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Sunday, January 4, 2009

Color Your World 8 comments  
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Featuring Rouge de Garance lines from Sandylion

 "Can you paint with all the colors of the wind?"  This is a line from the song Colors of the Wind from the Disney movie Pocahontas.  I've always loved this line; it makes me think of all the color possibilities in nature and how the eye sees those colors in different light and circumstances.  Colors can evoke feelings, soothe the soul, or awaken the body.  We all have favorite colors, ones we turn to time and again. We’re also drawn to colors by our moods. From light to dark, vivid to subdued, our world is full of colors, and we each have our own perception of the colors we see.

Of course color is huge in the scrapbooking world.  We pick papers to match photos, because they are a favorite color, or they represent a certain theme.  But as you're scrapping, take time to really look at different colors. Don't always go for your old standbys.  Different colors, intensities and styles can add life to your pages and convey feelings or suggest a story without words.  From bright to subdued, look for colors that add to the story you're trying to convey with your scrapbook page.  Don't be afraid to try to new colors and play with them to see how they can instantly change the feel of your page.

As I was looking for different colors to help me tell my stories on my scrapbook pages, I found these wonderfully colorful Rouge de Garance lines from Sandylion.  During these past few winter months I've found I been yearning for bright, bold colors.  I wanted colors that reminded me of spring, gave me a warm feeling, and relaxed me like a day at the beach.  I found all of this with papers from Rouge de Garance.

For my layout "Pink Warriors," I used the Ray of Light paper from the Tropical Oasis line.  I needed a bold pink that would represent the strength of warriors that have united in the fight against breast cancer.  As you can see this pink is bold, it stands out and cries to be noticed while still being feminine.


In my layout "I am what I am," the photo I used was one of Kyler's senior pictures.  I love the red shirt that Kyler is wearing and wanted to carry that color through my layout.  As you can see, Kyler, like all high school seniors, is ready to face what comes his way.  He's ready to set the world on fire; so for my scrapbook page I needed red and bold colors that dare you to look away and take him lightly.

My layout "Kyler," features a different photo from Kyler's senior pictures.  With a change of clothes, Kyler's attitude changes.  He's cool and comfortable in his gray sweatshirt so I wanted a color that would give you a cool feeling.  The blue is cooling while the orange and multi-colored circles add to the playful, mischievousness of a teenage boy.  The layout needed to record the senior photo but I wanted it to also convey the spirit of Kyler. 

As you can see from these three layouts, the colors you use can help you convey a mood and  tell the story of the subject you're scrapping.  Remember to really look at the colors around you, play with them and try different colors and intensities.  Color your scrapbook world and "paint with all the colors of the wind." 

Materials Used: (see below for links to individual products)

The layouts in this article featured products from several Rouge de Garance lines from Sandylion.


Other Products used on these layouts and available at A Cherry On Top:


About the author ...

Tristann has been a Creative Team Member at A Cherry On Top since March 2004.  She has been published numerous times in magazines and books including Scrapbooks, etc.; Memory Makers; Paper Crafts; Scrapbook Trends; Paper Trends; Cantata Books; Memory Makers Books; Stamping, Stationery & Scrapbooking; Scrapbook Dimensions; Scrapbook & Cards Today; Memories Community; PaperKuts; NanC and Company books; and CorrespondenceArt. She's also served as a featured designer for Bisous, and a guest designer for Dream Street Papers and Adornit Carolee’s Creations. She currently lives in Washington State with her husband, Bryan, and their rescued greyhound.  In addition to being an avid scrapbooker and photographer, Tristann is a full-time Human Resources manager for a travel company.

For more information, you can visit: http://tristanngraves.wordpress.com/


Posted by n7zuq

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Reader Comments ...
zanettac . Ohio
1/6/09 12:11 pm
Great LO's and article!

1/5/09 5:47 pm
So much fun! Great layouts, Tristann!

wheeliegirl . Georgia
1/5/09 5:25 pm
Great job. Love the vibrant colors!

1/5/09 5:24 pm

Great job, Tristann!

baltoscrapper . Baltimore Md
1/5/09 1:44 pm
Great job Tristann!

1/5/09 11:33 am
Nice colors and a great job.

1/5/09 10:37 am
Those are tough papers to work with but you did a fabulous job as always.

ScrapGoo . Framingham, MA
1/5/09 10:10 am
Wow, these all just pop out and say "look at me!"... great reveal, Tristann!

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