use as captions!

2nd Grade by mommybruno (Cassie): "This time I created school-themed word strips, which kind of caption each different photo-text block. These are the easiest to do, and I love being able to tuck any word or phrase I want into a layout. "


Posted by Mommybruno

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Reader Comments ...
10/5/10 8:29 pm
i love word art & love all your take on it :) you ladies always ROCK!!

10/2/10 6:16 pm
....love every take on this...

meteechtap . Central Oklahoma
10/1/10 8:50 pm
So cute! I love them all!

AlwaysHappy . Texas
10/1/10 6:58 pm
Amazing reveal!

10/1/10 5:47 pm
Fun reveal!

writerlady . Southeast Connecticut
10/1/10 3:53 pm
Ladies - you did a wonderful job this month!

10/1/10 1:16 pm
great LOs

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