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Friday, March 20, 2009

Inspiration is everywhere! 7 comments  
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Any common household object can spark an idea for a great page!

Some days it's harder than others to find that great idea you need to make that special page. The week we are focusing on using the world around you to be your inspiration for beautiful layouts. Each digi Ct member chose an object from around the house to use as inspiration for their layout. We even will be showing a photo of the object with the layout so you can see just how each person used the object as a starting point for their page.

Fabulous! by Janell (janello)


Janell says "This week our reveal is to pick a simple object from around your house to use as inspiration for a layout. You can be inspired by the color, shape, pattern, whatever touches you."

"One of my dear friends Jocelyn custom made me this awesome CD for me for Christmas. It has always reminded me of a scrapbook page, so when this challenge presented itself I immediately thought of my CD. I used the color pallete as well as the circular shape of the CD and also the swirls all around it. The CD it titled "Fabulous" so I borrowed that for my title too. It's always fun to find inspiration in places you wouldn't normally look."

Happy 3rd Birthday by Ronny (Smiley-Scrap8)



Ronny says "This week our reveal is to pick a simple object from around your house to use as inspiration for a layout. You can be inspired by the color, shape, pattern, whatever touches you. My dh challenged me to use the new Smart Cycle my ds got for his birthday as inspiration when I told him I wanted my layout to be about our ds's birthday. The color didn't work for the photos so I chose so I used some patterns found on the cycle, I love how it turned out."

White Winter by Laura (Art_Teacher)


Laura says: "I loved the reveal idea for this week to be inspired by an item in your home. I went looking for something that stood out graphically, and I found my lotion bottle. It was the perfect thing to challenge me to make my own background digitally, so I did!"

 Share a moment by Kristianne (MamaK321)


Kristianne says "For the digi CT's object inspiration reveal, I was inspired by two objects. I love the designs and 3D accents on this tee of mine, I used similar colors and stitched elements as well as the tree motif, on my layout. As I was searching for photos to use, I came across this picture I had taken of some cool wall art I found at Target the other day. I decided to not only use the message as a title but I also used the art as design inspiration, incorporating two large circles on my layout."

Home by Sandy (writerlady - March Digi Guest CT)


Sandy says "I knew when I saw these kits that I just HAD to use them. My inspiration was my bottle of Vivid Color Bleach... lol... found when I was doing my laundry!"

Rolly Poly Slinky by Sara (Keling)


Sara says "I just ordered a brand new electric hand mixer, cause I was sick-and-tired of using the manual one I had inherited with my "new" house. The box was just so COOL! So when the challenge came up for this week's reveal, I knew it would be perfect!"

Moments by Diana (dianagirly)


Diana says "I used my bathroom vanity as inspiration for my layout!"

Lawn Monster by Sarah (davsar)


Sarah says "Okay - I'm weird. I love my lawn mower. So I decided to do a page about it. I took my "object" inspiration from the cover of "Unplugged Play."

Happy Birthday Maggie by Amanda (mkcdaisy)


Amanda says "The reveal today was to use something in your house as inspiration. I used the wall in my office that I painted last year."

JIF by Angie (nun69)


Angie says "So for my inspiration I had the perfect picture {of my object} and my subject {Abby}....I love the way the front of the label to the JIF peanut butter jar looked, so I took that and ran with it by making the 3 big blocks and literally using the word JIF! the picture of the JIF was actually taken the same day as the picture of Abby with the PB ALL OVER her face! so there is inspiration everywhere, you just have to look!"

Some ladies chose color, some shape and some even chose entire rooms as inspiration. We hope these fabulous layouts have inspired you to look around your house and see what great ideas are sitting right in front of you.





Posted by Smiley-Scrap8

Reader Comments ...
3/23/09 1:17 pm
Love this reveal! Great layouts!!

Kara . Howard County, Maryland or Woolford
3/22/09 5:52 pm
wow you really did a great job ladies. They all resemble the objects!

Janell . Indiana
3/21/09 8:50 am
Loved the article and all the clever layouts that came from the inspiration! That's awesome.

3/21/09 7:46 am
soooo cool!!!! great layouts!!

3/20/09 6:24 pm
Great article! I will look around me for inspiration on my next layout!

Sus79 . Denmark
3/20/09 12:36 pm
Awesome pages, ladies. What a great way to find inspiration :o) Thank you for sharing it

ScrapGoo . Framingham, MA
3/20/09 12:30 pm
What a cool reveal, ladies! I love seeing how you found inspiration in your objects!