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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Wonderful WordArt 7 comments  

Posted by Mommybruno

This week the Digi CT has created layouts to show you how easy it is to make your own WordArt. It seems like most digi kits come with at least one piece of wordart - a quote, or a word on a paper strip, or a ready-made title. But sometimes these prefab constructions are not exactly right for the project you're working on. Solution? Make your own! There are countless free fonts to be found online to help you customize your wordart. Here are some examples from the Digi CT to help inspire you:

Everyday Superhero by mysunshine (Angie): Angie used a combination of pre-made alphas and fonts to create a wordart quote that complements the subject matter of her layout. And how cute is that little Superman flying through the O?

The next few layouts feature wordart as the title of the layout, which I think is the most frequent use of self-made wordart.

Hanging By A Thread by Art_Teacher (Laura): "For this word art reveal, we were to create our own word art and use it. My favorite way to do this is to use it for the title. For this one I use the font Artistamp medium to make the word "Out" and overlapped the "Hanging by a Thread" made with the font Calamity Jane NF. I chose two very contrasting fonts so it would be readable and also use the colors of the layout so it would coordinate well."

Picture Perfect by Smiley-Scrap8 (Ronny): "This week's reveal is way too fun, making your own word art. This can be a little intimidating but I try to first come up with the theme of my word and then pick a font and small graphic that shows off that theme. I made a small camera graphic using my shape tools and then added my font using the 2nd word of my title as a shadow for the first. Give it a try something, you won't regret it."

Happiness Is A Warm Puppy by FairyMouseMom (Egle): "For this layout I created a “word art title” by incorporating a title using an embellishment of a dog, alphabets for a word, and a font for the rest of the title…sort of making it a mini word art cluster."

Happiness Is A Warm Puppy

I'll Stand By You by mommybruno (Cassie): "I used a mix of fonts and embellishments to create the word art that serves as my title. I put one of the words on a paper strip to give the title some visual interest. It's easy to be creative with wordart, especially with the vast number of free fonts out there that help you get just the look you want." 

Crazy Cave Cousins by Art_Teacher (Laura): "I find creating your own word art the best way to find word art to fit your layouts. For this one, I used 3 different fonts (Calvin & Hobbes, Paint Peel, and Maxine Script) and chose colors from the layout to help them coordinate. I arranged them to play off the staggered photos, as well. Plus, I was able to size each word so they would fit together in a visually pleasing arrangement."

"Owl" Always "Bee" There For You by FairyMouseMom (Egle): "For the left-hand side of the layout…I created a word art caption spelling out “OUCH” using a bandage doodle. I copied it as many times as I needed for each letter and rotated the doodle to create the word art caption! For the right hand side of the layout…I created a word art title using colored doodles to help mimic the words in the title."

Candid Moment by mommybruno (Cassie): "I created the title as a separate file, combining two different fonts and a digital brush. This is something I do a lot on my layouts, but usually I don't save it as a separate file. This way, now I can use this again should the need arise!" 

Love You Always by Art_Teacher (Laura): "For this double page layout, I wanted the word art to function as an element to tie the two pages together. I used a saying that my hubby and I use in cards to sign our names, and I chose the fonts Edwardian Script ITC and Pottery Barn because one was very ornate and flowing and the other was straight and condensed, so they visually illustrate the words. I put half the saying on the left page and half on the right to draw your eye across the page, and I outlined the white letters in the blue so they would stand off the page and not blend into it."

This next layout shows another use for wordart - making your own word strips to use as captions!

2nd Grade by mommybruno (Cassie): "This time I created school-themed word strips, which kind of caption each different photo-text block. These are the easiest to do, and I love being able to tuck any word or phrase I want into a layout. "


Posted by Mommybruno


Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Happy Together with Fancy Pants Designs 13 comments  

Posted by Dianedi

As a scrapper, I'm pretty predicable. I'll admit it. There are certain color schemes, patterns, and embellishments that will always catch my attention. This month, I was in big trouble. Since CHA, I've been anxiously awaiting all of the new Fancy Pants Designs Collections.  Which one is my favorite? Happy Together, Traditions, Birthday or Lilac House? I still haven't decided. But, this reveal is all about being "Happy Together"! 


