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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Cindy Loo Cricut Layout Class  
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Cindy Loo Cricut Layout Class

The Cricut is such a fabulous tool for creating your own layouts and embellishments. For this tutorial, I've used the Cindy Loo Cartridge to create the following layouts. I've created two different layouts using almost exactly the same elements to show you how versatile the Cricut can be. By only changing the paper that you're using, you can create and entirely different feel for your project. Thanks for joining me!


For this layout, I've used the following:

  • one 12"x12" piece of black cardstock
  • one 12"x12" piece of white cardstock
  • 4 pieces of complimentary 12"x12" color papers (I've used blue, pink, floral and then a green for the branches)
  • a small piece of white cardstock to apply your title. 
  • pearls
  • border punch (you can use scallop scissors also)
  • title with one additional embellishment



1. Load a piece of 12"x12" black cardstock into your Cricut. First, we're going to be cutting the frame layer and border. I'm working with the images on page 37 of the Cindy Loo manual. 

2. To cut the outside edge of the frame:

  • press layer and the frame image
  • You'll see (frame2) come up in your screen
  • Cut at 7"
  • Keep the black cardstock in the Cricut

3. Next, we're going to cut out the border images.

  • Press (shift), (border) and frame image 
  • You'll see (frame2-s) in your screen
  • Cut at 3"

4.  For this next step, you'll want to pick 2 complimentary colors for the inside of the frame and border.

  • Load first paper. Press (shift) and the frame image
  • You'll see (Frame2-s) in your screen
  • Cut at 7"
  • Adhere this frame with the black outline of the frame

5. Clear the display and load new paper. 

  • Press (border) and the frame image
  • You'll see (frame2) in your screen
  • Cut at 3"

Once you adhere your pieces together, this is what you should have so far.

6. Next, you can print out your photo. My photo is 5.5"x5.5". You should try to select a photo where the person is toward the center of the photograph to avoid parts of the image getting cut off.

7. Next, you're going to cut out the branches.

  • Press the branch image found on page 48.
  • Cut 4 branches at 3.5" (To cut 4 - press the quantity key and use the arrows underneath your screen to adjust the qty to 4)

7. Using your paper trimmer, cut another strip of paper 3.5" wide x 12" long. This should be another complimentary color paper that will be adhered in the center of the layout. I adhered mine approximately 4.5" from the top of the paper.


8. I took an additional small strip of paper that is 1" wide by 12" long. Using my doily border punch, I punched along the edges. I adhered this piece to the top of the pink paper that we just adhered. Next, Add the border pieces to the top and bottom of the frame and add the 4 branches around the top and bottom of the frame.

9. Next, I cut a 1.5"x5" white piece of cardstock and rounded the edges. I'm using this to place my title on. I used a chipboard word and butterfly embellishment from K&Company. You can use whatever title and embellishment you feel will finish off your layout! 


10. To finish off the layout, I added pearls along the top and bottom of the black border!



Products used in the Tutorial:


Posted by Dianedi