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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Counting down the days to the Winter Crop! 25 comments  
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join us for a weekend of fun February 20-22!

ACOT's Winter Online Crop

The Creative Team is hard at work planning yet another crop!  Four times a year, we ignore our families, support the local pizza place, and come together as a community to crop together!  We provide the inspiration, the points, the gift certificates and the games...you provide the creativity, the giggles and the comraderie!

We kick off February 20th promptly at 3pm EST, and continue for three days...with only minimal time for sleeping .    The days will be full of challenges, fast scraps, BINGO, classes and games.  There will be plenty of action, both for the paper ladies and for the digital crowd.  If you have never attended an on-line crop, or would like a quick refresher, here is an article that you may like to read!  ACOT's on-line crops

If you want some real life experiences from tried and true ACOT croppers...here is a thread to read... preparing for an ACOT crop

Make sure you clear your calendar and check back here as we update this article with information as it becomes available.  We will add classes, challenge and fast scrap times, as well as links to BINGO games.  Can't wait to see you there! Click Here to join us.

Here is the schedule!!!

All times are EST
=== Friday, Feb. 20 ===

3:00P - Challenge 1
4:00P - Fast Scrap 1
5:00P That's A Wrap CLASS with ScrapGoo
6:00P - Challenge 2
6:00P BINGO with FairyMouseMom
7:00P - Fast Scrap 2
9:00P - Challenge 3 
10:00P - Fast Scrap 3
10:00P Fashionable Hybrid Art CLASS with dianagirly
12:00A - Challenge 4

=== Saturday, Feb. 21 ===

8:00A - Challenge 5
8:00A BINGO with Kimandasmo

9:00A - Fast Scrap 4

10:00A Basic Grey Layout CLASS with Kimandasmo
11:00A - Challenge 6
11:00A Fringe Flower Fun CLASS with JulianaM
12:00A - Fast Scrap 5
1:00P Acrylic Hybrid Album CLASS with nun69
2:00P - Challenge 7
3:00P - Fast Scrap 6
4:00P Oscar BINGO with ScrapGoo
5:00P - Challenge 8
6:00P - Fast Scrap 7
8:00P - Challenge 9
8:00P Paper Bag Album CLASS with mkcdaisy
9:00P - Fast Scrap 8
10:00P BINGO with davsar
11:00P - Challenge 10

=== Sunday, Feb. 22 ===

8:00A - Challenge 11
9:00A - Fast Scrap 10
10:00A - Challenge 12
10:00A Mardi Gras BINGO with n7zuq
11:00A - Fast Scrap 11
12:00P - Challenge 13
1:00P - Fast Scrap 12
2:00P Altered Chipboard (calendar, chore chart, photo holder..you choose!) with 4peasinourpod
3:00P Acrylic Album Class with 4peasinourpod
4:00P - Challenge 14
5:00P Advent Calendar CLASS with suslvgeo
6:00P - Fast Scrap 13
7:00P Paradise BINGO with MamaK321

Posted by 4peasinourpod

Reader Comments ...
8/13/09 2:36 pm
will be there as much as I CAN

2/21/09 12:19 am
Missed Friday but hope to join in in the morning.

2/20/09 9:16 pm

2/20/09 11:50 am
I hope I can join in late tonight and tomorrow. Have fun everyone!!!

2/20/09 10:18 am
Wow! It has been a long time sicne I have done one of these. Maybe, I'll stop in between my busy times this week end. We have a big day on Saturday with my ds's show choir competition. Maybe, I can get on this afternoon.
Have fun!

harper828 . NYC
2/20/09 10:14 am
I won't be able to join, I have two functions tonight for people that were laid off at work. Tomorrow, dentist and speech therapy for DS and a playdate. Hopefully, I can join late Sat evening or Sunday after church.

Enjoy everyone!

2/20/09 9:30 am
first time this year!!! not sure how much of the scrapping i'll get to do b/c the hubby is working overtime this weekend...and overtime wins over anything i have planned!!! but, i'm here for the games and encouragement for all you other ladies!!!

2/18/09 4:40 pm
I'm super excited! My BFF and I had already planned on getting together Friday to scrap, so this is even better. Challenges here we come!

2/18/09 2:25 pm
I can't wait. Every time you have a crop there is something demanding my time. I will try to get in as much as I can. I love it!!!

2/17/09 7:46 pm
meli...look under February crop!

Meli . Upstate NY
2/17/09 11:54 am
Big Q- there is no forum for the winter crop, no classes / products / games are listed! Help!

2/16/09 1:55 pm
I will be attending a small private crop this weekend and we will have access to internet. How do we join in?

3 Pals . Massachusetts
2/16/09 7:34 am
WooHoo! I love these! It is my only chance to make time to do what I truly love - I never get to spend any time on the board getting to know everyone or take part in any of the ongoing activities - but I give myself this treat 4 times a year and refuse to do anything else. Eventually I will get to know some of you better - you all do such beautiful work. Thanks for all the fun in advance!

2/13/09 12:13 am
I will be here

ammielou . Pembroke, GA
2/12/09 11:26 am
I am having a crop to raise funds for my Relay for Life team on the 21st. Maybe we can do some of the fast scrap!! Looking forward to it!!

2/12/09 9:35 am
I'm in!!! Just need to go read the directions to see if I need to do something before the date. WOO HOO!!

cat1393 . Long Island, NY
2/12/09 4:29 am
It's getting closer!
Will there be a section on the MB's where the class lists will be in one thread? or is it like that already and I just didn't notice!

2/11/09 2:16 pm
I am a newbie but I will be here

2/10/09 9:41 pm
omg I can't wait, will be late on friday night as I go to my LSS for a crop but after that I'm all yours. Last time I was all over the place trying to get it all done, this time I'm choosing certain classes and not waiting for the last minute to get the supplies. lol I've got it all planned. yeah right!! watch I will be jumping all over the place again!roflmbo... I'm sooo excited! love love your crops!!

2/10/09 7:21 am
I probably will get to join in on this. Marking it on my calendar so I don't forget. The only thing is that I work the end of the week Thurs-Sat 7am-7pm and every other Sunday. This weekend will be my Sunday so hopefully we will have until Monday to get our layouts uploaded. Can't wait to see what the design team comes up with four us to scraps.

Kara . Howard County, Maryland or Woolford
2/9/09 11:23 am
My mom is having surgery so I won't be here but I will miss you all. Gees I missed the last one too....

Marie D . Southwest of Sweden
2/6/09 2:38 pm
YESYEYSYES! THis time I WILL be there!!! ....or here...?!?!? LOL

2/5/09 9:38 pm
Woo Hoo. I hope I can play more this time.

2/5/09 2:24 pm
How exciting!!! I love your crops! Just one request-- when sending prizes--can delivery confirmation please be used!?

Sus79 . Denmark
2/5/09 12:15 pm
Yeahhh! I just can´t wait!