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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Everywhere We Go 6 comments  
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Posted by milmomma

"Everywhere we go-o Pe-ople want to know-o Who we a-are And where we come from."

Well when it comes to the Digital Creative Team we can say All around the world. From all over the states, Canada, Bermuda and even me way out here in South Korea. As a wise warthog once said, "Home is where the rump rest." As one that travels often, I am happy to share my travels of the different places. Well this week, not only did I share my home, but so did my team mates.


대한민국 also known as South Korea

This is where my life is right now. We each shared our thoughts about Korea. Its culture is so different and unique. It is a wonderful Asian country. 

Jennifer(SaraWithers) wrote "For the Digi CT reveal this week, we're going international! The members of the CT are from all over the world, so we thought we'd share some of those places with you! For this page, it's in honour of Brittany (milmomma) who is from South Korea!"


I shared "For this week's reveal we are focusing on how we are the international group. And for me, its my life, the giant adventure. The true story of my feelings of South Korea."


Sara(Keling) says, "What a fun challenge this week! We each decided to create a layout on each other's countries of residence. I've never been in South Korea, so I hit Google and found a tourism website that had some awesome desktop wallpapers - isn't this just gorgeous!!!"


Next if we travel across the wide Pacific we will reach Jennifer's home in Canada. Canada is known for inventing some pretty awesome things from IMAX, Hockey, The Snowmobile, and even is even a travel destination as Cassandra shows.

Cassandra shares, "Given the choice between Canada, Bermuda and South Korea, I chose Canada because that's the one country of the three I've actually been to. My Dad's cousins took me to Vancouver, BC when I was sixteen and I have such great memories of that vacation. So in honor of Jenn (sarahwhithers)here is a page about her country, and I even used a Canadian page kit she made! 


Sara(Keiling) shared, "Part of my family lived in Newfoundland before moving to New York. It wasn't a part of Canada then, but I thought it would be cool to do a page about the family for this week's multi-national challenge."

I created my page after another one of Canada's great inventions, Peanut Butter. I said, "With this weeks reveal being international places, homes, whatever you wanna call it. :) This one is for Jennifer up in the chilly Canada. I tried to figure out how Canada tied to us. Peanut butter is one of the best things that came from Canada, at least in my son's eyes."


And for Jennifer, this is her homeland. She shares, "For the Digi CT reveal this week, we're going international! The members of the CT are from all over the world, so we thought we'd share some of those places with you! For this page, it's in honour of me! I'm from Canada so I did a page on my home city, Winnipeg."


And last but certainly not least we have traveled across the cold and snowy mountains and deserve our rest and relaxation on the beaches of Bermuda. Our very lucky Sara(Keling) is living in paradise. We each share our thoughts and day dreams about Bermuda.

Sara(Keling) shared, "My homeland... These great photos I took just a couple of days ago on a GORGEOUS spring morning, on the dock just down the street from my house!"

Jennifer(Sarawhithers) says, "For this page, it's in honour of Sara (Keling) whose from Bermuda!"


I shared, "For me Bermuda would be a vacation. Some place warm, sunny and sandy. Sounds super nice right now in the 30 degree temps I'm in."


Kits used in this reveal-







Posted by milmomma

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Reader Comments ...
AlwaysHappy . Texas
3/26/11 12:02 am
Beautiful work ladies and what a fantastic idea to do the international theme.

3/24/11 12:25 pm
Love all your layouts and what a fun topic!

killarney_rose . Groesbeck, TX
3/24/11 12:10 pm
Beautiful ladies!!! Loving your layouts of your life in parts of our world I will probably never get to visit!

Keling . Bermuda
3/24/11 11:26 am
Fantastic job to every one! I love that you included the flags too!

sarahwhithers . Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
3/24/11 10:10 am
Gorgeous pages everyone! :D

meteechtap . Central Oklahoma
3/24/11 10:08 am
Wonderful Reveal Ladies!! These are gorgeous and really show off the great Coutries your all Living in!!