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Tuesday, February 4, 2020

Don't Waste Your Paint Pour Drips! 1 comments  
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How to use your paint pour leftovers to decorate a journal.


If you have done paint pour, you know that a lot of paint drips off of your canvas and ends up getting thrown away. But using this technique you can save it to make a "skin" which can then be glued onto almost anything! In this tutorial I will be putting the skin onto a Dylusions Kraft journal.


Here are the supplies you need:


    Paint Pouring Acryic PaintStrong Crafting GlueCutting MatCraft Knife, and Wax Paper.




Step One: Do what you normally would when making a paint pour painting, only difference is have a piece of wax paper underneath your painting to catch the drips. For my skin I collected the drips from three different paintings. Let them build up a little bit and be able to cover a large enough area for what you want to wrap with your skin. You don't want your skin to be too thin because that makes it rip easily when taking it off of the wax paper; mine is about 1/16 inch thick. Let it dry on the wax paper until it is completely dry. (You can also make a paint pour directly onto the wax paper).




Step Two: After completely dry, carefully peel the paint off of the wax paper.





Step Three: Plan where you want your skin to wrap around the journal.




Step Four: Glue the skin on starting at the spine and working out.




Step Five: After glue has completely dried use a sharp knife to cut off the extra skin around the journal.




Step Six: Enjoy your new journal! The skin is flexible and bends around the spine of the book nicely. I am so happy with the result and I am going to save all of my paint pour drips from now on!




I would love to see what you create using this technique! Post your project in our Project Gallery or tag us on social media!



Posted by Jessica.

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8/14/20 7:46 pm
So pretty and unique!