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Saturday, July 29, 2006

Rusty Pickle - Family Brag Book Card Keeper 4 comments  

All You Need to Know to Make This Fun Little Book

Posted by Lillpop

This is a fun little book from Rusty Pickle that you can use to hold cards or fun little pictures.  Besides the class kit, you will need the following tools:

Brown or Black Ink



Let's begin:

Page 1:

1.  On page one, place a 3-7/8" piece of Black Card Seed Paper.

2.  Ink along the edges with black ink as desired.

3.  Place saying - "For Where Your Treasure Is There Will Your Heart Be Also."

Page 2:

1.  Ink along the edges.

2.  Place 3-7/8" x 5-7/8" piece of Black Card Seed Paper on the page

3.  Along bottom place the word strip - "It Starts and Ends With Family".

4.  Place the white lace slightly underneath the bottom of the definition (use adhesive or a little bit of tacky tape).

Page 3:

1.   Ink along the edges.

2.  Place 3-7/8" x 5-7/8" Black Card Seed Paper on the page.

3.  Along the right edge, place 1" x 6" Molly Striped Pajamas paper.

4.  Hang the small walnut ink circle tag from the safety pin.  If you don't want your tag to move, put a small amount of adhesive on the back and affix to Molly Striped paper.

5.  Place definition box, "I Love You, I Love You, I Do" - Ink around the edges if desired.

Page 4:

1.  Ink the edges.

2.  Place 3-7/8" x 5-7/8" piece of Red Gingham paper on the page.

3.  Along the right side , staple the definition - "Family Photos...Family Photos".  Again, you can ink the edges.

Page 5:

1.  Ink the edges.

2.  Place 3-7/8" x 5-7/8" piece of Black Card Seed Paper on the page.

3.  Make envelope out of 4" x 4" piece of husk cardstock.  Make a half circle at the top of the paper.

4.  Cute a slit at a angle; approximately 2" long on the right side of the envelope.  It is roughly 1" from the right side and 2" from the bottom. 

5.  Adhere the envelope.

6.  Take the cherish definition and staple on the small walnut tag (ink edges if desired). 

7.  Place the tag in the envelope.

8.  Along the bottom of the envelope, adhere the 1" x 4" Library Ledger paper (approximately 1/2" from the bottom of the envelope).

9.  On the large walnut ink tag, cut out the words - "Family" and "Love".  Again, ink along the edges if desired.

10.  Staple the words to the large walnut ink tag.

11.  Add muslin to the top of the tag (distress with ink if desired).  Place the tag in the envelope at the top.

Page 6:

1.  Ink edges.

2.  Place 3-7/8" x 5-7/8" piece of Red Gingham paper on the page.

3.  Place definition (on the right edge of the page) - "Love (luv) a strong, deep..."   Place it on the page by stapling at the  top and at the bottom.

Page 7:

1.  Take the two small walnut ink tags and staple to the top and bottom edges of the outside folder.  The tags should meet and the strings will tie together in the middle (in a bow).

2.  On outside label of the file folder, place the label - "Brag Book".  Place on the tab of the file folder.

3.  Inside the file folder, place 3-1/2" x 6" Ledger Paper.  (You may need to trim the paper if necessary).  You can use this to journal.  Place it in the folder so some of it will show.

4.  Close the file folder with small silver paperclip.  Under the paperclip, adhere the word "Memories" to the file folder.

Page 8:

1.  Adhere 3-7/8" x 5-7/8" of Black Card Seed Paper to the last page.

2.  Use definition if desired.

Outside Cover:

1.   Take the 4" x 12" cardstock and fold with bone folder or ruler using the follwing dimensions - 2-1/2" from one end and 2" from the opposite end.

2.  Make a nice folded crease/line and come in again with another fold - 1/2" from both ends and fold and crease again.

3.  The total dimensions are 3" from one end and 2-1/2" from the other end.

4.  Place Red Gingham paper on the top fold (1" x 4")

5.  Place Red Gingham paper on bottom fold (2" x 4")

6.  Punch a hole approximately 1" from the end of both the top and bottom flaps.

7.  Set buttom rivets by placing sharp end and button together on opposite sides.  Secure by hammering together - hammer on the flat piece of the rivet.

