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Articles in November 2006
Monday, November 20, 2006

Are YOU in the pictures? 9 comments  

make sure mom's not missing from the scrapbooks

Posted by strangejen

For those of you who have read most of my articles here, you'll know that I talk about my parents a lot. And as I began to write this article -- with yet another story about my mom as a jumping point -- I started wondering why I write about them so much.  I think it's that I often have my parents on my mind when I am scrapbooking -- both because I make a lot of gifts for them (they're not into material possessions, but they LOVE memory gifts), and because I'm trying to find my own place as a parent.

So getting to that story about my mom . . . long before the days of digital cameras and 200 photos in one day, my mom was busy documenting our lives -- better than probably 90% of other parents at the time. She was never without her camera. She always made it a point to sit my two sisters and me together for pictures. She took pictures of us with our dad on every birthday. She took pictures of us hanging out with our friends. Of our pets, our sporting events, our church activities . . . each vacation's pictures fill an entire album. Our first year albums overflow into a full second album, there were so many pictures taken. And this was in the 70's and 80's, when most people just weren't taking many pictures. And she was doing it roll by roll, with 24 exposure film. Not only did my mom take tons of pictures, she always put them immediately into albums, perfectly chronological, with the years marked on the spine by an old label-maker.  There were frames all over the house of enlarged photos and photo collages.   We didn't have a lot of extra money, but we always had photos. We knew that we were important to her because she took the time to make photos a priority.

Fast-forward to last week. My mom handed me an envelope with a dozen photos in it, and said "Can you scan these for me? I've realized I hardly have any pictures of me with you kids, and I want to do something with the ones I can find." And so I started looking through my albums. I found a few pictures that she hadn't found . . . but for the most part there are NO pictures of her in my albums. Pictures of her by herself, pictures of her and my dad, pictures of her with us three girls . . . nowhere to be found. There are probably less than 50 -- and we're talking over a span of 25 years.


My mom spent years at home with us, running the house and taking care of us. She taught us to read and to play the piano, led Girl Scouts and Awana's, cooked dinner every night, took us to church every week whether we liked it or not, drove us to hundreds of practices and events . . . and we hardly have any record that she was there.

As I sat on the floor, flipping desperately through my photo albums, this realization made me so extremely sad. And part of me hates myself for not thinking to take her photo -- I got my first camera in the 4th grade! I filled up eight albums on my own before I even graduated from high school . . . and took maybe three pictures of my mom the entire time. What was I thinking?

So I've gathered all the photos I could find, scanned them, and now I'm compiling them into a Shutterfly hard-back book. Whatever random pictures I HAVE found, they'll all be together now. The best part is, I can create the book ONCE and order as many copies as I want -- so if I feel the need to be nice to my sisters, I can get them a copy, too. And I'll order an extra for me, and one for Jake.  I asked Shutterfly how long a completed book would stay in my account, and was told "the books will be saved in your account under the saved projects section indefinitely."  Sweet.  

I really wanted to tell as many people as I could about this, and for an important a reason.

Stop and think for a minute about how many photos YOU are in from the past few years. If you are a mother, how many pictures do you have of you with your children? These days when almost everyone has digital cameras, there is NO reason to not take a ton of family pictures every chance you get. I make an effort every holiday and every gathering I'm at, to hand off my camera and ask someone to take a picture of me and Jake. I strongly encourage you to make sure you get the picture with YOUR camera -- because while people mean well, there's no guarantee you'll ever see the picture your friend or cousin-in-law took.

Do whatever it takes. Get in close and hold the camera at arm's length. Master your camera's self-timer function.  Teach your older kids to take pictures (they might surprise you!) Help your husband to understand how important stepping in and taking pictures is. Ask friends. Ask strangers on the street. Spend the extra money once a year and get a portrait at Picture People or Sears or wherever. (I do this every year on Jake's birthday -- if you have multiple children, why not do it every year on YOUR birthday? What a wonderful present to yourself!)  Even if it's not perfect -- like this picture of me, Jake, and my mom on Jake's 4th birthday -- it's still better than nothing!  Don't wait until you feel thin enough, or pretty enough. It took me over three years to start losing my "baby weight" -- can you imagine if I had refused to be any pictures for three whole years? But some people do this! Your kids love you for you, not for what you think you should look like.

I started a Mom&Me album for Jake two years ago, and that has been a wonderful motivation for me to make sure I have pictures taken with Jake. I love adding to the album and flipping through it to see the progression of our relationship these past four years.

This story DOES have a happy ending. Well, kind of. In the 4 years since Jake's birth, my mom has probably had more pictures taken of her than in the entire 25 years she was raising my sisters and I. And Jake's "Nana&Me" album is FULL of pictures. Because I have a digital camera now.  I just knew, from the time that Jake was a little baby, how important it is to have pictures taken with the people you love. And I know I learned that from my mom.

