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Monday, February 28, 2011

Best Creations Celebrates St. Pat's 10 comments  

Posted by JulesinParadise

I had been wanting to scrap the pictures I took from two years ago when we traveled to Savannah, Gerogia for the city's favorite holiday, St. Pat's.  We traveled with our good friends, Steve and Dee, and spent four wonderful days in this charming city.  The problem with scrapping the photos, particularly the ones  I took during the parade and our adventures afterwards was that I could not find the papers that would help me express what a fun day it was and how we totally submerged ourselves in "the wearing of the green"

Savannah celebrates to the hilt.  Even it's fountains in the historic squares flow green.  This square was right across the street from our B and B. 



The parade lasted for hours and people gather, staking out their sport at the crack of dawn and then bbq and spent the day.  When we lived in St. Louis, there were two parades and one involved beads.  There were no beads thrown in Savannah but there was something I had only heard about, "the kissing bandits".  Women of all ages, layer on coats and coats of bright red lipstick and, as the parade goes on, they ambush the male participants in the parade and kiss them all over their faces.  It is a fun parade!


Our next stop (or rather stops) on St. Pat's were the numerous Irish bars that line one of the side streets.  We ate at some and we had green beer in a couple of others.  In front of one of the pubs, we met our new friend here who bestowed an Irish blessing on us. 



This trip, which took place two years ago, was such a wonderful one and so very memorable.  This past year, we stayed a bit closer to home and did our celebrating in one of our favoirte towns, Dunedin, Florida.  The celebration was sponsored by the city and Flannigan's Irish Pub, a favorite haunt of ours.  I wore my Mike's Bar shirt from Dog Town (home of the Irish celebration in St. Louis) and we made some new friends  who were also from our old home town...small world, what?



We'll probably be celebrating once again in Dunedin.  Hoping where ever you celebrate this holiday that you have a scrappable one!







Posted by JulesinParadise


Monday, February 28, 2011

Make your own beautiful version of Bingo! 0 comments  

fun for the whole family!

Posted by megamay



My daughter is 5, and one of the items on the agenda for this year at school is to be able to identify all of the numbers from 1-100. She has already mastered the counting, but has trouble still with identifying random numbers. So, I thought BINGO would be a great way to help her learn them, while having fun!

First, here is a little pitch for using hybrid. I know a lot of people are still scared of it, but really, it is very powerful! On the left if the BINGO sheet that I have provided above, simply printed out on cardstock. (we will be working with this one in a minute) In the middle is that BINGO sheet, overlayed over some digital elements. Look how easy that is! All we would need to do for the middle sheet is trim the white edges off, mat it on some black, glue it on some cardboard and we are done!  On the right is the sheet of Bingo cards that I printed from this site: I printed them on cardstock to make them a little more sturdy, but you can print them on regular paper if you like, then simply cut them apart. You can print as many as you need. 

So, technically this project is hybrid any way you do it - since you are printing out the cards and the number board, but it is even easier if you print that number board on top of digital elements. then you could skip the whole first part of the tutorial. 

Ok, so now that we have our printed elements (the first and last from the photo above) printed on cardstock, it is time to make it look pretty!

First you will want 2 - strips of 1.75 inches each, adhered to the board as shown below. (I inked the edges before gluing them down) It's fine if they hang off the edge of the cardstock.

Next you want to fill in the spaces above and below the grid as shown below. Again I inked the edges. I don't have measurements here because you want them to fit perfectly between your side strips so you will need to do that measurement yourself, or just trim tiny bits off like I did until it fits. I worked on the side edges first, glued, then used my paper trimmer to just trim all the way across the top and bottom so that it is even.

Next I matted the square on some black cardstock, making it about a quarter of an inch larger on all sides. (not shown)

Now, we want this to be a little sturdy, so you will need a piece of chipboard or other cardboard. I used a dense non-corrugated cardboard that came in a previous ACOT package.

You will want to use mod podge or some other liquid glue to adhere the board to the cardboard. I put the adhesive on the cardboard since it was larger and I wanted to make sure to get all the edges. Then I used a scrap of paper to cover the excess glue, before putting my glass mat on top to hold it flat while it dried.

Now you will want to get out your coffee can. The lid is unnecessary so you can put that aside.

