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Sunday, May 3, 2009

Learn How To Make Paper Boxes for All Occasions  
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Paper Box Class

Seed PacketGift Card HolderPaper BoxConePyramid BoxCrimped Edge ConeFry BoxGift Box #1Mini BagTrapezoid BoxTempting TemplateTake Out Box

We all have parties - birthdays, Christmas, wedding showers, baby showers and more.   Now we don’t do favors for all parties but some.  Want to wow them with favor containers?? Want to give a gift at a party in something personally made instead of something bought at a store?? Want to include something creative that they can keep and use for something else when the gift is gone?? Well here we go.  Boxes, bags and cones that you can use to fill with stuff.  Something you can give in a creative way.

We will start with the more simple things and go from there.  I will be doing most of the items with both paper scrapbook stuff and digital scrapbook stuff and will include the supplies for each project as well as a list at the end.  In the end you will have many options for parties or anything else you want to give them for.

A few things to know and remember:
1. It is best to cut down your paper to printer size and print the template directly on the paper. This way you have all the lines you need for cutting and folding
2. You will cut on solid lines and score on dotted lines.
3. You want to use a good adhesive so that the boxes stay together.
4. Most of these projects will work best with a double sided paper. That way you have a design or color inside and out.

Seed Packet

This is very simple and takes very little time.
Digital Template: ACOT #501-9002877 - Printable Seed Packet/Envelope Template by Di Hickman

Paper Supplies: ACOT #313-00445 - Fancy Pants Potpourri Paper

Digital Kit: ACOT # 328-9005053 – Love Birds by Amy Teets

Step 1: Print template on back of desired paper
Step 2: Cut on solid lines
Step 3: Fold on dotted line (or at corners where they would be a line)

Step 4: Fold bottom flap in

Step 5: Fold one side over and tape or glue to the bottom flap

Step 6: Fold other side over and tape/glue to first flap

At this point you can decorate it however you would like on the front.

Be sure to have a way to close the flap.
Here are the 2 finished ones:

Gift Card Holder Digital Template:

ACOT #396-9004219 – Gift Card Holder Template by Sweet Cherry Designs

Paper Supplies:

ACOT #38-02522 – Bo Bunny Grease Monkey Paper

Digital Kit:

ACOT # 351-9004693 – Pear Extraordinaire by Bella Gypsy

Step 1

: Print template lines on the paper.


: This is one of those projects that using a double sided paper would be best.


You can also print on both sides of the paper for the digital one. Just don’t print the lines on both sides – just one.

Step 2

: Cut along cut lines

Step 3

: Fold on fold lines

Step 4

: Cut small slit for tab to fit in

Step 5

: Decorate

here are my finished ones


Paper Box

Paper Supplies: ACOT #421-00460 – Cosmo Cricket School’s Out Paper

ACOT # 162-01647 – Bazzill Beeswax Cardstock

ACOT # 162-10384- Bazzill Jacaranda Cardstock

Digital Kit: ACOT # 38-9005074 – What A Zoo By Becki Kress


Step 1: Cut paper into desired size square (I used 11 x 11)
Step 2: On back of paper draw an X
Step 3: Start with one corner and fold up to center of X and crease then fold the paper again up to the line.

Do this on all 4 corners – this will leave a block pattern on the paper

Step 4: On 2 opposite side cut in 2 squares across and 2 squares deep.

Step 5: Sides with triangle flaps, fold in and tape/glue on both sides.

Step 6: Fold in triangle flaps on both sides – overlapping and gluing – you will now have the look of a box with extra parts

Step 7: Fold and tape the extra flaps into the box

Step 8: Do this same thing for the bottom of the box but cutting the square a little more than ¼” smaller.
Step 9: Decorate


now there are lots of different ways to do the cones. I have given one template here and then for the other you just need a half circle


Template: Half Circle
Paper Supplies: ACOT #305-09777 – KI Memories Girly Girl Multi Stripe Paper

Digital Kit: ACOT #333-9004531 – Elliot by Kim Hill



Pillow Box


Paper Supplies: ACOT #262-61022 – We R Memory Keepers Newman Paper

Digital Kit: ACOT #480-9004912 – And Many More by Danielle Young

I really like this one

I found it easier to place one hand one each side of the folded box and use my fingernail on the inside and my finger on the outside to score the curve part


Pyramid Box


Paper Supplies: ACOT #151-02951 – Heidi Grace Ribbons of Love Paper

Digital Kit: ACOT # 538-9005090 – Sassy Princess by Becki Kress

these are very simple

this one is so much easlier than I was thinking but you will need a paper crimper

Crimped Edge Cone

Paper Supplies:
ACOT #419-00502 – Moxxie Slumber Party Paper

ACOT #166-50911 – Pebbles Inc. Happily

start with a rectangle and fold in half long ways and tape or glue the open side together

tape one end closed

then you would fill before taping the other end closed but you are gonna make the close go the opposite direction

now all you have to do is crimp the ends


Fry Box


Paper Supplies: ACOT #166-50906 – Pebbles Inc Together Paper

Digital Kit: ACOT # 351-9004690

– Doodle Me Happy by Bella Gypsy
I love this one and I think it would be great if you are giving a fast food resturant gift card

Now i'm not giving alot of written instruction here but most of these once you print the template they will either tell you or they are very simple.

i have 5 more items and these next 2 i only have digital templates for. But don't let that stop you. Even if you don't do digital you can still use digital templates.

Gift Box #1

Digital Template: ACOT #501-9004740 – Gift Box #1 by Di Hickman

Paper Supplies: ACOT #421-00452 – Cosmo Cricket Sunday Paper

ACOT # 421-00487- Cosmo Cricket Girl Friday CS Stickers

Digital Kit:
ACOT #488-9004641 – Feeling Happy by Julie Bullock


Mini Bag

Digital Template: ACOT #501-9002875 – Printable Mini Bag by Di Hickman

Paper Supplies: ACOT #38-02167 – Bo Bunny It’s My Party Day

Digital Kit:ACOT # 515-9004892 – Sweet Dreams by Little Mrs. Liz Designs

this is another of the digital ones but still very simple and very cute. Put a little tissue in them (I didn't have any) and it will look great.


Trapezoid Box


Paper Supplies: ACOT #412-00466 – Cosmo Cricket Mischievous Max

This one is really need and easy. Don't forgot to punch your wholes for the ribbon


This one is much easier than you would think and really cute

Tempting Template


Paper Supplies: ACOT #205-09764 – KI Memories Family Tree Neighbors

Digital Kit: ACOT # 333-9004666 – Slumber Party by Kim Hill



ok ladies here is the last one and let me tell you it almost drove me nuts but I got it. So take your time and done give up

Take Out Box

Paper Supplies:  ACOT #199-31835 – Chatterbox Fabulous Buttons Paper


ok that is all i have for the class. I hope that you got some great ideas and when you get some done let me know so I can check them out. I will start on the article soon but until then you have the treat with things. Thank you for joining me today.


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