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Friday, September 26, 2008

Depth of Field 12 comments  
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Making pictures go from blah to WOW!

Whether you have the perfect picture with a noisy background, or you're just looking to do something artistic, creating your own Depth of Field is a great tool. This week the Creative Team shows you how easy it is to make those pictures go from blah to WOW!

Karin has written a tutorial for this week's reveal to demonstrate how to create these stunning photo effects.


When In Ohio by Laura (Art_Teacher)


Photo before & after

From Laura: 

Even though this background wasn't that busy, I like how using this technique makes my cousin's daughter and the blow-up Brutus Buckeye appear more 3-dimensional.


Dizzy Boys by Sara (Keling


Photo before & after


From Sara:

This was really such a fun picture and I'm so pleased with the result! Tommy and his best buddy, Tyler, were messing about as I was trying to take a picture of the two of them. The spinning background effect (Radial Blur in Photoshop) totally adds to the giggle fit the two were having as they were saying goodbye to each other.


Pause by Cassandra (MommyBruno)


Photo before & after


From Cassie:

To achieve this look, I made a copy of the photo I wanted to use. I popped the color on one of them, then cropped out just Xander in a little square. On the other photo, I switched it to green tint, then applied a motion blur. Finally, I put the cropped photo on top of the blurred photo and then I had a cute little vignette! Plus, the motion blur helps to support the theme of my layout.


 Bubble Head by Angie (nun69)


From Angie:

I found this picture of Peyton in the tub and it was the perfect picture to blur the background...I added a glausian blur and then "painted" back in Peyton.


First Day Hug Run by Glenda (bamablue)


From Tracy:

The crop and angle of the photo paired with her created depth of field really convey the excitement her daughter felt in seeing her mom after her first day of school.


My Friend Auntie Camille by Janell (janello)


Photo before & after


From Janell:

I loved this picture of my sis in law holding my daughter, but the background was so crazy, it was perfect to create a depth of field to really make them the focal point.


 Pumpkin Patch by Tracy (ICanHasCherryOnTop)


Photo before & after


From Tracy:

This is a great technique on those photos where the background is distracting. To achieve this, I duplicated the portion of the photo with Sydney and the pumpkins, then ran a Gaussian Blur on the original underlying photo. It's subtle, but effective.


Rock On by Jeanne (scrapprincess18)


Photo before & after


From Jeanne:

I extracted the Ashley's  from the pic, blurred it, then pasted them back on to the photo. I then used a slight drop shawdow to make them pop out of the back ground!


 Motherly Love by Egle (FairyMouseMom)

From Egle:

For this technique...I used the "charcoal and chalk" effect.


Haunted Mansion Holiday by Kristianne (MamaK321)


Photo before & after


From Kristianne:

I blurred the center photo to focus on the pumpkin-scarecrow and soften the crowd of people around the base. I also used the Burn Tool after blurring, to darken the edges, further drawing the eye straight to the scarecrow. I also blurred a bit on the side of the photo with the full shot of the building.


Draws Me In by Karin (mayerkt)


Photo before & after


From Tracy:

Karin used a depth of field extraction with a pinch twist. The result is quite stunning!



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Posted by -Tracy-

Reader Comments ...
10/2/08 4:32 pm
awesome techniques - thanks fo rall the great examples

10/2/08 2:04 am
The layouts really illustrate ways to use the technique making for a great tutorial. Love the First Day Hug Run layout, the photo really says it all!

10/1/08 12:59 am
These are great and the tutorial sheds some light on this for those like me who are more paper than digi!

Gail R . Wrangell, Alaska
10/1/08 12:27 am
These are some awesome lo's

Cimorosete . Elkton, MD
9/30/08 7:06 pm
These are awesome ladies. I definitely have to give these a try.

zanettac . Ohio
9/30/08 2:40 pm
Beautiful LO's ladies!!

DN in MN . Duluth, Minnesota
9/30/08 2:14 pm
Completely awesome!

9/28/08 11:14 am
Awesome job, ladies!!!

9/27/08 7:42 am
This is a great article. Never thought to use this technique. Gotta try it.

9/26/08 2:12 pm
Love the article AND all the info on blurring!

9/26/08 11:55 am
Really great article! I blur backgounds often, but it was nice to have some other techniques revealed as well! Nicely done!

9/26/08 9:29 am
This is an awesome article and I love what you guys did with the photos!