8.   Tie the outside cover together with yard of ribbon.  Go around the button rivets and tie in the center.  Hang the tag "Family" with string.

Congrats - you just finished the Family Brag Book.

ACOT has these available - get yours today!

New! Family Brag Book Card Keeper Kit $19.99
Join us on Sunday, July 16th at 2:00pm EST for an instructional class demonstrating how to create this kit! Be sure to order this kit right away so you will have it in time for this fun and ...

Status: Qty 9 Available.
Company: Rusty Pickle (Class Kits)
Product Type: Kits
UPC: 400170000303
Item Number: 170-90002

Shipping: $4.99 Shipping Rate (Does not qualify for "Free over $50" shipping.)



Posted by Lillpop


Tuesday, July 25, 2006

When journaling gets away from you. 15 comments  

deciding when it's ok to "cross the line."

Posted by strangejen

Sometimes I wonder about the scrapbook pages I see. When I see pictures of kids crying because they've fallen down, screaming and bleeding and NO ONE is helping them, I think "dang, why is his mom taking a picture instead of comforting him?" Far be it from me to judge other people's parenting choices, but there are some things I personally draw the line at -- I don't take pictures of crying other than the tail-end of a tantrum that's been dealt with, I don't take the camera with us to the ER (although the doctors who set Jake's cast were CUTE and I'm kicking myself for that one), and I will NOT make a page about potty-training that includes my child sitting half-nekkid on the potty. Again, this is where MY personal comfort level happens to be.

But then I start thinking about the things I DO share with the world in my scrapbook pages -- through my journaling. And I think about the lines I might be crossing there. Because when a scrapbook page is posted in an online gallery AND on my blog, it's out there for ANYONE to see. Even safe inside my scrapbook at home, I never know who might come across what I've written. There are no rules about not reading scrapbooks like there are about diaries -- even though for all intents and purposes, scrapbooks ARE some people's diaries! And since I post my pages on my blog and use my blog entries for scrapbooking, my blog/scrapbooking/diary is really all one big world that feeds itself.

I have a Mom & Me album for Jake, full of pictures of just me and him, and of all sorts of journaling -- mostly from me to him. I like to tell him about our life and our relationship, talk to him about the things I think are important, give him advice for life . . . lots of random, very personal stuff. Lots of me rambling on and on. Lots of my very personal thoughts and opinions. With the paper layouts, this journaling is hidden -- I love just attaching one edge of a photo to the layout and making the photo a fold-out element. (Dude, this adds SO much space to your page! A 4x6 photo folded out adds 48 square inches! A 5x7 photo folded out creates 70 sqaure inches! Score!) A lot of times I will post the front of one of these pages online, but not the fold-outs. That saves a little privacy.

But with my digi-pages . . . well you can't exactly include fold-out elements with those. Your choices with digi are (1) no journling, just a title and date, (2) minimial, generic journaling, (3) journaling out there for the world to see, or (4) to get REALLY creative and figure out a way to work in some hidden journaling in a mix between a digital and paper page. (Dude, I SO don't have energy at this point to figure out #4.)

I have a lot of pages in Jake's albums -- both the Mom & Me and his chronological album -- about his quirks. And how they kind of make me crazy. There's a layout about him trying to load up my suitcase with toy trains before a trip out of town and refusing to let me take them out. And one about how he used to take all his diapers out of the diaper basket, scatter them on the floor, and lay on them. And one about how he cried and cried when we tried to have cupcakes at his 2nd birthday party. And one about how he likes to take every toy he has and put them in a big pile on the floor. And one about how he wouldn't stop jumping on (and off of) my best friend's couch. And one about how he won't eat purple Fruit Loops. And one about how he likes to line up his trains and vehicles.  And one about how he methodically fills cups with water and lines them up on the counter, saying he's having a party.   And one about how he needs very little sleep and still (at almost 4!) doesn't sleep through the night. With a lot of the pages, I'm trying to find the humor in the problems I've had with Jake. Instead of getting mad, I take a step back and think "huh. He's being odd again. Oh well - where's my camera?" Whenever possible, I'm trying to let Jake be himself and do the odd things he wants to do without intrusion -- it's cute, it's strange, it's interesting . . . how can I NOT make pages about that?