"Happy in the Summer Sun"

As an avid photographer, capturing the little things about every day life gets me excited. Towards the end of the summer, my family took a day trip to Plymouth, MA. We had a fabulous lunch looking out on the water, played at a fabulous sand bottom playground, and then spent an hour walking on the beach collecting shells and looking for crabs. The kids were so happy and content that they didn't even notice mom had the camera. Love those days! The photo that I used on this layout was one of my favorite from the day. My son, Colin, enjoying the warm weather and trying to find the crab that got away! 

On this layout, I had a lot of fun cutting and layering from the many patterned papers of the Happy Together Collection. I used the Cheerful Paper as the background and then began layering embellishments from the Happy Together Notebook Journal Book, Happy Together Glitter Cuts, Happy Together Tags and Titles, and Happy Together Rub-on's. For additional texture, I added machine stitching on the top and right side of the layout and added some beautiful KaiserCraft pearls in Chocolate. 






"Together is the Place to Be" 

Lately, I've been very lucky to actually get into some photos with my family so I wanted to scrap them right away.  I knew that I wanted to use the diamond patterned paper as my background and that I wanted to created a die-cut background of some kind. Ironically, I've been using the Happy Hauntings Cricut cartridge a lot lately for Halloween projects. The die-cut image that I created is supposed to be used to make a plate holder, but I thought it made a great background paper.  I used the brown Make Me Smile Paper and cut the scalloped circle found on page 70 of the Happy Hauntings manual.  Next, I layered the gorgeous flower arrangement from the Happy Together Glitter Cuts and carefully cut the Happy Together Printed Transparency to use bits and pieces of it throughout the layout. 






"Happy with Nana and B" 

For me, it always comes back to the photographs. Consistently, I struggle to get good photos of my kids with my in-laws.  I don't know why, but someone always has there eyes closed, someone is not smiling, or a million other things. For once, I captured a photo of both of my in-laws with my daughter having a great time! Eyes were open, smiles were big, and I even had one person looking at the camera. To me, that is progress! This photograph will definitely be framed and used for a Christmas present for them this year! 

For the layout, I started with the Happy Together Grin paper as my background.  I decided that I wanted to use a piece of the beautifully flocked Happy Together transparency. I cut a 1.5"x12" strip of the transparency and placed it near the center of the layout. I took two journaling 5"x 8" journaling cards from the Happy Together Notebook Journal.  One of the notebook pages I placed vertically and the other I cut out the pattern and used it horizontally in the layout. I used additional embellishments from the Tags and Titles, Glitter Cuts, Rub-on's and other elements that I cut from several different patterned papers. Finally, I added two scalloped stickers from the Happy Together Element Stickers to the top and the bottom of the layout.


"The Best Thing About Me Is You" 

I created a few cards with some of the extra embelishments that I didn't use. I used the Happy Together Spirited paper as the background and one of the Tags and Titles for the center of the card. I cut up a few flowers from the half of a sheet of the gorgeous transparency I had left over and added rub-on's, elements stickers and pearls. 




"Make a Wish Sweet Thing"

For this card, I used the Happy Together Always paper as the background and layered a Happy Together Glitter Cuts Frame with one of the Tags and Titles embellishments. Additional elements are from the rub-on sheet and Element Sticker sheet. 




Products Used In This Reveal:


Posted by Dianedi


Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Take a stroll down Portobello Road with My Mind's Eye 14 comments  

Posted by ScrapGoo

Once I was lost and now I am found.  Where can I be found, you ask?  Basking in the awesomeness of the new Lost and Found lines from My Mind's Eye, of course! I had the good fortune to work with Portobello Road this month and was yet again blown away by the richness of these products.  Pictures do NOT do these papers justice at all.  Each piece has a side with a glittered pattern (some more than others) and a side with a more subdued, plain pattern. 

