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Monday, December 11, 2006

Kristin's Picks, II 7 comments  
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at it again!

How quickly these days go by. When I was a kid, it seemed to take forever for December 25 to roll around. Now it's creeping up so quickly. Somehow, in the next couple of weeks I have a gazillion things to accomplish. I know I'll get it all done - and worrying about it just seems to magnify my to do list. I need to take my own advice and slow down to smell the Christmas Trees!

Ok, enough of that for now. I just want to know one thing? who's idea was it anyway for me to go back to school and finish my degree? At the end of each semester, as papers are due and exams are inevitable, I ask myself that very question. After Wednesday of this week, I can breathe easier.

I took the kids to see the Santa Claus 3 movie yesterday. It seemed to be a great holiday-mom’s weekend thing to do. The best part was the popcorn. Enough said.

After the movie, we stopped at ACOT – of course – to put products away. My boys are quite adept at this now. I figure that at 11 and 14 they need to learn a life-skill, ha! They actually seem to have fun putting products out in the warehouse. I think it’s because they get to use the PDA’s to scan the product barcodes and then the product location labels.

I think I’ve mentioned before that I really do enjoy handling the new products as they come in. Sure beats sitting at my desk shuffling papers around, trying to look important. I just have to tell you about a few of the new products that have come in lately that just blew me away.

Doodlebug. I just love the bright colors, the whimsical designs, the fun feel of these products. As I put the papers on the shelf yesterday afternoon, I told myself that once things settle down in my life and I start scrapping again, these are the papers I’d use for my pages. You just have to see these products in person to appreciate what I mean.


Heidi Grace. Wow, just wow. Ok, so I do get excited about certain new product lines. But the new Heidi Grace products - especially Sugar Plum Forest – really impressed me. The color and feel of these products are top notch. I especially like the cardstock stickers, they’re quite thick actually. Here’s a sneak peek:

Bohemia. The blues and browns of this line are so pretty. It’s hard to put into words what I like about these papers and stickers. I think the images will help you decide for yourself:

Posted by A Cherry On Top

Reader Comments ...
12/13/06 12:06 pm
great article, love your picks, and how awesome about the boys!! (i dread the end of semester work too, ick!)

ArmyWife95 . Chesapeake, VA.
12/12/06 2:58 pm
I like the Bohemia and Heidi Grace.

12/12/06 6:43 am
I picked up photos yesterday that are begging for the new Doodlebug.

12/11/06 12:09 pm
cool! thanks for another installment of Kristin's Picks! i love your reviews

12/11/06 12:05 pm
I love the Bohemia

12/11/06 10:21 am
Love the Doodlebug goodies!

12/11/06 8:25 am
Ooooh, that Heidi Grace stuff looks cute!!!