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Saturday, February 21, 2009

Acrylic Hybrid Album Class 5 comments  
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Feb Crop Class

so, this was a GREAT album to put together.....products I used:

I won't be able to give you the directions on how to use PSE,GIMP or Photoshop, but check out the digital tutorials here and just get a basic understanding....all you will need to do it print some journal blocks and a few extras from Bella Gypsy Designs Doodle Me Happy Kit...but you can also do this album digital free, if you would like but thought it would be fun to add a little digital to it to spice it up....

here is a list of supplies:
Jeanelle Paige : Free Journal This Journal Blocks
Bella Gypsy Design:  Doodle Me Happy Kit


1. As many photos as you would like…I converted all of mine to B&W
2. Adhesive such as Spray adhesive, Tombow, Zipdry or vellum adhesive {I used the Elmer's Spray Adhseive..works VERY WELL!!!!}
3. Clear Pop Dots{optional}
4. Scissors, Trimmer
5. Staz On Black Ink {optional}
6. Pink, Black, Lime Green and White Cardstock

Class Supplies 

Flourish Clearly Mixed Up Album

Flourish Clearly Mixed Up Album

Damask Flocked

Love Ledger / Black Damask
Love Ledger / Black Damask

COAL Cardstock

Bubblegum Bling Blossoms

Bubblegum Bling Blossoms

Love Letters Chipboard Embellishments

  Love Letters Chipboard Embellishments

{there are only a few of these so feel free to get the rub ons below if you don't get the chipboard}

Love Layering Rub-Ons
 Love Layering Rub-Ons

Pink Poodle Dahlia Sm Box Blend
Pink Poodle Dahlia Sm Box Blend

Pink Punch Wrapped In Ribbon
Pink Punch Wrapped In Ribbon

Black Droplets
Black Droplets


Hot Pink Blossom Rhinestone Picture
Hot Pink Blossom Rhinestone Picture

optional items:
more pink, black or white ribbon…the color theme will be pink black and white…
Pink, White, Lime Green or Black Flowers
Black or Pink Droplets
Any kind of BLING you may want to add…
Felt Fusion
Brads of matching color
Black Slick Writer {to draw doodles on your album}

keep in mind you do not have to buy all of the above items, if you have similar items in your stash, feel free to use them...I would LOVE to see what everyone comes up with :)


1. {optional} Print all of your digital items first and cut them out {I used a couple of the word titles and some journaling circles in the Doodle Me Happy Kit and some journaling brackets from Jeanelle Paige : Free Journal This Journal Blocks} and then ink all the edges of your cutouts with the Staz On Black Ink {optional and you an use whatever mathcing color you have}

2. Get all of your supplies together

3. Remove all of the plastic wrap from your album

4. Ink edges of your album with Staz On Black Ink {optional and you an use whatever mathcing color you have}

5. Then decide how you want your album to go together...
i.e. {I placed my album in this order}
Page 1 Bracket Piece
Page 2 Flourish Edge piece with all 3 holes
Page 3 The other 2 hole piece with one decoritve edge
Page 4 Biggest/Largest Piece

6. Decide which picture you want to be on the front page, cut to your size liking...cut a mat for your photo and ink the edges of your photo mat, then place your photo{s} on the page using whatever adhesive you like {I also cut out a journal circle for the Doodle Me Happy Kit and used that as my title on the 1st page "4 Reasons Why I do it everyday"}

7. Flip over 1st page and do the same with however many pictures you decide to use on your second page {I double matted and matted a circular photo for the back of my 1st page...I also used double sided paper to mat my circular photo...} ink the edges of your photo mat, then place your photo{s} on the page using whatever adhesive you like {I forgot to take apicture of this step}

8. 2nd Page: I mated a small photo of Abby and then journaled on one of the journaling tags I printed from the computer {if you are not using anything digital, you can use whatever journal tag you may have on had or some other embellishment or even another photo} ink the edges of your photo mat, then place your photo{s} on the page using whatever adhesive you like

9. Flip over page 2 and add a smaller photo behind the photo on the front of the page {I did not matt this photo since you could see the mat through the acrylic from the matted photo on the front...and sorry, I forgot to take a picture of this page}

10. Page 3, I traced my photo the size of the page and then matted it and cut the mat out as well....then I inked the edges of my mat and adhered the photo and mat to the page

11. Flip over page 3, I cut out an angled photo and matted it...I then placed a rub on directly on the album {I actually I placed 3 rub-ons on top of each other!} 

12. Page 4, I decided to use a picture of me and Matt, trimmed it to size and matted it...then I plaed the "forvere in my" rub-on directly on the photo and the the "HEART" rub-on directly below the photo right on to the album page, then place your photo on the page using whatever adhesive you like 

13. Flip over page 4, I used the Love Ledger/Black Damask double sided paper to mat the photo of Abby...I matted it with the Love Ledger side face down and then I journaled on the Love Ledger side....I also cut out one of the journal circles from the Doodle Me Happy Kit and placed that on the top along with a lime green circle...now place your matted photo so that you can see the journaling through on the front side of page 4 {see photo, makes much more sense}

14. Now that all of your photos are down in your album, EMBELLISH, EMBELLISH, EMBELLISH.....and don't forget to embellish your album ring holders with lots of cute matching ribbon...

Hints: I used almost all the rub-ons becuase they look super great through both sides of your album pages...don't be afraid to journal or doodle direclty onto your album with a slick writer....I used clear glue dots to adhere all of my flowers and ribbons....don;t be afraid to let your embellishments, pictures, etc run off the edge of the album, and just have FUN!!!!!



Posted by nun69

Reader Comments ...
Janell . Indiana
9/21/09 2:20 pm
This is SOOOOO way cute!

2/24/09 3:13 pm
Angie ...this is awesome! I too, have been afraid to try an acrylic album...but now
I may just have to try one!!

Kara . Howard County, Maryland or Woolford
2/23/09 10:38 pm
WOW this is awesome, and you do IT so well!!!

2/23/09 12:09 pm
Looks FABULOUS Angie! Wow!

2/21/09 8:34 am
Looks great, Angie! I only found 3 typos: Step 8 - the word mated (should be matted, right?) Step 12 - the words plaed (placed) and forvere (forever). This looks like fun. I might have to order one of those acrylic albums...I have stayed away from them, because I had no idea how to do one!