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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Halloween Wreath Project by Making Memories 14 comments  
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{as seen at the MM booth, CHA Summer '09}

When the ACOT returned from CHA Summer, they shared some fantastic projects that were seen adorning the manufacturer's booths. This is one project that you, the ACOT community, begged to know more about so we contacted Making Memories and they graciously shared the instructions for this brilliant paper craft. Enjoy!

Halloween Wreath Instructions by Making Memories

halloween fall wreath a cherry on top

You will need the following Tools and Supplies:
Making Memories patterned paper, diecut paper 
Making Memories embellishments, ribbon
Styrofoam wreath
Paper trimmer
Lollipop Sticks
Hot glue gun, hot glue sticks
1.      Tie ribbon (for hanging) to the wreath.
2.      Cut 1/4" strips of different MM patterned papers and wrap each strip tightly around a pencil to curl. Create about 80 curled strips to start the project then cut and curl more as needed to complete the wreath.
3.      Using a hot glue gun, hot glue curled strips of paper, one at a time, to the Styrofoam wreath. Hot glue each curl up-close to the one prior. The curls should be at different angles to each other, not aligned.
4.      Keep adding curls until the wreath is covered (front, inner side, and outer side of wreath – but not the back).
5.      Cut lollipop sticks in half, then hot glue the sticks to the backs of MM die-cut labels, felt embellishments, and stickers. Insert sticks randomly into the wreath. Add hot glue if needed to keep sticks in place. Tie ribbon to some sticks if you like.
6.      Cut large circle out of scalloped die-cut paper, sized larger than the base of the wreath, then glue paper to the back side of the wreath.
7.      Hot glue additional curls to the wreath if needed so that none of the Styrofoam can be seen from the sides or front.
Another wreath variation by SarahA:

halloween fall wreath a cherry on top

About the author...
Many thanks to Jenny Weston of Making Memories for sharing this project with A Cherry On Top!

Posted by MamaK321

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Reader Comments ...
9/28/09 4:58 am
So wish I could make one for christmas. Might just have to make the order for it sometime.

9/7/09 1:03 pm
Mmmmmm...I'm seeing visions of Christmas presents in the making!!! This is an a adorable, versatile idea. Thanks for sharing it!

cat1393 . Long Island, NY
9/4/09 2:24 pm
what an awesome way to use up scraps too!

baltoscrapper . Baltimore Md
9/3/09 1:00 pm
I assume you make those strips 1/4" by 12"?

9/3/09 12:44 pm
Oh soo cool I wish I could buy everything for the project.. I guess you could really use any paper though huh?

9/3/09 10:56 am
Tfs! It's adorable. I'd like to make a Christmas wreath.

9/3/09 9:39 am
That is sooooo cute and I think I might try a fall or Christmas wreath.

emarie803 . The Mile High City
9/3/09 9:26 am
This is AWESOME!!! That is so nice that they shared the directions with us!

9/3/09 8:27 am
Thank you so much, I think I will try making one of these if I can find the paper.

9/3/09 7:37 am
Yes, I think a Christmas wreath would be nice....I'd have more time to do it. Thanks so much for directions.

Sus79 . Denmark
9/3/09 5:46 am
This is just so gorgeous! I really love it and would love to make one, but I don´t think I´ll ever get the nerves to start it, lol!

9/2/09 10:45 pm
Wow - I will definitely be doing this for Christmas!

writerlady . Southeast Connecticut
9/2/09 8:14 pm
How awesome that they shared with us! I think I'll make a Christmas one, too! TY

9/2/09 7:58 pm
This is really a great project! Probably I'll be doing it for x-mas! I loved it!

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