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Postby QuellieT » Mon Mar 24, 2014 4:53 pm



Is this thing on?

I signed up for WW today - my first time paying for it. I am hoping that by spending the $$ I am inspired to pay attention to points and servings. I wore a FitBit for almost 4 months daily and it did not help me get more steps or better sleep on a regular basis, so let's hope this helps!

I have been on the heavier side for most of my life and do a lot of boredom/stress eating. I also get very distracted at work and accidentally skip meals, which is not healthy at all. The last few years, my metabolism and inner workings of my body have been very off and I have gained almost 50 lbs. so I need to do something about it. 
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Re: Newbie!

Postby montana_girl » Tue Apr 15, 2014 5:23 pm

Are you still doing WW?  How was your first month?  Find it helpful?

I joined WW 10 years (as of yesterday) and even though it took me forever, I eventually lost over 100 pounds.  I still faithfully attend meetings every week (sometimes twice a week), even though I count calories instead of Points Plus.  Love the support, motivation, and inspiration I get at the meetings. 

Hopefully you are doing well!

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Re: Newbie!

Postby QuellieT » Wed Apr 16, 2014 11:27 am

I am still on it! I did the 3-month subscription so I'm on it for a while yet. I'm down 5 lbs. I wish it was more but it's a start! I think they give me too many points and I think some things are either given too many points or not enough points. I also do not always track when I have an idea of how many points things are and what I am allowed in a given day. I have made it almost 3 weeks without using any of my "extra" points, too! I like that I can still eat what I want -- for dessert last night I had strawberries with 2 tbsp of Nutella and animal crackers -- but I am being smarter. I am also walking 3x/week and that's helping me feel better. I haven't been to meetings yet; I am still a little unsure of that part. What about them helps you?
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Re: Newbie!

Postby 5finns » Wed May 03, 2017 8:18 pm

  Are you going to WW meetings?  We have a terrific group at ours. people try the recipes and bring samples in for others to try.
I joined WW in 2011 when I wanted to get rid of baby weight  because my kids were graduating from high school so I shouldn't have baby weight anymore :)
I'm 5'2"  and I needed to loose 22lbs to get to goal. I followed the points and tracked everyday and got to goal in 6 weeks. I kept on with tracking and the points and during the 6 weeks to get lifetime
I lost another 6 lbs.  Over the last 6 years I have maintained the loss and this year I another 4 lbs.
Along with the tracking I do exercise. I do a various amount of activities ever day including, run, walk, elliptical,  weights and floor exercise such as burpees, squats, sit-ups.
Quite a few of the people in my ww group don't exercise other than little walks and WW still works for them.

Good luck. If I can help you at all feel free to ask in the thread or PM me. 

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