(click on any image to view the layout larger, then continue reading.)


We found out this summer that part of the reason for those quirks I've scrapped and written about are because of something called Sensory Processing Disorder -- Jake's brain isn't interpreting sensory information correctly, and it affects how he functions day to day. Thus the quirks, the obsessions, the meltdowns. OH. So that's what's up. Well then. That explains a lot.

Now a part of me is wondering if I should feel bad about making those pages.

And the other part of me thinks I should keep making them, as a celebration and affirmation of who Jake is.

I don't sugar coat or pretend things are a way that they're not. I like to scrapbook about Jake's day to day life. Jake is SO much more than a disorder, but his disorder affects our day to day life to a very extreme level. To NOT scrap about it in some form would be dishonest somehow.

I had started a page for Jake's Mom & Me book at the beginning of one week earlier this summer, but got stuck on how to finish it. So I closed Photoshop and left the saved file on my computer. Later that week, we had our initial evaluations with a speech therapist, and then an Occupational Therapist. I came back to work Monday a little stunned at the new information and diagnosis, a little unsure of myself, and a little worried about the path ahead of us. On my lunch hour, I opened up Photoshop and went to work on finishing the page. My feelings about everything that had happened got the best of me, and the journaling totally got away from me. I was GOING to just talk about how we were having a fun day together visiting our cousins in Indiana. Instead, I dove head-first into the fact that being different and being yourself is nothing to be ashamed of, that everyone is quirky in their own way -- and that trying every day to be a good person is all that matters, because ultimately your life is between you and God.

When I was done writing this, I sat back and thought "Whoah, where did THAT come from?" Sometimes when I write, words just come out and it's almost like I'm an observer to the process. So as I sat wondering what happened, I read my journaling again. And again. And then I cried. And I realized that the page said exactly what it needed to: that Jake and I are on a journey, we are struggling from day to day, but God is in control and no matter what, I love my little dude. And I know there will be days when Jake is older and comes across this page in his book, and he will be comforted and reassured. And there will be days when I come across this page and I am reminded of what's important.

I didn't hesitate at all to post this page to my blog and in an online gallery. I know that there are mothers who have the same struggles with their children. I know that there are people out there who need to hear that despite the quirks and imperfections, it's ok. The journaling here might be a little past my comfort zone . . . but in this case, sharing a part of me that is so hurt and raw and painfully honest doesn't embarass me. It gives me hope. And I know it will be ok.

P.S. We've been going to a social speech group every week and Occupational Therapy twice a month, and it's ALREADY working wonders! If you sense a delay in your child or notice a lot of quirks that add up to make you worried, don't be afraid to talk to your pediatrician about it or ask for a referral for a developmental assessment. Write down every single thing you've noticed, every quirk, every milestone whether early or late -- this way you won't forget anything in your appointment. Jake hit his physical milestones early, but a lot of cognitive ones late. It's better to get an assessment you don't need and be told your child is fine, than to miss out on the chance for early intervention if there IS something wrong with your child.

Posted by strangejen


Wednesday, July 19, 2006

CT Spotlight Vol. 4 15 comments  

Putting the Spotlight on Superior Layouts

Posted by ElsieB

Welcome to the CT Spotlight, a regular feature in which the Creative Team will put the spotlight on superior layouts that have caught our eye in the gallery.  We'll show you the layouts, tell you who made them and why we love them.  The first CT member quoted is the one who chose the layout for the Spotlight.

Here are some amazing July creations!

"Just You"
by Ief

TRScrapper says:
"I really love Ief's work. This layout is outstanding! I love how it feels random, but there are actually meticulous design elements like the arrows and the buttons, which guide your eye around the page. I also think the colors are boyish and perfectly chosen and the picture is adorable! Wonderful work, as always!"

deann says:
"I love the movement that this page has - all those bits of arrows pointing to that great title work! and i adore seeing buttons on a page - it just brings such a great 'homey' feel to a page. wonderful work, Ief! xoxo,d"

Neboyle says:
"This layout really catches your eye and is such a great boy layout. Perfection!"