Now you need to measure the coffee can EXACTLY I made the paper stop at the metal strips so it would lay flat.

You want to cut both the cream patterned paper and the purple paper to that width. Here they are shown laying on top of one another - the purple is the full 12 inches long, the cream is much shorter.  Since 12 inches wouldn't go all the way around the can, we will use both in a way that makes the break look intentional. 

The cream paper with the frame on it will be centered on the front with the purple paper wrapping around. Notice that I left a little bit of extra on the edge of the cream paper, just to make certain that everything overlaps as it should.

Next I used my border punch on one end of the purple paper, before holding the two sheets up to judge the distance. I made sure to cut with a little bit of extra because I will punch that edge too. Then I punched the edge. 

Glue the cream paper to the can using a liquid glue like mod podge. Then check that you can get the purple paper centered the way you like it around the cream frame. if it overlaps too much, trim a little more off, and re-punch the border. It SHOULD overlap though. 

It is tough to see, but if you look closely, you can see where the ends of the purple paper are on the sides of the can.  Glue the purple paper down, adding more adhesive if necessary. I used a little dab of glossy accents on some of the punched borders that were sticking up. I like the glossy accents because the applicator is small and can get under the papers easily.


then it is time to embellish. I cut the BINGO letters from wood paper using my cricut. then I inked the edges before gluing them to a transparency. The transparency isn't really necessary, but I used it to get the letters lined up properly so that they fit over the frame on the paper. I used a border sticker around the bottom. For the ribbon, I glued the silver trim to the purple ribbon using my atg gun, before wrapping it around the can and carefully making a bow with it. Then I used a generous dab of fabritac to keep the bow in place. Around the top, first I cut one inch wide strips from the purple paper and punched them with my favorite bubble border punch. Then I ran a line of glue down the back of the strips and proceded to alternately make a fold and press it down. I, of course, needed multiple strips of paper to go all the way around the can, but it is easy to continue with the pleats without noticing a break. Simply make a fold on the end of the next strip and stick it down over the end of the previous strip. Finally I used a hot glue gun to glue the black  ruffle around the top of the can, and make the ruffle a little more secure. When I took this photo, I thought I was done embellishing, but I decided that it needed more.

I went back later and added the rosettes, the butterfly sticker on the right side, and some bling swirls that you can't see in this photo. I never seem to be able to finish a project without some machine sewing, so I sewed lines of zig zag stitching on the coordinating blue paper (you can see the lines of stitching in the photo above), then cut them out so that they were only a hair wider than the stitching. After inking them, I used fabritac to glue them between the black lace ruffle and the pleated paper, to give the illusion that I had sewn the paper down.

Now we will move on to the numbered pieces and the little squares used to cover the numbers that were called.

For the numbered pieces that will be drawn from the jar and place on the board to mark all the numbers that have been called, I printed the same Bingo board out onto a sheet of Patterned paper. (I forgot to add the letters here, you will want to add letters to your file first, or hopefully I will give you another file with the letters added. I had to go back and add them all by hand.)

To make the numbers more durable, yet able to be cut easily, I glued the sheet onto a cereal box. I meant to glue it onto the colored side of the box, so that the back would be plain cardboard. I messed up that part though, so I ended up gluing another piece of paper to the back side. It's pretty cool though, because now I have little chips with pretty paper on both sides and numbers on one side.

Anyway, so go ahead and mod podge that grid onto your cereal box. Then if you want paper on the back too, mod podge it to another sheet of paper.

Cover with something flat and heavy, and let dry well before cutting apart into small squares.

Meanwhile you can cut another sheet of paper into small squares to be used to cover your called numbers as shown below - simple cut the double sided paper to be the same size as the squares on your cards (or pretty close)

This is how the board looks with some called numbers on it -isn't that cute?!


Here is the class supply list:

Here is where you can get the files to print out:

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Monday, February 28, 2011

Wallet Mini Album Crop class 2 comments  

simple solution for lots of photos

Posted by megamay

I don't know about you, but after all the snow we had this year, I have a TON of snow photos that I don't even feel like looking at, let alone scrapping individually. So I thought, why not come up with a simple way to get them all put away in a neat, cute way, that doesnt take a lot of time, or make me really look hard at all those cold-looking photos. 

