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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

HYBRID LAYOUT... Huh, What's That? 14 comments  
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Did you ever wonder what this is?

Hybrid is defined as being something of mixed origin or composition.  Most of us have heard of hybrid cars, but have you heard about hybrid scrapbooking?  I had heard of that term recently, but have never tried to make a detailed hybrid layout….UNTIL NOW…just in time for ACOT’s NSD Weekend Crop-Around-the Clock – May 2007.

So, my quest began with doing some research on hybrid scrapbooking layouts.  A hybrid scrapbook layout consists of using both paper scrapbooking items and digital items / techniques on your layout.  It can be as simple as printing out your journaling to be used on your page (like most of us have done in the past)….or adding some text or brushes to a photo and then printing it out to use for a layout.  It can be as complex as printing out almost everything from digital kits (or something you created yourself on the computer) and using those items to make a 3-D paper layout.

I started with picking one photo I wanted to use.  I chose different elements from digital kits by Marcie Reckinger (ACOT) that I thought would match with the photo.  I picked and chose different elements from a different number of her kits, sized them to the sizes I though would be appropriate, and printed them out on my Canon printer.  The sheet with the photo on it was printed onto matte photo paper and the other sheets with the other digital elements were printed onto white acid free cardstock.

I then went through my paper scrapbooking supplies and chose different items that I thought would look like they “matched” with my digitally printed out items.


After choosing these, I then cut out my digitally printed out items.

From here, I worked with all of my items and mixed and matched things that I thought looked good, moved things around until I was happy with the look I was going after here.  Only then did I transfer on the rub-on and add adhesive to my items and adhere them to my 12x12 sheet of patterned paper.

After a lot of hard work and tweaking here is the end-result of my first hybrid layout!  (Please bear with the scan of a lumpy layout!)

Posted by FairyMouseMom

Reader Comments ...
11/14/09 12:41 pm
Thank you so much for the greatly needed definition. :) Very appreciated.

8/26/07 4:55 am
Great article! Fantastic explaination for people that are new to the whole digi world like me!

6/6/07 12:34 am
I serioulsy need to try this some time! Thanks so much for the awesome tips!

6/1/07 11:56 pm
I have to say that I am totally impressed! Great article!

6/1/07 4:46 pm
oops inches not feet hehe

6/1/07 4:43 pm
I too love Hybrid, and I have almost always scrapbooking this way from the start. What I do is make a digi page with photo and embellishments, sometimes journaling, then print it up at 8'x 8' then I take my digi page to my scrapbook room and put it onto my 12' x 12' paper and embellish with my paper products. I love your HLO btw. I really like the tag with the flower attached idea, thanks for this wonderful article :)

txbelle26 . Sanger TX
6/1/07 4:08 pm
Great article!

6/1/07 2:31 pm
It was a nice class and the article is great, thank you Egle!

MindySue . Sitka, Alaska
6/1/07 12:02 am
Now, this sounds appealing to me. I like the idea of digi scrapping because then you don't have to store all your supplies, plus I like alot of the neat elements I've seen in some of the kits. But, I really like my supplies too! Now a great way to use both! Great article.

5/31/07 7:14 pm
I love hybrid too, it gives you the best of both worlds. Great combination for your HLO. (hybrid layout)

AmyTeets . Denver
5/31/07 2:33 pm
Kudos for cutting out those flowers!

5/31/07 9:12 am
Great article! I love hybrid scrapping too. Love your layout, what a fun mix of digi and paper products.

5/31/07 9:08 am
What a great article, Eg! I love this LO! Hybrid is truly the best of both worlds, the freedom of digital and the satisfaction of working with my hands! Thanks for sharing this with us!

5/31/07 7:13 am
Great article, Egle! Hybrid scrapping is fun!