MamaK321 says:
"Such a cutie!  I really like how she used the title and a handful of buttons to frame the photo.  The arrows not only add direction but also journaling with their quotes - love this idea!"

Lindsay says:
"Absolutely love all of the motion of the page with the arrows, perfect color selection too, really makes his eyes pop off the page."

dmogs says:
"I just love how she used buttons and the arrows are so fun and bring the focus right on that adorable picture! :)"

Janet says:
"Love the button frame around that cute, cute kid!"

ditzyscrap says:
"This layout is stunning...the arrows and other accents just lead you around the page so you see everything, but the photo is what really jumps out at you."

hokiecanuk says:
"The colors are fab!!! There is so much energy in this layout!!!"

"True Beauty"
by Art_Teacher

Janet says:
"I love the rich colors and simple design.  It all gives this page an elegant and sophisticated look!"

Lillpop says:
"The papers match the picture perfectly - beautiful."

dmogs says:
"The beautiful rich colors are so elegant! I love how she cut out her title!"

LoveMyBella says:
"It's difficult to scrap professional photos.  But she did a wonderful job. Very pretty."

hokiecanuk says:
"Great picture and great use of color."

TRScrapper says:
"What an elegant layout!  I love the jewel tones, the trim and the flowers."

"She speaketh not yet their lies a conversation in her eyes." 
by firemanswife7

Neboyle says:
"The photo of Erica is so captivating in this layout. The quote is perfect!"

MamaK321 says:
"I really like how she designed the title, by not filling the entire blank space the small type really let's the word EYES stand out!"

Lillpop says:
"Love the big picture and how you used your own handwriting"

Lindsay says:
"Captivating picture, love the little details of the handwritten journaling."

Janet says:
"Perfect colors for a pool page!"

dmogs says:
"What a stunning photo! I just love her color choices and simple flower embellishments, they let the photo shine! :)"

LoveMyBella says:
"I really like all the flowers, and the quote."

hokiecanuk says:
"The picture she used is wonderful - There is so much personality in it! And I love how she used her own handwriting."

ditzyscrap says:
"The photo on this layout is gorgeous...and the layout is the perfect balance of photo, accents, and journaling. I love the random little flowers down by the journaling!"

"Ray Winder Field"
by hwillard

deann says:
"I love everything about this layout! first, look at all that journaling - wow! there is a story that needed to be told, and the scrapper told it. second, baseball, summer and red, white and blue - everything fits together perfectly! third, the photo is clear and crisp and i almost feel like i could order a hot dog and get ready to catch a foul ball of the first base line! great, great work!! xoox,d"

TRScrapper says:
"Wow! That is fantastic! The picture is so incredible, I swear I can hear the crack of the bat when I look at it. Amazing work!"

MamaK321 says:
"This layout captures an amazing memory!  The journaling is wonderful and I like how she designed the page with few accents to balance a strong photo."

Lillpop says:
"Wow - what a layout!  Love the picture and just everything!"

Lindsay says:
"Amazing shot, like the use of the stamp and the All-American colors that lend to the theme."

Janet says:
"What fabulous journaling!!  Love that clear, crisp photo and patriotic feeling!"

Neboyle says:
"This is so amazing! The layout reminds me of a magazine ad, so professional! The photo and the journaling are perfect!"

ditzyscrap says:
"This photo is stunning, and the simple accents with the large journaling area are really all this layout needed!"

hokiecanuk says:
"Just an amazing layout! The picture is stunning! I also like the round stamp and where it is placed and the journaling on the torn paper! Great job!!!"

by scrapqueen21

MamaK321 says:
"I love the bold colors, the variety of patterns and the close-up focal photo!  You have to read the journaling on this one, it's too cute!"

Lillpop says:
"Love the bright, bold colors!  Everything goes perfect with the pictures."

Lindsay says:
"It's so easy for the colors of this line to take over the page and she kept the eyes on the pictures. Love all of the layers and attention to details with the bows."

Janet says:
"Fun, fun photos!!  Great elements and fabulous colors!"

