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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Creating With Mixed Media 14 comments  
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When paper and fabric meet

While I am not a seamstress and do not even own a sewing machine, I have an obsession with fabrics and have long yearned to combine this love with my love of paper and altered art.  Thanks to Helmar and SEI, I found the way to accomplish this. 



Step One:  I  cut flowers and leaves from two pieces of fabric remnants I had purchased from a local fabric store.  I cut the flowers into segments.



Next, I used a straight pin to fray the edges of the flower and leaf pieces.



Step 2:  I placed the pieces in a glass dish and poured the Helmar's Fabric Stiffener and Draping Liquid over them.  Using my fingers, I worked the mixture into the fabric so both sides were saturated.  This can also be done using cooking tongs or by wearing plastic gloves, but nothing beats hands on for me. 


Step 3:  Once the pieces are saturated with the liquid, remove them and place them on a piece of waxed paper.  Pat off the excess from the side of the pieces that will show.  The less white you leave on the fabric, the less will show when the pieces are dry. 


Start shaping the pieces by pinching and molding over your fingers until you have achieved the desired effect.  You can air dry the pieces; mine took about an hour in the sun.  They may also be heat set as the solution is water soluable.

Step 4:  I used the 450 Quick Dry Adhesive by Helmar and the company's Glue Spreader Tool (both available in the ACOT store) to attach the covering fabric and the paper liner and lid cover.  I used the hat box measurements to make templates for these, subtracting 1/4 inch for the inner paper on the bottom and traced the lid for the paper topping. I used the inks to edge before  I attached the lace and ribbons using a combination of the red tape and the 450 Adhesive.



Step 5: once the pieces are molded and dried, I coated them with Glue n Seal and then I layered them on the top of the hat box.  The Liquid Scrap Dots by Helmar were invaluable in keeping the pieces layered one atop the other.  These set up after an hour or so varying on the temperature and allow great 'forgiveness' time for rearranging of the pieces yet permanent once dry. 






Once again, I used the Helmar products and the SEI papers adding flowers, trim and ribbons to a shadow box.  I did use another great Helmar product as well.

I followed the same steps to create the ghosties on the shadow box and the stream of 'ooze' inside the box as I did for the flowers in the previous project.  I used gauze from the medicine chest and twisted and shaped the pieces.  The dry time was far less than the flower pieces and the ghosties were fun to play with. 



Step 2:  I printed the photo onto regular matte photo paper as I was out of my canvas paper.  What I discovered is that I could achieve the same affects with Helmar's Textured Effects.  Using a large paint brush, I brushed the product on top to bottom of the photo.  I allowed this to dry for ten to fifteen minutes and then repeated going across the photo.  Once this had dried, the result was so close to the texture of canvas paper as to be amazing. 




Thanks to Helmar, SEI, and all the other products listed here, I have now found a way to combine my loves.  I am currently working on combining these two projects into a shadow box of ephemeria and a vintage photo of my grandmother surrounded by flowers, lace etc.   Wish me luck and I can't wait to see what you do with combining fabrics and paper.


 Products Used:                                                                                                                


helmar scrap dots



Posted by JulesinParadise

Reader Comments ...
11/8/11 5:53 am
If you try any of these techniques, please pm me so I can see what you have done. Many thanks.

3/5/18 2:24 pm
I love all the sticky products you used... especially that scrap dots glue..

Your projects are amazing. love how you frayed the fabric with the needle and those ghostly cheesecloth decor is genius...

CherryTat . Newfoundland, Canada
11/5/11 6:30 pm
Beautiful Jules!! Love the flowers and the ghosts :)

11/4/11 10:50 pm
Wow - great projects!

3 Pals . Massachusetts
11/4/11 8:15 pm
This is great! I too love fabric and used to hoard fabric like I hoard paper now.. this is the best of both worlds!

writerlady . Southeast Connecticut
11/4/11 4:06 pm

Cimorosete . Elkton, MD
11/4/11 4:00 pm
Fabulous reveal Jules

11/4/11 3:50 pm
So showing the Halloween shadow box to Kath .... we could so do this! Wonderful work Jules and thanks for the really clear directions!

handerful . STL
11/4/11 3:34 pm
Great projects! Great ideas for holiday projects! Thanks, Jules!

meteechtap . Central Oklahoma
11/3/11 12:13 am
That is very pretty!! Love the way it antiques it!

Ayla . Murfreesboro, Tennessee
11/2/11 1:30 pm
This is awesome!

blbabe1234 . Corpus Christi, TX
11/2/11 11:53 am
Wow....absolutley gorgeous!

oceanbreezes423 . South Carolina
11/2/11 11:18 am
omg, love the flowers!!!!! May get brave and give this a try!!! Could make some really unique Christmas things!

11/2/11 10:04 am
Wonderful projects!!!!!