Here is the first solution I came up with: a simple wallet style mini album with pages that fit a 4x6 photo.

To start, I am going to show you how to make the template. I started out with a 4x6 piece of cardstock to represent the photos. Then I cut one of my 'pages' so that it is slightly larger than the photo (for a mat) and has a strip on the left side for the binding. The lines are drawn in marker here so you get the idea of what I am picturing.

I layed the 'page' on the cardstock to get an idea of where to draw the fold lines. This is what I came up with. I started with the middle. I set the page card in the middle and drew lines on either side of it so that there is a little edge around it, so in the final product it will look like a further step of matting. Then I drew the 'spine' lines 1/4 inch outside of the first lines. That resulted in the top (larger) flap being 3.75 inches and the bottom flap being 3 inches.

here is another shot of the templates with all the measurements

this is the page template.

I folded along those lines to get the feel of how it would turn out. I don't have a scoring board, so I just used my metal ruler, pushed up against the line to fold it straight.

next, I layed the sample page down again, and marked where to cut vertically, so that the wallet is just a little bit wider than the page. Then I got out the 'real' paper and cut it to the same width.

next I drew the lines like on the template, but with pencil, and folded on those lines, before erasing them again.

I used my corner rounder on the bottom flap, but wanted something a little more interesting for the top flap that will be showing the most.

So I cut the corners off to make it look like a tag or a wallet

in order to get the cuts on the same (but opposite) angle, I drew a line at 1.25 inches in from the corner.

of  course I inked the edges and it looks like this

next we will make the pages. you will get 3 pages from each sheet of cardstock. I used one sheet of purple and one of blue, for a total of 6 pages.  make the first cut at 7.25 inches - just like the width of the template page.

here I added the correct height of the template page and cut that 7.25 inch strip into two pages. Then I cut the 'extra' strip from the first cut, into one more page of the same size, before repeating the procedure on the other piece of cardstock.

again using the ruler, since I don't have a scoring board, I folded the pages on the 3/4 inch line that is showing on the template, to create the spine of the pages.

it's tough to see here, but then I marked two spots equal distance from the ends of that 3/4 strip, and punched holes with my crop a dile, for the brads

oh and I inked the edges too. then I put the brads in. but wait just a second to do that...

one of the reasons that I chose to bind this with brads is that they can be removed if you want to add more pages or something. When I finally glued the pages to the book (not now) I put the glue on the back of the bottom page but not on the spine, so that you can still get to the brads if you want to add more pages.

Well, it came in handy because at the end, I decided that I didn't like how plain the spine looked, and I took the brads out and added a border sticker. you can do that now before you put the brads in. See the sticker on the edge? if you are using that same sticker be VERY careful when you pull it up and only use what you need here, because we will be using the rest of it somewhere else.

I also put that green paper mat down, larger than 4x6 but smaller than the page. but that can wait until later.

Next, I thought it would be cool to use the fringe trim so that it showed on the front and on the inside flap. So I wanted it to end at the bottom of the bottom flap, but I wanted the top of that bottom flap to be different. So I measured about how far down I would need to put the trim, so that it just barely reached the bottom fold.

And I cut a strip of the striped paper to fit there. Because I had done something stupid and already cut the striped paper the wrong way, I had to patch the strip together, but since it is striped, and I was very careful, you cant even tell.

next I machine sewed all the way around the wallet. I love machine sewing on my projects, but I honestly didn't really think this one through because I have clear thread in my bobbin, so on the back (inside) of the wallet, there wasnt a black stitched line like I wanted, instead there was just clear thread over kind of torn holes. I also sewed the fringed trim on.

to fix the clear thread and sort of torn holes thing, I took a fine black pen and just drew a line down sort of overtop the stitching. Then, to cover the stitching from the trim, I wanted to add a ribbon, and thought that giving the same strip treatment on the inside was a good idea to add even more visual interest. since that green strip didn't have stitching at all, I just drew a line, freehand, around it. So, if you don't have a sewing machine, or don't want to do it, you could just a pen for the whole thing. Then I glued the purple ribbon down with fabritac. 

then I moved on to the cover. I took the big sticker, and stuck it to some of the green snowflake paper, then cut it out so there is a little border around it. then I cut a piece of the striped paper larger than the sticker but smaller than the front of the wallet, and used a border punch on the right side.

after inking everything, I added some bling on top of where it was printed on the sticker.

this is how I put the glue on the back of the page pack - nice and stuck down, but not past the fold line

I used foam tape on the back of the matted sticker.

and added that, along with some of the pom pom trim, and a couple of ribbon roses and some pins to the cover

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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Taking Card Kits Further 2 comments

Posted by ScrapGoo

Today’s class is all about how to take your card kits to the next level.  I will be using the We R Memory Keepers Family Keepsake Card Kit to demonstrate but you can take these techniques and make them work for any card kit out there ...