Neboyle says:
"Such a fun layout! I love the vibrant colors and great close-up picture."

dmogs says:
"Great Layout! I love the bold colors and playful mix of patterns, perfect for the adorable little subject! :)"

LoveMyBella says:
"From the inked letters, to the circles, and pictures...this is perfect and fun!"

hokiecanuk says:
"The colors are wonderful! They really grab your attention. I also like all the bows!"

by foxyscrapper

Lillpop says:
"I love the colors and how vibrant the pictures are!"

Lindsay says:
"Another layout with a great photograph! I love all of the layers with the paper and shapes and patterns but it doesn't overwhelm the page, perfect balance!"

Janet says:
"This page just has an energy about it...great colors and patterns!"

dmogs says:
"This layout has so much energy! :) I love all the different shapes and patterns!"

MamaK321 says:
"Beautiful!  I love the design of this page, the title is perfect and the photo is stunning!"

hokiecanuk says:
"There are so many colors and patterns and they blend so well together. I like the focal picture teamed with the accent photo."

"What Could Be More Fun?"
by jnvogel

Lindsay says:
"This inspired a laugh out loud moment, rarely do I have those with layouts. An awesome picture that didn't need much more to complete the page, Jenn added the perfect touches!"

Lillpop says:
"This is just fabulous!  The picture cracks me up and it matches everything else perfectly!"

Neboyle says:
"This is such a fun layout! The look on the boy's face is priceless."

MamaK321 says:
"This layout is pure fun!!"

Janet says:
"What a hoot!!  The photo is priceless and the bright colors are perfect!"

dmogs says:
"LOVE THIS! The photo is so perfect and the bright colors and fun accents are just perfect! I love how she did her title, love the big question mark! :)"

melis_ga says:
"What a riot!  I laughed out loud at this photo, it's priceless.  And the colors of the layout lend so well to the 'fun' feeling for the photo...wonderful layout!!"

ditzyscrap says:
"Perfect, perfect, perfect! The simplicity of this layout is perfect, because the photo really speaks for itself! I love how she placed the title in a less-expected spot!"

hokiecanuk says:
"This is a great example of how a simple layout is made great by well placed elements!"

by RGiallongo

dmogs says:
"I just love the simplicity of this! The photo is so serene with the background she chose, and the quote is just perfect!"

MamaK321 says:
"I'm almost speechless... the photo, the quote, the simplicity of it all is fantastic!"

melis_ga says:
"What a soft and beautiful layout.  The softness of the layout makes you feel relaxed as you would at the beach.  Beautifully done!"

ditzyscrap says:
"Wow. The quote is PERFECT for that picture, which is gorgeous itself! It's a great use of white space, it really brings the focus to that awesome photo!"

hokiecanuk says:
"I love the soft feel of this layout."

TRScrapper says:
"Soft and serene.  This is gorgeous!"

"Blooming Beautiful"
by Margie_PMchk

hokiecanuk says:
"I love how the empty space in the photo was used and the placement of the journaling is great!"

Neboyle says:
"I love the flowers made out of buttons and the journaling stems. Very creative!"

MamaK321 says:
"Such a clever use of buttons and journaling!!  I love this design!"

melis_ga says:
"Beautiful layout, I really like how she used the buttons to form shapes.  And the curved lines of the journaling add to the soft feel that the photo gives the layout."

ditzyscrap says:
"This layout is fantastic...the photo is gorgeous to start off with, but she's chosen the cutest accents...making shaped 'flowers' out of buttons and finishing them off with stems of journaling...fabulous!"

Janet says:
"So the unique nature of this page...wonderful colors!"
Posted by ElsieB


Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Congrats to our Andrea Burns winners!! 6 comments

Posted by Lindsay

I think this was the hardest vote, so many amazing layouts in there. Thank you all to participated, you did an amazing job! I love contests like this, so exciting!

Andrea Burns, with the help of her CT, picked for the Grand Prize Winner ($15 GC to The Digi Chick and $10 GC to ACOT) ...

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Monday, July 17, 2006

Congrats to our Amy Tanabe winners! 7 comments

Posted by Lindsay

Thanks to everyone who submitted layouts for this contest. It was a super hard vote. Thank you for your patience over the holiday weekend...everyone's back in town and have sent in their votes. Amy chose for the Grand Prize package....

