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Friday, February 27, 2009

Busy, Busy, Busy 2 comments  
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How to use Busy Backgrounds

Whether you are a paper scrapper or you are a digi scrapper we all have them - stashes of paper with busy patterns or busy colors.  Usually we use these fun papers by cutting them up into strips or squares, but how often do we use them as the main background?  For this reveal ACOT's talented team of digi scrappers created pages showcasing a few techniques!


Ronny (Smiley_Scrap8) says, "My first thought when I see busy paper is to turn the photo black & white to help it stand out. But I really wanted to challenge myself so I choose a photo that would not look good in b&w and went from there."  ....and created this gorgeous page "Sweet Pea"


Janell (janello) says, "I took a paper from the Cotton candy kit which was bright purple with white polka dots and then placed it on top and set the blending mode to overlay with the clouds paper underneath. It's a busy background, but I think it is fun and adds to the theme of my layout."  Isn't her page, "My Little Sweetie Pie", so cute and adorable!


M'Lee (Themom) shares, "the key, for me, to using fun and colorful backgrounds is to use less embellies, highlight a few bold colors and really bring the focus in on the photos."  Fantastic work on this page, "Petey"!

"With many patterned papers, layering can cause the background to be too busy. But, by carefully choosing patterns, putting the largest, busiest ones in the very back and gradually getting less busy toward the top layers, you can draw focus to your photo, rather than away from it. Also, by using papers from one kit, that have been designed to go together, it helps to coordinate the patterns."  Laura (Art-Teacher) expertly displays her technique in the beautiful "Great Aunt". 

"I tend to like simplicity, but I figured that busy could also mean lots of embellishments," says Sara (Keling).  "However, I didn't want them to overwhelm the photo, so I thought it would be best to put them all behind the photo, so your attention is brought to the photo."  Here is her stunning accent work, "Emily".

Marci (m1218p) completely WOWs me with this page, "3 Boys, One Computer".  Her page mixes the best of grunge art and busy distressing.  Love how she draws the eye to the photo by clustering everything around it.

Sarah (davsar) says for her page, "One Birdie Out", "I used a light busy background and matched it with a picture that had the same colors - simply bolder. To keep the elements from getting lost I used dark colors and used shadowing." 

Angie (nun69) used her busy background to reinforce the theme of her fantastic, fun filled page, "High Energy".


Here are some of the wonderful kits the team used:


We would love to see your fabulous "Busy, Busy, Busy" creations - don't forget to upload them in the gallery!!

Posted by davsar

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3/1/09 9:28 am
Great job on the article, Sarah! Awesome layouts, ladies!

2/27/09 1:19 pm
great pages ladies!!