We have scattered little cherries throughout our Store, Gallery and Articles. You never know where (or when) you might find them ... but when you do, be sure to click on them for Points!

One Cherry = 1 Point, Two Cherries = 2 Points, Three Cherries = 3 Points

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Cherries scattered throughout our store look like this:

    1 Point                        2 Points                      3 Points

You will need to Sign In or Create an Account (if you aren't already signed in) to begin hunting for Cherries on our website.

You may 'win' up to 100 Points per day by clicking on our Cherries. As you click, watch as your Points balance goes up.*

You won't find any Cherries among our thumbnail pages. Click on a product to see the full size image ... and to find Cherries! The Cherries are scattered in so many more places than before, have fun looking for them.

Looking in places that you have already looked won't turn up any more Cherries. Try checking out products in another part of the store that you haven't seen yet!

Important Warning: A Cherry On Top™ is not responsible for damage to your hand, arm, mouse, keyboard or computer while playing this intense "clicking" game. Please be aware that those who have played this game in the past have complained that they had an extreme amount of fun but that they felt like a humpty dumpty who fell off a wall when they were done. Play at your own risk!

*A Cherry On Top™ cannot be held responsible for computer/technical issues or problems regarding internet connections.

ACOT Points cannot be transferred or given to another individual. A Cherry On Top reserves the right to modify this ACOT Points program at any time without notice.  ACOT Points do not have a cash value and cannot be redeemed for cash or for customer credit.  ACOT Points do not expire. No purchase necessary; a purchase will not improve your chances of finding cherries. Void where prohibited by law.