Jah's "

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Sunday, July 16, 2006

Rusty Pickle Summer Time Album Kit 0 comments

Directions from the Class Held on July 15, 2006

Posted by ElsieB

First, a small warning!  The directions that came with my kit are the wrong ones!  I can only assume this is the case for everyone. 

In my kit, the pictures and the directions for the covers and page 1 are correct.  After that, the directions are for some other project entirely—different papers, products, everything ...
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Saturday, July 15, 2006

10 Things I love About You - Rusty Pickle Class 1 comments

Diections from the July 15, 2006 Class - 8 p.m. EST

Posted by n7zuq

"10 Things I Love About You"
Rusty Pickle Class Kit
Designed by Sarah Ackerman-Hale

Kit Supplies:

Primitive Dots - 2 sheets
Primitive Stripes - 1 ...

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Saturday, July 15, 2006

3 BUGS IN A RUG - Featured Product Reveal 4 comments

Creative Team layouts...including sneek peek CHA products.

Posted by melis_ga

 From Caboodle Kits to individual pieces, 3 Bugs in a Rug carries it all...and the color choices have you covered too.  The ACOT Creative Team selected a few of the collections to highlight below, including the two new collections (Rhapsody and Tickled Pink) 3 Bugs in a Rug are releasing at the Summer CHA show ...

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Saturday, July 15, 2006

Meet Kelly Shults! 2 comments contest details and the CT Reveal!

Posted by Lindsay

We are pleased to welcome Kelly Shults as this month’s Featured Designer. She’s created a new kit just for this event, "Lily", so you’ll have to check it out. Scroll down to learn more about Kelly, see her contest details, and see what our talented CT did with her kit!

Upcoming Events
Come chat with Kelly on Wednesday,  July 19th at 10:00 EST ...

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Thursday, July 6, 2006

CT July Reveal - Scraplifting 6 comments

Finding our inspiration right here at ACOT.

Posted by melis_ga

 What scrapbooker doesn't love to look at others layouts?  We all do, and we find some wonderful layouts we love and want to copy.  Sometimes the layout strikes you where you want to copy it exactly or maybe just an aspect of it catches your eye ...

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Wednesday, July 5, 2006

Meet Koala1966 19 comments

Feeding her need to be creative Tania took up scrapbooking several years ago and has never looked back. Read a little about here here.

Posted by MaBuglet

1. How long have you been scrapbooking and how did you get started?

I started scrapbooking in 1999 – when my husband and I returned from our honeymoon we had 5 rolls of pictures and in my opinion they were all worth looking at, but asking people to look through 5 rolls of pictures is, well, crazy ...

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Wednesday, July 5, 2006

What was I thinking? 35 comments

July 2006

Posted by MaBuglet

Organizing…again! I swear each time will be the last and then three weeks later I’m knee deep in patterned paper and piles of ribbon.

It dawns on me that I have a style. Not sure what exactly that style is, but I’ve got one ...

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Wednesday, July 5, 2006

Meet pnutsmum - July GCT Member! 11 comments

Posted by Lillpop

ACOT is proud to announce pnutsmum as the July GCT member! She has been such an inspiration to the community and very active on the message board. Please take a moment and welcome her to the CT for the month of July.

Let me begin by saying how excited and grateful I am to be on the CT this month ...
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Monday, July 3, 2006

How to Create a Great Disney Scrapbook 9 comments

Wondering how to start scrapbooking hundreds of photos?

Posted by traveler

Several years ago, we took our first family vacation to Walt Disney World in Florida. At the time we had only one son who was almost 2 and loved to hug characters. I remember one day he hugged over 30 characters (we counted) and he looked at the camera, smiled, and waved for each one ...
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Saturday, July 1, 2006

Meet Lori Barnhurst! 5 comments contest details and the CT Reveal!

Posted by Lindsay

We are pleased to welcome Lori Barnhurst as this month’s Featured Designer. She’s created a new kit just for this event, "Romantic Shab", so you’ll have to check it out ...

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