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Monday, May 4, 2009

How To Use Stickles On Your Scrapbook Page Layouts 1 comments  
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NSD Class Instructions

I want to start this class by giving you some basic tips that I have learned about using Stickles, and show you the different types of Stickles available.  I will then show you a few ways to use this awesome product, to accent your layouts and or cards and paper craft projects. Hopefully when I am done you will be reaching for your Stickles as often as I do...which seems to be almost every project I do lately.

So Gather your supplies and let's get started.

The supplies I used are:

Turquoise Stickles     Lemon Ice Stickles   Lime Ice Stickles   Worn Lipstick Stickles       Chunky Charms & Swirls    Wonderful

   Fancy Pants   Fancy Pants Kraft Kuts   Fancy Pants Transparency   Pink Paislee


Types of Stickles            

Here is  an example of the different types of Stickles side by side, photographing Stickles is not an easy task but I hope you can see the differences.

The regular stickles have a much smaller tip on the bottle and the color is much more concentrated. The Ice stickles have a very airy feeling about them. Their color is not as intense as any of the other Stickles the pieces of glitter in these are much larger than any of the other Stickles. . Glitz Stickles are just that glittzy... Distress Stickles come in shades to match the Tim Holtz Distress inks and are not at all shiny. I Love them because they add bling without adding shine...they are like a matte glitter if that makes sense.



I have that the best way to store Stickles is upside down. It helps to keep the tips from clogging  as easily. There are a few different ways that I have seen to do this. I have mine velcroed to the bottom edges of a spice rack. A friend has hers velcroed to a cookie sheet that she has tied to one of her shelves, and I love Scrapprincess18's  idea to velcro them to one of the acrylic frames.
Keep a needle close by, especially when working with regular Stickles, because of the smaller tip sometimes pieces pf glitter will get stuck. I use a needle/pin to push them back down the spout. Sometimes you will have to do this more than once, but it is well worth it.
I also keep a small piece of plain paper on my desk and I tap the Stickles top down on that each time before I use them and often while I am using them, this keeps them from "burping" as often and causing you to have boo-boo's.
But should you happen to  have a little "creative " mess up. Q-tips work wonders for cleaning up, I always have some within reach.
Your best bet when working with Stickles is to work from the top of your page down, and right to left ( unless you are a lefty of course). This helps you to avoid smearing the wet Stickles and making you mad.
Drying time--- drying time varies, but it can be fairly quick. I tend to let my projects sit a few hours before touching them. I use Stickles a lot and I have a fan that can be set to face down and I place my layouts under it -- my dh calls it my drying fan.

Layouts and Techniques

Fro each layout I will be showing you how I embellished each different element and then the completed layout.

Layout 1--  I used Lemon I Ice Stickles, Lime Ice Stickles, Warm Lipstick Distress Stickles, and Turquoise Stickles along with the Fancy Pants Kraft-Kuts.
I started by choosing which pieces I was going to use on my layout and I decided on the sun, the tree and the rainbow.
I started by embellishing my sun.  I used the Lemon I Ice Stickles for this piece. My first step was to outline the inner circle on the sun like so.
I then outlined all of the "rays' and lastly add dots to the center of the sun. I followed the pattern of the paper and added rows of dots at the intersecting lines.
Then I set it aside to dry.
My next piece was the tree. For this I used Lime Ice Stickles and Warm Lipstick Distress stickles.
I started by wanted to fill in all of the green area wit the lime Stickles. When working on such a large area I always outline the area I am working first and then fill it in.
When filling it in I put the tip of the stickles to the paper and with a small amount of pressure I work in circular motions between my outlines.
After I had that part filled in I wanted to work on the pink trees a little.  For the left tree I followed criss cross design of the paper and skipped every other line . working vertically only..like so
and for the right sided tree I placed a small dot on each of the lighter pink dots of the tree.
Next came the rainbow. I used all 4 types of stickles on this piece. On the bottom section I used the lime Ice stickles to add a dot on top of each of the dots in the green section, then I used the Lemon Ice to add a dot to the center of the large burst on the yellow section. on the cloud I added dots with the turquoise in the center of the diamonds and I used the warm lipstick to outline the top pink portion of the rainbow.
Next, I wanted to add a little pop to the photo I was going to be using as well. I matted my photo and used the Lemon Ice stickles to edge around the photo covering the entire mat area.


And the final completed layout using each of the above 


Layout #2- lemon Ice Stickles, Lime Ice Stickles, Pink Paislee papers, Chatterbox Charms

For this layout I wanted you how you can use stickles to accent a background and along the edges of papers to give them more definition.

I started by cutting a piece of green paper and using one of my edge punches and adhering it to the bottom half of the Wonderful Pink Paislee paper. I then used the Lime Ice stickles and followed the curve of the paper to give it a little more uumphh.  I also added a dot in between the punched circles of the edge.


 Next I used the lemon Ice and the Lime Ice stickles to along the green and yellow stripes of the background paper. This gives you exact lines to follow and adds a little dimension to your background.  This step was very difficult to photograph , so I had my dd take a picture of me actually doing it so hopefully you can what I am doing.


Next I decided on which of the Chatterbox charms I was going to use. When I am going to be covering a piece chipboard I like to outline the area I am working in first.



It could be left just like this, but I chose to fill mine in the rest of the way.


 Here is what my completed piece looks like.
When I combined these pieces with my pictures the final result is ........

Layout #3-  Fancy Pants Kraft Die Kut, Turquoise Stickles.
Again I wanted to show another way to accent a background.  I first cut out the center lines portion of the paper and distressed the edges( you can learn how to do this in Beth's distressing class later this weekend.)
Next, I used the turquoise stickles to make a dot on  the cross of each box.  The dots are varied in size but that helps to add dimension.

Here is a layout  completed using this background.


Layout # 4- Fancy Pants Summer Soirée Transparency Lemon Ice stickles, Lime Ice Stickles.

For this example I am going to show you how I embellished this transparency using stickles. I did not complete the layout yet, as I do not have and good summery pictures at the moment, but I will soon, so keep your eye on the gallery to see the completed layout sometime this summer.

I started by placing a small dot of either Lemon or Lime Ice stickles  on the yellow and green dots on the top and bottom. I also filled the rectangles on the edge of the frame in the same way. Then I felt it needed a little more so I followed the swirls that are on the transparency placing varying size dots to give the swirls more emphasis. This is the final result.



I hope you learned some great new ways to use and enjoy one of my favorite products---STICKLES!

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5/9/09 8:56 pm
I never thought to use them on the lines of patterned paper. Thanks for the idea. Great class.