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Friday, April 22, 2011

Kopy-Kat Kreatives 6 comments  

"Imitation is the highest form of flattery."

Posted by Keling

They say, "Immitation is the highest form of flattery."

I know I can say for myself, as well as for the rest of the Creative Team, we are all thankful for our position on the team. We know there is so much talent and inspiration around, especially on our very own boards. So we thought it would so much fun to pick out some awesome layouts from the gallery that we could scraplift.

You'll see that some picked paper layouts and even layouts in different orientations, as well. Sometimes you might find that you want to copy it almost exactly, while other times its just small bits that stick out to you. But no matter what, you can always find inspiration in the gallery!

Brittney (milmomma), Jenn (SarahWhithers) and Sara (Keling) each selected three different layouts to lift, while Cassandra (mommybruno) and Laura (Art_Teacher) also decided to join in the fun.

Brittney's first choice was a page by GlitterQueen99, "Birthday Girl." Brittney said: "I love GlitterQueen99's wonderful layers and couldn't resist scraplifting her layout 1 Year Old. It was really inspiring to do scrap my daughter's recent 4th Birthday. I love this weeks reveal, scraplifting the lovely work in the ACOT digital gallery." The end result was "Happy Birthday Ali."


                            Happy Birthday Ali, by milmomma                                                      Birthday Girl, by GlitterQueen99


The second layout Brittney decided to lift was Ayla's "Little Spectator." She shared: "I just adored this layout by Alya, and couldn't resist scraplifting her for our feature on scraplifting ACOT's amazing gallery." You'll notice that Brittney did a scrap and flip, turning the layout design 90-degrees to make it her own.

                                 Sweetheart, by milmomma                                                            Little Spectator, by Ayla


Brittney's third layout is a lift of a beautiful page by JD's Mom. Brittney shared: "I couldn't resist JD's Mom's lovely layout. It was so beautiful and perfect. I used it to inspire this page about my little prima ballerina."

                                  Ballerina, by milmomma                                                                       Layout by JD's Mom


Sara (Keling) hit the gallery and was totally caught out by this cool page by Moodyjudy. She said: "I think the elements were what first caught my eye - how well Moodyjudy had used them to cluster around the main element. Of course, the fact that there are no photos, just journalling, inspired me to do a journalling old page, too."

             Put a Smile On Your Face - Retrospect, by Keling                                          Proper Equipment by Moodyjudy

Sara's second layout is a lift of fong33's layout, "Family." She said: "The photo in this page is what totally captures you, in Fong33's page. In my page, the photo may not be so hot - it was actually taken by my 8 year old - but it is a great glimpse of my funny furbaby, Abby, who loves to cuddle under the covers!"

                              Kitty Kuddles, by Keling                                                                           Family, by Fong33

Sara's third layout is a lift of half of a double-page spread by keeshaobrien, highlighting a week in her family's life. Sara said: "I LOVED both sides of this page, but chose to do just one side. I've always liked grid-like pages, but what is especially cool is how she's got all these fun bits and pieces pickinging out from underneath. I decided to highlight some of the photos I've taken over the last few months to go with stories I wrote for the newspaper."

                              News-Hound, by Keling                                                                             2011, by keeshaobrien


Laura (Art_Teacher) lifted this adorable page by scrapperatheart. She shared: "For this reveal we were to scraplift someone from the GP. I chose this gorgeous layout by scrapperatheart: Recipe for Success. I think it is amazing and I hope I did it even half as well as she did!"

                          I've Been Good, by Art_Teacher                                              Recipe For Success, by scrapperatheart

Jenn (sarahwhithers) also did three different scraplifts. Her first is a lift of a layout by GRACEpunches5. Jenn shared: "For the digi CT reveal this week we're scraplifting you talented ladies out there! Where else can we get such awesome inspiration other than the ACOT gallery?! For my first page I've scraplifted GRACEpunches5 and her page called Childhood Memories (which you can also see above). I loved her use of whitespace and 3 small pics, so I did it too!"

                           You Make Me Smile, by sarahwhithers                                       Childhood Memories, by GRACEpunches 5

Jenn's second lift is of killarney_rose's paper page, Zu. Jenn wrote: "This digi CT reveal is all about scraplifting, and we've decided to scraplift from the fantastic ACOT gallery. For this page I scraplifted killarney_rose's page Zu (which you can also see above). I loved how she had her papers and pics set up, so I had to give it a try!"

