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Friday, January 23, 2009

Finnish Star 13 comments  
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Make a fun quick paper craft with only ONE sheet of paper!

Make this quick and easy Finnish Star paper craft for the holidays

How to make a Finnish Star

Materials: One sheet 12x12 doublesided cardstock, Trimmer, Pencil, Scissors, Adhesive (Note: Dry adhesives ie; photosquares or tape runners; will not work for this project. After much trial and error I found my Zig liquid glue pen provided the best adhesion.)


Mark your paper off on one side in 3/4 inch increments, then cut into 12 strips. 


We will be making two sides for our star. You will need six strips for each part.

Gather your first six strips together. Take two, lay one on top of the other and adhere them together in a cross. Make sure you have centered the strips so they are evenly spaced on all sides.


Take your next two strips and adhere them on top of each side of the center strip.


Take your last two strips and weave them through the three center strips and adhere. Your project will now look like this.

Next, starting in one corner take the two nearest strips and turn them away from you. You will make them meet at an angle to make a loop. Adhere.


Turn your project and do the next corner. When all four corners are done, your project will look like this. Set this half aside.


Follow the same steps for your other six strips.

Now you have the two halves of your star. Lay each half with the woven strips down. Turn one half over and place on top of the other at an angle so that each of the remaining straight strips goes over each of the loops.


Insert the straight strips inside the loops

For each loop, adhere to straight strip making sure that the point of the loop meets the top of the strip. (We will be trimming these after.) Adhere.


Follow this step for all loops


Now, trim each of the straight pieces along the point edge of the loops.

Follow this step for all loops.


Punch hole in the top for hanger and you're done!


Posted by -Tracy-

Reader Comments ...
ammielou . Pembroke, GA
10/21/10 8:25 am
I gotta try this. Love it!!

10/20/10 9:21 am

12/5/08 11:58 pm
These are the best instructions I've seen for this stars. Even better than Carol Duvall.


butterfly843 . Long Island, NY
11/30/08 6:04 pm
This is so pretty!

11/28/08 12:44 am
That is so beautiful and your instructions are so easy to follow! Thanks!

11/25/08 8:05 am
I made this star and it cam out beautifully! The instructions are very clear. Thanx!

11/18/08 8:24 am
That is too cool! I'm going home tonight and doing this. I'll post a pick when I'm finished . . . only if it look like yours.

Kara . Howard County, Maryland or Woolford
11/17/08 7:21 pm
Tracy I am using this idea for Christmas snowflakes!!! way cool!

wimom . Wisconsin
11/17/08 4:50 pm
I printed it out, too! I think this could be a beautiful "bow" on a package. Can't wait to give it a try! Thanks!

11/17/08 3:44 pm
Cool! I saw these in the gallery and thought for sure they'd require a die cutter or something! Can't wait to make one!

11/17/08 1:30 pm
sure, you should have a printer icon in your web browser tool bar. I printed it too and had so much fun creating a star! Thanks a bajillion Tracy, a stupendous idea

11/16/08 10:10 pm
This is great. I'm glad you have pictures, otherwise I'd be confused. Is the a way I can print this for my own use. That way I can put it in my file for later. Thank you

Sus79 . Denmark
11/15/08 2:17 pm
Wow that is amazing.....and way out of my league...so I´m gonna make my hubby them for the Christmas tree ;o)