One of the reasons I love working with My Mind's Eye products so much is the huge assortment of embellishments.  They make it *really* hard to chose!  I could go on and on about each individual element that coordinates with this line but seeing is believing.  However, I do have to give a huge honorable mention to the new brad packs.  You get several types of brads in a pack of thirty five and they are more than worth your money!  Oh, and the trims?  You'll need those too!

Leaving on a Jet Plane

This layout was born out of the two airplane papers.  When I first looked through the patterns and saw them I thought they were pretty cute but not something I could use.  Then I remembered that I had a couple of shots of my son looking out the window before his first trip on a plane.  Perfect!  I really adore the banner area that is being pulled by the plane at the bottom and decided to use it for my title. I layered several other patterns and cut a circle to extend the design to the left side of the page.  This allowed me to ground my journaling and clusters of other embellishments.

All Boy

The background paper here actually says "celebrate" and is from the party sub-line of Portobello Road.  But I didn't have any party pictures!  Sometimes it's a good idea to take a second look at a piece of paper when you think it can't work for you.  All I had to do with this one was cover the word "celebrate" with my photo.  You can still see the other printed elements on the paper and would never know there had been a party theme on here.  This way I got to use the banner at the top for my title and make the page more general. 

Postcard from Venice Beach

Just to show you how versatile this line is I did a travel page!  I really liked the glittered line down the center of this paper.  I designed my page to use that line as a divider between two rows of photos.  Like the layout above, I found an element on the printed design to arrange my page around.  Talk about making things easy! Also, I need to mention how much I LOVE the crepe paper trim you see here.  It comes with the blue lace attached! How awesome is that?! 

Winter Joy Banner

I couldn't help it.  I KNOW Winter is still a few precious months off! But... but... did you SEE how gorgeous and frosty and glittery this stuff is!?  Can you really blame me for wanting an icy "joy" banner?  No, I didn't think so.  ;-)

Believe it or not this was created from the banner album that coordinates with this line.  It only has a front and back cover and the blue ribbon you see as bows between my flags but I used those covers as templates for the rest of the flags.  I traced them on to chipboard and patterned paper and punched holes so they look identical to the album covers.  I used more crepe paper across the tops and created accordion circles from more paper.  I then topped the circles with glittered snowflakes.  Finally, I added brads (on the end flags) and alphas.  I actually did not have a J, O, or a Y left in this font so I took my scissors to a T, Q, and an X to get the letters I needed!  Where there's a will, there's a way!

I trimmed the edges with coordinating trim, strung them together, and hung crystals from the points.  I almost can't wait for Winter to be able to put this up!  Almost....

Hanging Paper Flower Ball

THIS took a lot more paper than I thought it would!  But I can't be more pleased about how it turned out.  Truly, it was so easy, although it did take a while!

The center is a styrofoam ball.  I cut 3" and 4" circles from all of the patterned papers and made many, many spiral flowers.  I used one pin to secure the small flowers and three clustered pins for the large flowers.  Once the entire ball was covered I simply hot glued a ribbon to hang it from and added some dangling crystals to the bottom. 

Two Birds Thanks Card

Finally, I squeezed out this thank you card.  The birds were fussy cut straight from one of the patterned papers and add a sweet, natural touch.  I "perched" them on a couple of layered chipboard buttons. The background is formed from layers of paper scraps that I sewed and a "tag" I cut from the packaging of the trims.  Do you think it is obvious that I loved this line??

I used nearly every scrap of these papers!  I pretty much had confetti left when I was done.  I clearly need to order more!  So if you like it even half as much as I did I highly recommend you add it to your basket before I beat you to it!

I used the following products on these projects:


Posted by ScrapGoo


Monday, September 27, 2010

Bella Blvd 15 comments

Fresh and Fun!!