                              Naptime, by sarahwhithers                                                                   Zu, by killarney_rose

Jenn's third page is a lift of an 8-1/2 by 11 page by M'Lee, called "Simon". Jenn said: "I loves how she had her pictures arranged, so I gave it a shot!"

                                  Gwen, by sarahwhithers                                                                            Simon, by M'Lee

Cassandra (mommybruno) lifted an adorable page by WriterLady, "Fun Facts". Cassandra explained: "I chose to life Writerlady's Fun Facts LO, because I just so loved the look of it, especially the worn PP held down by hinges. (Don't even ask how long it took me to find hinges in my massive pile of digi supplies, LOL!) I also lifted the photo and element placement. I used clear flair to replicate bubbles. I love how my LO turned out! So thank you, Writerlady, for the awesome inspiration! That's the great thing about scraplifting - so many ideas to be shared! TFL!"


                               Bubble Love, by mommybruno                                                          Fun Facts, by writerlady


Like what you see? You can find some of the digital kits used in this article listed below, as well as many more by some of digital scrapbooking's hottest designers in our Digital Shoppe!


Posted by Keling


Thursday, January 27, 2011

Made From Scratch 13 comments  

Scrapbook Recipes

Posted by Keling

My momma always said, "Life was like a box of chocolates. You never know what you're gonna get." ~ Forrest Gump

Every month, Jennifer (sarahwhithers), sets us a challenge to create a layout based on a recipe in the Countdown Challenge.

Just like a regular recipe, you need to use one of these, and two of those, to pull together a layout. The challenge can be hard, sometimes, especially if your asked to use something like nine different patterned papers- it often forces you to look outside one particular kit into kits from other designers to pull together coordinating papers and embellishments into a eye-pleasing page.

This week, the digi team decided to put each other to task. Jennifer (sarahwhithers), Brittney (milmomma) and Sara (Keling) each put together a recipe to share with everyone, and then we each created a layout with that recipe - sounds like a lot of work, doesn't it!


Recipe #1 - Brittney

"Yes I know its a lot but I love busy layouts :)," Brittney said. "This weeks reveal focuses on Recipes, nope not the ones we use for cooking. Similarly these recipes are made to come up with a great page. For me this is the hardest challenge , being told what I have to use is the worst, even when I make the recipe!"

          1-animal (Or you can replace this with 1 metal if you really can't do the animal)
          3-doodles or stitches (no mixing, 3 doodles, or 3 stitches ;))
          4- pictures
          5- ribbons, rick rack, string, etc
          6- frames
          7- floral (leaves, flowers, etc.)
          8- buttons
          9- papers


Jenn created this lovely page of her furbabies. She used "My Pet" by Sweet Digi Scraps and "Spring Cake" by Mye De Leon, as well as a freebie template by Isabel Mendez.


Sara (keling) said, "Whew! What a challenge!" She used "I Didn't Do It" by Sweet Digi Scraps, "Boys & Girls in the Band" by Kay Eflin, "Resolution" by SAS Designs, "Rock Out" by Sweet Digi Scraps, "A Mighty Jungle" by Tallula Moon Designs, "Messy Stitching" by Amy Teets and "Gone Wild" by Sherri Tierney.


"I used the photos of my son with the class pet to take on this recipe that I came up with." Britney used "Everything's Nice" by Serene by R.W., "Kids and Pets" by MC-Designs and "Bad Sewing Machine" by Traci Reed.


Recipe #2 - Sara

"Recipes are such a challenge to me - there easy to write, but hard to put together, especially when you're looking for 9 coordinating papers from different designers' kits."

          1 - Metal
          2 - Papers
          3 - Fonts/Alphas
          4 - Ribbons/Ric-rac
          5 - Flora (leaves, flowers)
          6 - Photos

Cassandra (mommybruno) created this great page and said: "The fun thing about using recipes to build a layout is that they challenge you. Four ribbons was a lot for me to use on a LO about my son, but I managed to incorporate them in a way that isn't girly. And like with any recipe, I just have to tinker with the ingredients! I added stitching and a word art. I love how this LO turned out! Thanks for the inspiration, Sara!"


Britney's page features a baby shower. She said: "With this weeks reveal focusing on recipes, I have to say I loved Sara's the most. It flowed well as soon as I started it. Sometimes the right pictures go right with the recipes and that helps." Britney used "Electic Comfort" by Bella Gypsy Designs, "So Happy Together Alpha" by Shawna Clingerman and Jenn Barrett, and "All My Heart Alpha" by Shawna Clingerman.