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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Photo Box Tutorial 1 comments

Snow Memories Class

Posted by megamay

The second thing that I came up with for cutely storing a bunch of photos that you dont feel like scrapping, is a little embellished box. I made mine half out of cardstock and half out of the patterned paper, but you could do the same thing with a lightweight cardboard like a cereal box, if you wanted it to be a little more sturdy ...

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Friday, February 25, 2011

Personalized Water Bottle Labels 3 comments

Posted by Janell

It's fun and easy and fun to make Personalized Water Bottle Labels!!!

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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Sing a little song for me 7 comments

Using music as your inspiration!

Posted by sarahwhithers

The fabulous team of Britt (milmomma), Sara (Keling) and Jen (sarahwhithers) have some music for your eyes today! We used music as our inspiration for our pages and had some of our digi CT teammates join in!

For songs that inspire feelings when you hear them, sarahwhithers has this page done with a song that she finds gets her emotional on that last line ...

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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Americana by K & Company 6 comments

Feeling Patriotic in your Scrapbooking

Posted by Kimandasmo

Americana...the culture of America! The Red, White and Blue! Often these colors and collections are thought to be only for Independence day (4th of July), and that is so not true. Although this line is fabulous for that as can be used in many different ways ...

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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Let's Get Punchy! 10 comments

Posted by suslvgeo

Hello fellow scrappers, I have a confession to make...I am a PUNCHAHOLIC! Yes, you heard it here first. I have a ton of punches and each new one I get I keep thinking, okay that is enough. Only to find myself purchasing another one. However, to my husbands great relief they DO get used a TON by me, unlike some other things that I tend to **cough cough** hoard ...

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Monday, February 21, 2011

3 Bugs Chloe and Dawson Meet Marissa and Erik 10 comments

Posted by bluejeans7

Most of my fellow CT girls know that I have been a 3 Bugs In A Rug fan for a long time.  I have always loved their products and I have done many 3 Bugs reveals.  LOL!  I was really excited to see a new girl and boy line with their lastest release ...

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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Everything Old is New Again 7 comments

Turning an old layout into a new template

Posted by Art_Teacher

 Sometimes when you are stuck for inspiration, you only need look as far as your own scrapbook albums!  For this reveal, the Digi CT team of Laura, Egle, and Cassandra each chose an old layout and created a template to use for a new layout ...

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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

One Sketch Four Ways! 6 comments

Posted by ScrapGoo

Welcome to day two of our mixed up sketch reveals!  Like yesterday, today's article will feature one sketch interpreted four different ways by four different CT members.  I chose today's sketch from the fabulous for its interesting rows of squares and clean lines ...

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Monday, February 14, 2011

Sketch Reveal Day One! 10 comments

See what different layouts came from the same sketch!

Posted by SarahA

Today starts off our sketch reveals! Jess, Diane, Janet and I all chose a different sketch and then did layouts for all 4 sketches. This is the sketch I chose:


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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Scrapbooking Inspiration 10 comments

"Cover Story"

Posted by Jenn Kellams

Sometimes the perfect scrappy idea comes from the strangest places.  Have you ever walked by a magazine rack or a book shelf and thought: "Hmmm, that would make a great layout!"?  Well, the digi team, this week, found inspiration right on the cover of those very things ...

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Monday, February 7, 2011

Basic Grey 13 comments


Posted by 4peasinourpod

Quite honestly, the weeks before CHA (and immediately after)  are slim pickings for new products in the shoppe.  So, when there are companies like Basic Grey that offer interim releases, we scoop them up.  Then, when they offer an AMAZING interim release, like Hopscotch, we are all ecstatic ...

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