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Sunday, August 2, 2020

Button Press Tutorial 1 comments  
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If you're wondering how to use the new Button Press from We R Memory Keepers, you've come to the right place! This tool is so much fun to play with once you get the hang of it. I admit I messed up a few buttons during my experimenting, but hopefully my mistakes will help you! Directions are included in the box, but I found them a tad confusing. So here are the steps more simplified. (Videos are at the end!)

Step 1: Open your box and take everything out. The button press is all put together besides the handle. It's easy to twist right on, no tools needed!

Step 2: Attach the top and base cutting inserts (the white circle pieces) to the button press. They attach with magnets.

Step 3: Decide what size button you're making, and use the appropriate cutting die. It looks like a donut (small - pink, medium - mint, or large - teal). Place a small piece of paper down on the white base insert, with your cutting die on top of it. Adjust how you want it using the lines on the die to guide you.




Step 4: Now you're going to cut your paper to size. Swivel the bottom half of the press with the cut die on top so that it's underneath the top part of the press. Press down with the handle until you hear little cracking sounds. Swivel it back out and your paper is cut the perfect size now for your button! (If your paper is not cut all the way through, you need to press a bit harder, or try pressing more than once. Especially for the large die.)

Step 5: Take off the white cutting inserts, and attach the top and base press inserts to the button press. These attach with magnets as well, and are color coordinated with the dies (small - pink, medium - mint, or large - teal).




Step 6: Lay down the button pieces in a sandwich on top of the base. First the button front (rounded side going up), then the paper, then the mylar plastic circle if you want a glossy finish. The mylar is optional, just don't add it if you want a matte finish. Rotate your top and base inserts to A.




Step 7: Swivel the bottom half of the press so that it's underneath the top again. Check again to make sure both the top and base pieces are lined up at A. Press down the handle. You'll hear a good "punch" sound. When you swivel the bottom back out, your button will have "disappeared"! It is stuck up in the top part of the press - this is what you want. 

Step 8: Now we're going to attach the other part of the button. Lay down the back piece of the button on the empty base insert. Make sure the pin part that you open/close is facing down. Use the lines on the base insert to help you line it up.

Step 9: Rotate the top and base inserts to B. Swivel over again so that the bottom part is underneath the top part of the press. Check again that they are both lined up to B. Give it a good press down.

Step 10: Swivel the bottom back out, and remove the finished button! It's easier to take off the base and turn upside down in your hand to remove the button. Enjoy your beautiful work!

*Note: the large button takes a little more effort. You need to press down harder, and I have found it takes 3 presses on the last step to really make sure the front and back pieces are attached. You can see this better in the videos.* 


In this video we unbox the Button Press bundle and try to figure everything out. This is just for fun and is not the actual tutorial. You can see how confused we were! Lol.



Here is the step by step tutorial that walks you through making each size of the buttons!


Here are just a few ideas of where to put your buttons:

  • scrapbook layout
  • birthday card
  • decor piece - attach buttons to picture frame or wood piece - try a heart, tree, letter of your last name, etc.
  • party favors
  • create photo buttons
  • label totes or kids' backpacks with name buttons
  • button earrings
  • button necklace or lanyard
  • decorate a journal cover or planner
  • decorate a display or cork board
  • instead of the pin back, attach adhesive foam to create a fun button sticker!
  • paper clips
  • bobby pins
  • key chain
  • rosette
  • find more ideas on our Button Craft Pinterest board!





Now you can button all the things! Be sure to tag us on social media so we can see what you make with your Button Press!





Posted by Rachel Kent

Reader Comments ...
11/18/20 8:59 am
Thank you for making this important video. I am well into making buttons now. I'm still not sure, however, where you line up the A and B to the unit. The maker was facing you so I could not see that process. Also, it's important to know that your paper size needs to go beyond the size of the actual image.