Posted by suslvgeo

So once again this Northeastern fall has thwarted me...I got fall papers and not a leaf has changed yet. LOL Next year, I am either going to forgo the fall papers or maybe save some pictures from this year. BUT, one of the things I love about scrapping, is you can take a product and use it a different way and the results can be fresh and fun!! I got to work with Bella Blvds

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Friday, September 24, 2010

How To Make A Crepe Paper Flower 1 comments

Flowers On Friday #17

Posted by Kimandasmo

A few weeks back we made a crepe paper flower, well, I still had a bunch of it left over and while I was stalking blogs this week I found this idea.

You will need to circles of cardstock and crepe paper.

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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Man's Best Friends 7 comments

digital layouts featuring pets & other animals

Posted by MamaK321

Man has a special connection with the animal kingdom, one of admiration and fascination.  When we bring home a pet, a loyal bond forms that builds ties to our heart and makes our lives a little brighter. Layouts are a perfect way to share our affection and fond memories of our pets and awe of other wild creatures ...

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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

7 Gypsies - what a perfect match 8 comments

A little bit Moxxie also

Posted by JanetM

Thanks ACOT for giving me the chance to create this month with the wonderful new line Conservatory  i      ,it's a great line to work with to use all the pictures I have to scrap  that I took at our lodge over a long weekend ...

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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Happy Halloween With Bo Bunny! 10 comments

Bo Bunny Whoo-ligans line.

Posted by bluejeans7

I love Halloween and I love Bo Bunny!!!  I have a weakness for all the Halloween scrapbooking goodies!  LOL!  I think that I have to have them, and of course a Bo Bunny Halloween line is a "must have"!  The Whoo-ligans line is awesome!  I love the designs of the pattern papers and that they are double sided is an extra bonus ...

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Monday, September 20, 2010

Scrapbooking With Bella Blvd. 11 comments

Hello Beautiful and Sunny, Happy Skies

Posted by SarahA

I was so excited to get to work with two of the newest lines from Bella Blvd. this month! These lines had fun, bright colors and lots of goodies included like huge sticker sheets that include an alphabet, a page with border strips & journaling blocks and cute little cut-outs ...

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Friday, September 17, 2010

September Creative Team Spotlight 18 comments

We're all in this together again!

Posted by Laura Fiore

Hi everyone! After a few months hiatus, our Creative Teams are all together again for the monthly spotlight! And have we got some lovely layouts for you!


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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Scrapping Everyday Moments 4 comments

Turning the Ordinary into Extraordinary Memories.

Posted by Janell

As loyal scrapbookers we always have our camera in tow for special occasions, birthdays, weddings, vacations, and first days of school ...

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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Scrapbooking With Jenni Bowlin 9 comments

A Classic Style

Posted by 4peasinourpod


 There are scrapbooking companies that you just CONNECT with.  For me, it has always been Jenni Bowlin Studio.  My real life friends would laugh at that, because I am the farthest thing from "vintage".  There is something about her designs and style, though, that totally draws in me, wraps me around her finger, and keeps me coming back for more ...

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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Hambly Rub-Ons and so much more 5 comments

Add detail and interest to craft projects

Posted by megamay

I've been loving the new Hambly stuff - the little rub-ons squares and all the cool looking frames, but I have to admit I was a little apprehensive about actually using them. I picked them as my reveal this month as a sort of kick in the pants to get me thinking outside the box ...

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Monday, September 13, 2010

MY Little Shoebox Summer Breeze and Sunday Market 10 comments

Girlyness Abounds!

Posted by Laura Fiore

YUMMYLICIOUS! Sometimes I like to make up words to describe products and that's exactly what I did when I opened my Creative Team box to reveal these two lines from My Little Shoebox! These papers are so perfectly bright and girly, that I k ...

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Saturday, September 11, 2010

September Featured Digital Designer: Amy Teets 5 comments

Posted by MamaK321

This month I am pleased to be featuring one of our original ACOT digital designers, one very amazing person who has stuck with us from the very begining of ACOT Digital ...

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