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Monday, March 20, 2023

Drink Some Tea & Make a Card with Me!  
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By: Emily Moore

Hi all! It's Emily again and I'm back to show you 3 lovely cards featuring April's Cherry Box! April's Cherry Box is full of dreamy Stamperia products including the Create Happiness Welcome Home 12 x 12 paper pad,  Bicycle & Flowers Ephemera (that have adhesive on the backs already!), a brick stencil, Raspberry dye ink pad, a blending brush to go with the ink pad, an A5 journal & some Matte Journaling Glue. This Cherry Box feels cozy & nostalgic, and the colors bring that spring feel that we all have been anxiously awaiting!



I had a lot of fun making these cards, a lot of these elements reminded me of my mom & back when I was a child. She loves birds, and she always would make me tea growing up. I was drawn to those aspects of the collection, as you can probably see. She also has a LOT of clocks in her home! So you can say this is an omage to my mom. The clocks inspired me to make this super fun Circle Easel card! I can't wait to show you how simple it is!



Let's start with the circle card! This is a lot easier than it may look - don't be intimidated! Sometimes, with new folds, or new versions of cards I get nervous because I've just never done it before. But I promise it is easy, you just have to get started! You don't necessarily need circle die cuts, but it helped making those circles extra perfect and round. Also it helps if you do have the die cuts because you do cut more than one circle out! For this card I used Dress My Craft Circle die & the Stitched Circle Die. The first step is to take whatever size circle you prefer (I used the largest size) and get some paper to use for the base of your card. Then you just measure enough paper to fit the whole circle once folded over.




From here, we fold the paper in half like you would for a normal card, & then use the circle die cut to cut out the base of your card. This part is important, you want to remember to leave a little bit of room at the top where it is folded that the die won't cut, that way it all stays together & creates the circle card you want!





At this point,  you can fold the top of your circle in half to create a half moon shape. This will add the pop you want and where you will add the front base of your card! 




Now to make the front of your card. You will cut out another circle the same size as the base of your card. From there, you can create layers with the circles and add ephemera as you see fit! Don't add anything too extra to the bottom of your card base since we are making the easel part for it to sit on. I used the stitched edge circle die for the purple frame and also used the die cut to cut out the clock. I added the clock with some Cherry Dots so it would add some lift, and that way I could easily add the ephemera underneath the clock. 



Now is the fun part! Use some Cherry Tape to put on the bottom half of the folded card base and carefully add the front onto the base of the card. If you use glue, you will want to make sure not to get any on the top half of the front or it won't fold correctly.



It should pop a little! Then for the inside, we will want to add a little something at the bottom of the circle so the front of the card has something to lean on. I decided to fussy cut out the saying "Don't forget to smile" and used some Cherry Dots to give it some lift.  You want to use a little bit of foam tape here to give this part some dimension that way the base of the card will stay once it sits up. 




For the inside of the card, I cut a stitched purple circle in half and used some Cherry Tape to adhere to the top half. We cut the circle in half so it doesn't disturb the fold of the card at all. 



The back of this card I felt I could continue on with the clock theme and add another! I did the same thing I did on the front, using the stitched purple border and then adding the clock as well. 



And that completes the Circle card! It's such a fun card to make, so unique and is something people could easily display in their home. The next card I made was inspired by all the tea I drink. I love tea, and this collection has the cutest stacked tea cups ephemera, as well as tea cups on the paper you can fussy cut out. That's what I did! The stacked tea cups were perfect size for the front of my card, I cut it out, and used some stamps from Honey Bee Stamps I had in my stash to add to the cups. This one reads "To my cu-tea".



I then chose a the background with the pretty purple flowers, and purposly made it so when folded on the inside you could see a bird flying through the flowers. This paper is fun to work with because while it is hard to cut (just because it's so pretty), once you do you can make some beautiful scenes. I then decided to use the brick stencil with the Raspberry Die Ink Pad to create a border of brick. I made sure to go over it lightly in some areas, becuase I didn't want it all to be one shade of brick. This brush makes it so simple to do that, it feels great in your hand and is easy to work with. 




From here, I added some more ephemera flowers in a couple of the corners of the base of the card, and put the tea cups onto the front of the card with more Cherry Dots. I also added some flower ephemera onto the top of the tea cup with more Cherry Foam Tape to add some lift. The front of this card turned out so fun! 


For the inside of the card, I used the same Honey Bee Stamp Set I had on hand and used the Raspberry Dye Ink Pad to stamp out "You warm my heart" to put on the inside. I knew the inside of the card had the flying bird through the flowers on the right side that I didn't want to cover that up, so I put my sentiment there with some more ephemera flowers on Cherry Dots, and added my plain cardstock to the left for people to write their sentiments. 



For the back of the card, I decided to keep having fun with the tea theme and added a tea pot and a tea cup. For the tea cup, I added some flower ephemera to the top. I also blended in some more of the beautiful Raspberry Dye Ink Pad on the corners to add some more dimension and color.  



I just love this card for anyone who is a tea lover! My next card I did I focused more on the birds & the base paper for the card. I really loved the scenery on all these pieces of paper and wanted to make sure to utlize that! 



I decided to use the tree as my inspiration, I added a birdhouse ephemera and a bird. One of the pages also has a whole page of words and sayings that work perfectly for cards. I fussy cut out the saying "For You" and blended the edges with the Raspberry Dye Ink pad. Because it looks like a gift tag, I decided to punch a hole in the top and add some purple string.




I added this sentiment and the bird I chose with some more Cherry Dots to add some dimension.  



For the inside of the card, I used two of the fence ephemera and added that to the inside top part of the card. I cut out another saying to put on the inside of the card along with another bird!


For the base of the inside of the card where you can write sentiments, I decided to use some purple and blend some more of the Raspberry Ink onto the edges. I really love the shadowy effect this creates. I decided to add an ephemera bird onto the back of the card, just a little something.




Here are the finished cards (front & inside):

Circle Easel Card:


Tea Card:

Bird Card:



I hope you enjoyed seeing the process of how I came up with these cards! If you want to see more detail about how to make the Circle Easel card, make sure to watch the replay of our YouTube Live of Jess & I unboxing the Cherry Box below! Thanks for stopping by!



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Emily Moore

My name is Emily Moore & I love handmaking cards! I have an amazing, supportive husband, and a giant beautiful Bernese Mountain dog named George. I get very excited about pretty paper & love making detailed designs using die cuts, stencils, and any new techniques I can find! I used to work as a scrapbook teacher at Scrappy Chic in Livonia, but the pandemic allowed us to move up north more towards family (& A Cherry On Top!). I also recently made a career shift from finance to working at A Cherry On Top and absolutely love it. Come, stop by & say hi! You can find me in the storefront!

You can find more from Emily on her EtsyGallery, and Instagram!


Posted by Emily Moore