Laura (ArtTeacher) also followed Sara's recipe. She said: "For this reveal, I chose Sara/Keling's recipe of 1 metal, 2 papers, 3 fonts, 4 ribbons, 5 flora, and 6 photos. I found a template that used 6 photos and with a few alterations, this is the layout I came up with. I really love recipe layouts because they help me come up with things I wouldn't normally do!" She used a free template by Dani, "Snow Day" kit by JennCK Designs, "Dear Santa" kit by Sweet Digi Scraps, a metal tree from Lindsay Jane Designs' "Christmas Traditions" kit, and the fonts Calamity Jane Bold, Calamity Jane Regular and Angelina.


Jennifer's page, "Party Animal" used "U Are the Star" by Laura Burger.


In using her own recipe, Sara create a page from the Pickin' On The Square in Newnan, GA. She used "State Fair" by Hot Flash Designs, as well as alphas from "Jingle Bells" (Red Glitter Alpha) and "Mischief Maker" (Felt Turquoise Alpha), also by Hot Flash Designs. The G-Clef is from the Sweet Digi Scraps' kit "Rock Out."


Recipe #3 - Jennifer

          1 - Word art
          2 - Pictures
          3 - Papers
          4 - Strings/Ribbons
          5 - Buttons
          6 - Lines of Journaling
          7 - Elements of any kind but must have the color RED in them


Brittney's said about Jennifer's recipe: "This weeks reveal is a huge challenge to me. Jennifer's recipe wasn't too bad for me since I love scrapping with red! :)" She used the kit "Rock Out" by Sweet Digi Scraps.


Sara found Jenn's recipe a bit challenging, because "I don't like red! That's why I went with a Christmas page! The journalling is a 6-line poem about Christmas I found on the web." She used "Christmas Words" and "Dear Santa" by Sweet Digi Scraps.


Using her own recipe, Jenn features her furbaby, Gwen. She used "Pieces of Me" by Amy Teets, "A Brand New Outfit" by  Mye De Leon and wordart is "WordArt" by Jennifer.

Posted by Keling


Thursday, November 4, 2010

Labourious Layouts 5 comments  

Inspiration for those challenging layout styles

Posted by Keling

When it comes to challenging layout styles, three usually top most people's lists - White Space, Busy and Mixed Patterns. This week, the Digi Creative Team decided to combine the three and offer you inspiration of these three challenging layout styles.

White Space

Fall = Raking, by sarahwhithers

Jenn says: "I always find a white space layout works best when you have a bit of clustering going on. It makes the page look full, even though you have that large amount of white space."


Pickin' On The Square, by Keling

Sara says: "When thinking "white space", the space doesn't have to be white - I've used a blue background. I do recommend that you stick with a solid background, as opposed to a pattern, and that you should leave at least half the background open, if not more."


Love Hate Relationship, by milmomma

Brittney says: "By keeping my pictures small and everything to the outside I gave this lots of white space."


Busy Pages

30 Years Young, by sarahwhithers

Jenn says: "For the CY Reveal this week, we're making up some troublesome pages for you. This one is using a full page or no white space. I find I like to keep things clean when I fill up a full page, a template, a grid, it keeps things organized without losing your pictures in the mix!"

September 2010, by mommybruno

Cassandra shared: "I used to have a lot of trouble filling a layout, but using a grid really makes that so much easier. And it keeps a full layout from looking too cluttered and confusing. Go grids! LOL! TFL!"


Trick or Treat, by milmomma

Brittney says: "I love filling up a layout! It gives me a chance to feature lots of papers and elements, but keeping them clustered help keeps it from being chaotic."


Life is Sugar Sweet, by Keling

Sara says: "Busy papers tend to give the illusion that you've filled every space on a page."



Mixed Patterns

Rakin' In The Fun, by milmomma

Brittney writes: "This week with the troublesome layouts reveal, I found this one fun. Used all patterns and no solids. By keeping most of them small I've kept it simple."


Snuggle, by sarahwhithers

Jenn says: "I always find it easier to work with patterned papers when you layer them or put into small pieces. It gives a really neat, mixed effect!"



Wild Ponies, by Keling

Sara says: "When mixing patterns, the best thing is to use papers from the same kit. Designers put a lot of effort in making sure all the items in a kit work together, so trust their judgement!"


The Funky Bunch, by Jenn Kellams

Jenn writes: "This is a photo of my nieces and nephews. I love them and they truly a 'funky bunch". They are so much fun to be around though!"