P.S.  If you want to learn more about the Shutterfly hard-back books, click here.  I've written all about them!

Posted by strangejen

Monday, November 20, 2006

CT Spotlight Vol. 7 19 comments  

Putting the Spotlight on Superior Layouts

Posted by ElsieB

Welcome to the CT Spotlight, a regular feature in which the Creative Team will put the spotlight on superior layouts that have caught our eye in the gallery.  We'll show you the layouts, tell you who made them and why we love them.  The first CT member quoted is the one who chose the layout for the Spotlight.

Check out these amazing layouts!

"Cup'a Jose"
by houseofpanda

TRScrapper says:
"I love that big coffee cup! And the journaling on the steam is fantastic! This layout caught my eye immediately. I also love the freestyle feeling of the layout and the happy look on Jose's face. I love this layout because it's different!"

Janet says:
"I love the 'steam' coming off the coffee...such a fun page!"

lindse says:
"Love all the doodling and the freestyle look! Great idea to make a LO about coffee!"

FairyMouseMom says:
"I love the doodling used on this...and how the journaling was added!"

Lillpop says:
"How unique! I love the cup - what a fabulous layout."

by scrapqueen21

Janet says:
"I am totally in love with this page by scrapqueen21.  I love the black and white for the photo and the background which really make those wonderful colors of the flowers stand out!  This is an exceptional page!"

lindse says:
"Beautiful photo and the assortment of cut out flowers and Prima flowers look fantastic!"

FairyMouseMom says:
"If you know me...you know I love these color combinations. The picture is great and the red really makes the layout 'pop.'"

Lillpop says:
"This layout is beautiful.  I love the b&w photo against the colors."

"Genuine Mel"
by SarahME

MamaK321 says:
"The photo is stunning and the layout design really compliments it.  This is not fancy or busy, it's genuine just like the title says."

Janet says:
"I love this color combo, the simple design really draws your attention to the awesome photo!"

lindse says:
"Wow, I really think that photo is stunning! Love all the small details in this one :)"

FairyMouseMom says:
"Very neat photo which is perfect to use for a 'white space' type of layout. Love the colors used for it!"

Lillpop says:
"The simplicity is striking!  Beautiful!"

"Operation Candy Grab"
by Deirdra

Scrapsakes says:
"This layout is pure eye candy! I love how colorful and how fun it is with the geometric journaling, the use of ribbons, the playful take on the title - especially the altered chipboard bat, and I am a total sucker for all that doodling, so what's not to love about this?!"

Janet says:
"I love the title, love the concept!!"

FairyMouseMom says:
"Love the lettering, title and how the journaling was added."

Lillpop says:
"I love it!  The ribbons are a fabulous touch."

Neboyle says:
"Totally fun layout!!"

"My Scrap Room"
by Iam

lindse says:
"I really love the colors in this one - looks so bright and happy! And I adore the many photos used here and the handwritten journaling - two things I wish I was better at doing on my own layouts! And look at those flowers with buttons on top - looks fantastic!"

Lillpop says:
"I love the photos in this layout and how it has a geometric feel."

TRScrapper says:
"I love the colors!  And I want that well-organized scrap room!"

Lindsay says:
"Ooooh, I want this scrap room, wonderful layout, great photos, I'm totally jealous LOL!"

by nun69

FairyMouseMom says:
"LOVE the sweet picture of her daughter....done in black and white....! The colors then added to this layout really look sweet and feminine, and then draw your eyes back to the picture!"

Lillpop says:
"The photo is amazing and so is the use of pink/black/white.  Gorgeous!"

Lindsay says:
"One of my favorite layouts in the digital gallery, love the color scheme and that shot is so precious!"

Neboyle says:
"Stunning photo and layout! I love the colors, especially the pink. It really makes the layout stand out."

"Baby Under Construction"
by Shanah

Lindsay says:
"This layout totally grabbed me before I saw who it was! I love everything about it...the fun title, all of the arrows., the details with the flowers, totally looks like a paper layout, great work Shanah (and congrats)!"

Lillpop says:
"I love the use of shapes on this layout!  The title is fabulous too."

Neboyle says:
"I love the arrows and the soft feel of this layout."

"The Patch"
by girlsmommy

Lillpop says:
"I love the use of the pattern paper along with the many accents.  They make the page 'pop!'"

Neboyle says:
"Perfect papers to compliment the great pictures!"

TRScrapper says:
"This page really pops!  Excellent job using white to accent the Halloween products!  Love it!"

