Points incentives program details


ACOT Points! (Updated March 31, 2016)

Accumulate ACOT Points then redeem for discounts!

Earning ACOT Points From Purchases:

  • ACOT Points are assigned to most products; point value of your order is displayed below the Order Summary box at checkout.
  • Any earned ACOT Points will be awarded to you when your order ships

More Ways to Earn ACOT Points:

  • You will earn ACOT Points by Referring a Friend (1,000 points with friend's first order, no daily limit)
  • You will earn ACOT Points by leaving a verified product review (5 points per review. Verified means the person leaving the review has purchased that item from our store. No points awarded for un-verified reviews. No daily limit)
  • You will earn ACOT Points by leaving comments in our Gallery* (1 point)
  • You will earn ACOT Points by submitting projects to our Gallery* (up to 10 points/submission based on number of images, linked products)
  • You may earn ACOT Points by clicking on Cherries throughout our store (100 max points per/day)

THE FINE PRINT: ACOT Points are awarded on most products purchased including digital products and Gift Cards/Certificates. Points are available for orders placed online only. Points may not be redeemed for digital purchases.

*Gallery comments + Gallery submissions (1 point for each image, 1 point for each link to product. max 10 points per gallery submission): up to 100 points for these combined per day.

Redeeming ACOT Points:

  • 1,000 ACOT points may be redeemed for a $5 discount
  • 2,000 ACOT points may be redeemed for a $10 discount
  • 3,000 ACOT points may be redeemed for a $15 discount
  • 4,000 ACOT points may be redeemed for a $20 discount

Your current Points earned are displayed on our home page when you log in as well as in your shopping cart when you check out. You may also view your current ACOT points in the My Account area.

When you have accumulated at least 1,000 ACOT points, you may redeem your points for a discount. Once you reach the “Payment” screen you will have the option of redeeming your ACOT Points for a discount on your order.

THE FINE PRINT: To redeem ACOT Points, your order sub-total (after discounts) must be at least twice that of the redeemed points discount.  (see examples below). Maximum of $20 in points may redeemed on any one order. Order subtotal does not include shipping/handling charges, gift certificate payments or downloadable products.  The option to redeem points for a discount will only appear after enough points have been accumulated. 


to redeem $10 in points, order sub-total must be at least $20
to redeem $20 in points, order sub-total must be at least $40

ACOT Points cannot be transferred or given to another individual. A Cherry On Top reserves the right to modify this ACOT Points program at any time without notice.  ACOT Points do not have a cash value and cannot be redeemed for cash or for customer credit.  ACOT Points do not expire.

refer a friend program

Refer a friend to ACherryOnTop.com and earn 1,000 ACOT POINTS! CLICK for details!