Posted by Keling


Thursday, August 12, 2010

Spinnin' Round the Colour Wheel 10 comments

Learn how to mix colours just like the pros!

Posted by Keling

A colour wheel? You're serious?

Aren't they just for people who actually went to art school or study graphic design and have to know exactly what colour is going to come out the other end of the printer?

Far from the challenges of Panatone colours, the colour wheel is actually quite simple, though when you first start using it may seem a bit intimidating ...

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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Featured Designer - Kim Hill of CG Essentials 8 comments

Discovering Digital Scrapbooking

Posted by Keling

This week, the Creative Team are highlighting one of the most happening sections of our digi store - none other than CG Essentials!

Designer Kim Hill is, according to her own website, a "professional photographer turned stay-at-home-mom of two amazing boys ...

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Friday, October 24, 2008

ALPHA-BITS! 4 comments

Mixing it up with multiple alphas!

Posted by Keling

There are so many awesome alphas out there, that it's sometimes hard to choose just one! So this week, the digi team has decided to help you mix it up with multiple alphas!


It may seem a little hard at first, but as you'll see from these awesome examples, the more variety, the cooler the look!

Janel (Janello) created this absolutely adorable page using four different alphas ...

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Friday, June 6, 2008

It's Raining Men 8 comments

The joys of the men (and boys) in our lives!

Posted by Keling

Oh wow! Father's Day is only a week away, and I hope you're ready!

To honour the favourite men in our lives, we decided that this week, it was all about MEN! The fun, the playful, the dirty, the grungy, the crazy men in our lives at every age and every stage ...

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Sunday, May 11, 2008

Crop-wear! 0 comments

Creating your own T-shirt and totebag transfers

Posted by Keling

Sometimes, you just can't find the right thing to wear! Now, you can create your own crafty crop wear from the comfort of your own home!

We have instructions for both digital and non-digital scrappers, so there is nothing to fear. Just read on through and follow the appropriate set of instructions ...

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Sunday, May 11, 2008

Parties Plus! Digital Hybrid Project 0 comments

Create Your Own Party Supplies

Posted by Keling

With these simple instructions and download links, you can create any number of designed party accessories, including an invitation, a name tent-card, a party bag and a thank-you card ...

[Read More]  0 comments

Friday, May 2, 2008

Shutterfly Photo Books 4 comments

How to create your own Shutterfly photo book

Posted by Keling

When you first venture onto the Shutterfly website to create a photo book, it can be a bit scarey and confusing, but hopefully with these step-by-step instructions, it will make it easier!

1. Upload all of the images you want to include to your Shutterfly account ...

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Thursday, April 17, 2008

De-Stressing! 2 comments

Celebrating the ways we de-stress!

Posted by Keling

April is national Stress Month, so this week, we thought we'd celebrate the ways we de-stress ourselves. To add to the fun, we all tried to find ways to use distressed elements in our pages too!

You Go Girl! by FairyMouseMom

[Read More]  2 comments

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Cartoon Critters 5 comments

Scrapping our favourite cartoon characters

Posted by Keling

It all started when we learned that February 3 is Elmo's birthday.

Like many kids his age, Elmo is one of my 2 year old's favourite characters, so needless to say, there are a few pictures of him cuddling up to his cuddly red buddy.

Not everyone is into Elmo and the Sesame Street gang, especially our older kids, so the digi team decided to broaden our perspective and scrap our favourite, or our kids favourite cartoon characters ...

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Friday, January 25, 2008

Soup's On! 6 comments

Celebrating National Soup Month

Posted by Keling

It's probably not something you would typically expect to scrap, but a piping hot bowl of soup can certainly warm you up on even the coldest winter day. And since January is National Soup Month, the digi team decided to focus on their favourite so ...

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Friday, November 30, 2007

Stylin' with Stacy Kluzny 3 comments

Posted by Keling

Digital designer Stacy Kluzny has been offering her fun digital "Kluzny Kreations" with ACOT since just about the beginning of digital at ACOT. They range from fun and whimsical, to grunge with just about everything in between.

This week, the CT chose several of Stacy's cool products to showcase some of their favorite photos ...

[Read More]  3 comments

Friday, November 2, 2007

Thinking outside of the frame... 6 comments

Alternate uses for frames

Posted by Keling

It's so easy - open up a cute background paper, stick your picture on it and then surround it with a frame, and you've got a classic scrapbook page.

But have you ever thought that frames could do so much more? Talk about thinking outside of the box ...

[Read More]  6 comments

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