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Thursday, November 7, 2019

Creating a Coptic Mini-Book 1 comments  
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This Coptic Mini-Book uses both the We R Memory Keepers Book Binding Tool and the Simple Stories Heart collection to document the wonderful people who have passed away in my family. I have looked forward to creating this mini album to share stories and photos of these amazing people with my children. Using a Coptic style book allows me to include a larger number of pages with a secure DIY binding. This book has 36 pages made from nine 12x12 papers, but is only an inch thick! Once it’s filled with memories, I expect it will grow, however.



To get started on this mini album, I cut down two 6 ¼ x 6 ¼” chipboard covers, decorated both with patterned paper on both sides. Then, cut 9 pieces of paper horizontally into 12x6” pieces of paper. Fold each of the 12x6” papers horizontally and crease the fold with a bone folder, then layer three pages together to create a signature insert. Continue combining until you have 6 inserts with three pages each.

The basic steps for a Coptic Binding are fairly straight forward and with a little bit of practice are easy to perfect! Give yourself some time to find the rhythm and you will have it finished in no time!




First, slide the covers individually into right side of the We R Memory Keepers Book Binding Tool and poke holes through the center column, starting at the second from the bottom, poking every 3rd hole on the way to the top. Using the left side of the Book Binding Tool for the signatures (poke the holes through all three layers at once) with the same pattern so they will match up to the covers.




I would recommend using waxed thread for the binding, available with the Binding Tool (as well as the needle used in these photos). Tie a couple of knots in the end of your thread and then begin inside the first signature, bottom hole headed out. Push the needle through the cover’s matching bottom hole and then after you’ve pulled the string through all of the way, loop your needle around the loop you’ve created on your binding and return through the same hole of the signature. Then, move to the next hole, creating a stitch inside the signature insert and repeating that same process.



To add on another signature, simply stop before that last step, do not go back into the hole of the first insert and instead go into the hole of the new insert.  Create a stitch to the next hole and then continue wrapping around the previous row’s binding stitch and back into the same hole. Once all of your signature inserts are attached, stitch the back cover on the same way you added the front cover. The resulting binding should look like a row of braids.



To finish it off, wrap the remaining thread around the inside stitches of the last signature insert and tie it off. Now, your book is complete! You can decorate the front cover with any stickers, cut-aparts or tabs that are included in the collection and fill it with photos and stories to share with loved ones!




If you would like to see this process in real-time, check out my video tutorial!  I hope this was helpful and encourages you to give this a try yourself!



This is the quick, focused version of this tutorial just covering the Coptic stitching instructions:



Laura Alberts,
A Cherry On Top Design Team



Posted by Rachel Kent

Reader Comments ...
lissahope26 . South Louisiana
11/7/19 8:02 pm
Is there a list of thespecific items she used in the youtube video? I would like to give this a try.