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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

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Ma's Madness December 2007

Oh, the pressures of being a scrapbooker. First there is the pressure to get the whole history of your family events, not only in your books, but in the correct order and with the correct information. And with the holidays approaching, people want gifts from you; personal gifts that include pictures of your family; gifts from the heart that take effort and time. Time is one thing that this mom of four is severely lacking. But here I am, forcing myself to put forth the effort and attempt another set of personal, from the heart, time-sucking gifts. And fill them with love.

Here’s the sad thing, the fact that people want these from me is no secret. They announce it several times a year. Sometimes subtly and sometimes so in my face that I actually feel the sting. Because I know that it’s expected of me I’ve managed to collect several types of mini-albums or gift sized albums in the last few years. I must have close to 30 of them: big ones, small ones, shaped ones and even a clear one. Sadder still? Many of them I’ve even started, but none of them even close to completion.

If you’ve never made one of these gifts before, I feel I should warn you that once you make one you’re doomed. Now it is expected of you. And if you make one for one person and another person sees it, they feel entitled to get one the following year. And you will feel the sting too.

Here are a few things I’ve learned about my scrappy gift giving over the past few years:

I work better under pressure. At least I must. Throwing on the last embellishment in the car on the way to the person I’m giving the gift seems to be a frequent occurrence. I spend all that time making it and then I throw it into a bag with some tissue paper that may, or may not, match. Leaving the initial presentation something to be wanted.

I’m judgmental. How I feel about you will determine if you get the expensive two-sided glitter paper or the ones from a cheap stack of papers I got on clearance. It will also dictate the type and size of embellishments. Big flowers and rhinestones mean you’re solid in my book.

I’m lazy. I don’t journal in your gift. You’re lucky if I even bother to put a date down and forget about a title or name. Seriously, if I’m giving you this gift and you don’t recognize which kid of mine you’re looking at then we should really start reevaluating our relationship.

Size matters. I wish I could say it doesn’t, but it does. If you’re an in-law, you are relegated to the 6-inches or less category. But let’s face it my own mother hasn’t seen anything larger than an 8½ x 11 calendar.

I’m selfish. Half of the books I give away, I expect should make their way back to me in some way. Even if you have to Will them back to me.

I’m not very creative. If I start out making one book, I’ll usually reproduce it so I can mass distribute to several members. If I really like you, you might get a flower instead of a button, but for the most part, it’s the same book; the same pictures, with the same lack of journaling in a size that befits your station in my life.

I’m off to finish the album I started for my mother-in-law three years ago. She hasn’t seen new pictures of my kids in so long that I’m pretty sure she thinks I sold at least some of them to afford more supplies. 

Wishing you and your families a VERY happy holiday season filled with peace, love and few demands on your hobby.


Posted by MaBuglet

Reader Comments ...
12/18/07 12:12 am
Too funny, James!

megamay . Philadelphia, PA
12/17/07 3:24 pm
LOL! great article and sooo soo true!

12/15/07 1:07 pm
"Size matters. I wish I could say it doesn’t, but it does." I live by this!

Charleneanne . Central Valley California
12/15/07 2:11 am
jeez Jamie you so hit the nail on the head with this one. and lol tis the season.

12/14/07 2:07 pm
as I read this very true article, I remember the 3 that are sitting on my desk downstairs :)
Happy holidays, jamie!

baltoscrapper . Baltimore Md
12/14/07 1:40 pm
paahaaaa! Another great one! I so feel your mini album pain!!!!

12/14/07 12:57 pm
pahaha thanks missellen. I was already suicidal....that helps ;o)

zanettac . Ohio
12/14/07 12:26 pm
Awesome article Jamie!! Good luck on finishing those albums!!

12/14/07 12:02 pm
I love your articles Jamie and this one was wonderful as always!! I agree and happy holidays to you and yours!!

12/14/07 11:55 am
Many reasons why I don't do them. If you don't start none, won't be none.

12/14/07 11:37 am
How sad. When it has come to this you need to get out of the business and do something else. I found the article depressing!

12/14/07 11:23 am
Totally funny & the sad part, I can relate.

12/14/07 11:07 am
LOL!!! So true! I can totally relate to the part about being judgmental.

12/14/07 10:53 am
LOL, I feel your pain. I thought I was going to my my friends' an album each year for each of their children, and then they kept having more children, so that idea went out the window. Wonder if they noticed the albums have stopped coming? ;-)

12/14/07 10:34 am
LOL! Great article! Happy Holidays to you!

Kara . Howard County, Maryland or Woolford
12/14/07 9:39 am
you kill me but we are too much alike!!
Merry Christmas James!

12/14/07 6:28 am
Too funny and too true!

12/13/07 4:11 pm
This is fantastic Jamie! I totally understand where you are coming from with this article.

DN in MN . Northern Minnesota
12/13/07 2:03 pm
Love this one too, Ma! You have a wonderful holiday season as well!

12/13/07 9:06 am
Another great article, Ma! Enjoy the holidays, too!