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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Basic Grey Nook and Pantry 18 comments  
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I thought I loved the Nook and Pantry line when I saw it at CHA.  I loved the colors and the fresh patterns.  It was different but still had that Basic Grey vibe that always makes me feel secure.  Honestly, I feel even more in love with it once I started scrapping with it.  This is one of those lines that you wanna save every little scrap.  You'll want to use it on all of those altered items that you stock pile (come on admit it- we are hoarders, lol.)  I know I save my altered items for a line that I know I want to see in 2 months and won't be tired of.  This line was perfect for layouts and altered items. 

What did I love so much about Nook and Pantry?  First, the double sided patterned papers ROCKED!  I know, it is the little things that excite us as we grow older but both sides are amazing.  It was so amazing that there were some papers that I didn't want to cut so I could save the other side.  Next, I really loved that Basic Grey has scaled down their chipboard letters.  Love the font but before they were so tall.  I felt these were a much better ratio to the other page elements and you do get a ton of letters for the price.  One last thing I do want to mention is that I loved the variety of colors and patterns in the line.  There are some papers with kitchen icons but not the entire line.  There is such a variety that you can scrap photos that have to do with cooking and/or eating but can use the same line to scrap everyday photos as well.  I felt the same way about the colors because the line has a lot of yellow, brown, green and pink from what I remembered.  When I started working with it, I really enjoyed that there were also blues, oranges and even a bit of red.  It really made it easy to scrap a variety of photos and themes.

Kitty Whisperer

I loved these photos of my daughter with our kitties but only recently came up with the title and journaling.  They were random shots that I loved individually but together really helped convey this story.  Lately, my daughter has been a huge help taking care of our pets.  She now pets and talks to them.  I thought this title would be a fun twist on the concept.  The colors, patterns, and accents went really well with my story and photos. 

I think I forgot to mention that with Nook and Pantry there are many patterns that you can cut out and use as accents.  On this page, my brown and blue circles (that I cut in half) were from a piece of patterned paper.  Cutting out accents from a piece of patterned paper are great because they match perfectly and are really inexpensive.


Again, these were photos I had but didn't have the right papers to scrap them.  The colors of this line matched them perfectly and I was able to pull an orange and brown color scheme out.  I did want to do a layout about eating because of the cute accents that were on the CS Element Stickers.  This was such a fun page to do.


I wanted a homespun feel to this page since it was about my love of baking.  I decided to do what resembled a quilt on my layout and added some stitching.  Once again, the Nook and Pantry papers were perfect for my photos and theme. 

Photo Frame

My next project was one of the $1 wood frames you can pick up at any craft store.  I intended to make it as a Christmas present but I am not giving it up.  I loved the way it turned out too much and none of my family would appreciate it as much as me.  I know I said it earlier, but this line is too perfect for altered projects.  I can't imagine ever growing tired of it.

Photo Cube

This was another intended Christmas present that I don't think will ever leave my house.  I paid $4 for this rotating photo cube and I couldn't be happier with it.  I used some of the more subtle patterns in the line when I was intending to give it as a present.  I was thinking that the photo frame and this cube would be a great gift (separately or as a set) for someone to set on their desk at work.  The cube's top comes off and it could be used to hold pens or leave it on and use it as a photo cube. 

Every year at Christmas time, there are always threads on the message board asking for teachers gift ideas or inexpensive presents.  Here you go.  This would be a fantastic gift and you will love the cost as much as they love receiving it.

I have photos of all four sides and the top in my gallery.  (Click the image above and it will take you straight to that submission in the gallery.) 




Posted by Beth-W

Reader Comments ...
11/19/09 10:27 pm
ok, i knew i'd love this homespun BG look, but now YOU make me *drool* for them :P that frame is gorgeous!!

11/19/09 10:31 am
All of these are just beautiful! I love what you did the BG!

11/19/09 10:31 am
All of these are just beautiful! I love what you did the BG!

11/19/09 10:14 am
beautiful, as usual! I especially love "carnivore" lo! i like how you did the hearts!!!

11/18/09 10:30 pm
Beautiful layouts and projects, Beth! Awesome job with the line!

11/18/09 9:43 am

writerlady . Southeast Connecticut
11/17/09 9:05 pm
What a kick-bum reveal! You ROCKED it!

11/17/09 2:37 pm
Amazing dear Beth. You took this line and made it so I now have to have it...hope my projects turn out half a great as yours! You are a wonder!

11/17/09 11:41 am
You're amazing, Beth! I didn't like this BG line...but now that I've seen what you've done with it, I'll have to get me some. If DH gets all exasperated, I'll have him call you, ok?? :)

11/17/09 11:33 am
Wow!! Awesome work!!!

11/17/09 10:28 am
OMG, Beth! These are AMAZING!!!

emarie803 . The Mile High City
11/17/09 10:26 am
WOW!!! Love your LOs and altered items!!! You did a fabulous job with this line!

ScrapGoo . Framingham, MA
11/17/09 10:24 am
Gorgeous!! I love all of these projects. Looks like this line is going in my basket now...

11/17/09 9:15 am
you amaze me, DB...is there anything you can't do?

11/17/09 8:52 am
Love, love, love the photo cube!!! Turned out great!!!

11/17/09 8:49 am
WOW!! I love it!!! great job!

megamay . Philadelphia, PA
11/17/09 8:45 am
omg gorgeous!

bluejeans7 . Kansas
11/17/09 8:29 am
Okay now I need this line! Thanks Beth. ;)