Lindsay says:
"The colors on this make me happy, non-traditional but absolutely perfect for those shots!"

"Let's Walk"
by Jann-Will

Neboyle says:
"I love the totally unique and funky look of this layout by Jann-Will . The papers and the doodling really catch your eye."

Lillpop says:
"Love the funkiness and artsy feel to this layout!"

TRScrapper says:
"What a fun and different layout!  I love how she did the title.  And I love how even though there are many elements, they are well chosen and well placed so as not to detract from the picture.  Great job!"

Congratulations to all the scrappers chosen for this month's CT Spotlight!
Keep up the amazing work everyone!
See you in December!
Posted by ElsieB

Monday, November 20, 2006

Creative Team Reveal: KAREN FOSTER DESIGN 10 comments  

Karen Foster Design products have been a favorite to many of us since the beginning days ...

Posted by clairbug

Karen Foster Design products have been a favorite to many of us since the beginning days of scrapbooking! In fact, her first line of papers was debuted in the Spring of 1998...long before several of us even discovered scrapbooking!  But Karen Foster had a vision.  In fact, her first "studio" was her kitchen table and her "warehouse" was her garage. Now the company is bigger than ever  with some of the greatest designers and offers so many incredible items to feed our scrapbooking addiction!   If you have a theme to scrap, Karen Foster has all the papers and embellishments to match it!  The ACOT Creative Team has chosen a wide variety of Karen Foster products to create these amazing layouts to share with you!  Don't forget to pick up your favorite Karen Foster products and join us for this exciting contest!!!  Details are available here!

Check out all of the many Karen Foster Design products here!!! 

ACOT Creative Team Layouts

By Jennifer/jenniwren32 (November Guest Creative Team Member)


By: Tristann/n7zuq


By: Nancy/neboyle


By: Miranda/LoveMyBella


By: Melissa/melis_ga


By Kim/Lillpop

By Jane/hokiecanuk


By Jackie/Jackie Pettit (see more Karen Foster layouts in her gallery!!!)


By Grace/scrapsakes


By Elsie/TRScrapper (see more Karen Foster layouts in her gallery!!!)


By Diane/Dianedi


By Clair/clairbug


Posted by clairbug

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Practically Perfect Pet bag book 5 comments

Bo Bunny Kit Class - Directions from November 18, 2006

Posted by n7zuq

Practically Perfect Paper Bag Book by Bo Bunny

Supplies Included in Kit:

1 - 12” Posh Pink Paws
1 - 12” Posh Pink Dots
1 - 12” Posh Pink Stripe
1 ...

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Bo Bunny Christmas Memories Boardbook 3 comments

November 18th Class

Posted by neboyle

With the Bo Bunny Christmas Memories Boardbook Kit, you can make a great gift to keep for yourself or to give away.

Let's get started!

Gather the supplies you will need to make your book ...

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Contest Winners!!! Danielle Catalano-Titus and Amy Teets! 10 comments

Posted by Lindsay

Thanks to all who entered both of these contests...Danielle Catalano-Titus chose Aggietha's "Rainy School Days" for her contest.

The CT chose arrice071475's "You Color My World" for Amy Teets' contest!

Thursday, November 9, 2006

Bo Bunny "Trick or Treat" Bag Album 5 comments

Be bold, be bright, and be fun!

Posted by scrapsakes

The Final Product:

"Trick or Treat" Bag Album (substitute supplies where necessary)

I'm sure the photos are self-explanatory where you can see all the
pieces needed, as well as their measurements, so that you can trim
them accordingly before assembling each page ...

Thursday, November 9, 2006

Scrap 'n' Mail Kits by My Little Shoebox 2 comments

Instructions from the online crop class (Sept.06)

Posted by MamaK321

Have you seen the Scrap 'n' Mail Kits in the shoppe?  Are you wondering what exactly a "Scrap'n'Mail kit" is or perhaps you would&nbs ...

Wednesday, November 1, 2006

Hoarders Anonymous 33 comments

November 2006

Posted by MaBuglet

I have a problem. I’m addicted to shopping for scrapbooking supplies. They say admitting you have a problem is the first step. I’m just trying to figure out what step that is. Is it the step towards freedom from clutter or a giant fall towards the next 30% off sale?

I’m guessing it is the latter ...

Wednesday, November 1, 2006

Meet Katie the Scrapbook Lady!!! 4 comments

...plus contest details and the CT Reveal

Posted by Lindsay

ACOT is proud to showcase Katie the Scrapbook Lady for the month of November. One of our more versatile designers in the shoppe and is exclusive to ACOT, so you can't find her stuff anywhere else! My favorite thing about Katie is that you can put her journaling prompts or quotes with any kit! Katie creates the "

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