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Monday, September 14, 2009

Let's Add Some Layers of Memorabilia! 9 comments  
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Tattered Angels, Graphic 45, My Mind's Eye and Little Yellow Bicycle all layered up!!!

Hi. My name is Laura, and I am a collector. A collector of bits and pieces of paper, of receipts, of cards from birthdays long past, of old report cards, and calendars from all of the years of the life my husband and I have shared. I am a collector of photos, and ribbons, and baseball cards, and metro passes. My addiction goes way back to the days when I was a Rainbow Girl and in charge of making the Worthy Advisor's scrapbook. I would sneak around behind her and snatch every little napkin, or paper towel full of scribbled notes, or lobster tail (don't ask!) to put together a memorial of her term in office. Collecting things became even more of a way of life for me after Vic and I got married and took some amazing vacations, and yes, had our children. How could I ever part with each and every card that was given to me for a baby shower? Or Jessica and Nick's best artwork from preschool? Well, if you haven't figured it out, I'll tell you...I haven't parted with much of it. I have saved lots of papers and bits of our lives, and put them in rubbermaid tubs labeled with each of our names and they have filled up one more corner of my house. When I recently met up with Nicolas' kindergarten teacher, and we laughed about his hatred for everything crayon in her class, it made me want to pull out the boxes and go through them.


What I found was a scrapbooker's dream...or maybe it's a nightmare? I wanted so badly to scrap some of these items, that I quickly (almost without thinking ) told Pam that this is what I would like to share for my next reveal. GREAT! Having committed to it, I had to go all in, even though the fear of not doing some of these fun items justice was there. Once I made the decision though, I started looking for some creative ways to blend scrapbook products with my found items to make them look way better than those Rainbow scrapbooks I took part in oh so long ago. After all, isn't it better to have these items in an album where you can see them, and share them with your family, than to have them tucked away in a rubbermaid tub?

For my first project, I pulled out the bag of goodies I had saved on our vacation to the East Coast last summer. I have over 300 photos from that trip, so I just printed a few highlights and the rest will go in my album. Tattered Angels has the perfect album for vacations, called Travel Ledger. It has a clear (Glimmer Glass) cover that I was able to layer a bunch of fun memorabilia on!


As you can see, I've used a Metro Card, a bit of map, and a ticket to the spy museum in my layers here. I also introduced a bit of the Graphic 45 paper here so that the album would flow together well.


I came home from this vacation with more maps than I will ever use again, and they can easily be replaced if we ever make it to the East Coast again, so I used the maps as the base for all of my pages. Because the album pages are circular, and I didn't want to cut all of my papers into circles, I glimmer misted each page with Gold and Hollyberry Glimmer Mist before I put anything else down so that I wouldn't have any plain white pages showing. I also inked the edges with brown ink. Once the map was on the page, I felt like it was just floating so I decided to add the black postage stamp borders to ground it all to the pages. On the inside cover page, I placed an envelope for any of our tour pages or extra tickets that I didn't choose to use on the pages themselves. I've repeated this envelope idea throughout the album so that I could keep all of the interesting souveneirs together. The seat assignments from our flight added a bit of fun to this page!

For the next few pages, I used tour souveneirs that I cut up to make titles, a train ticket and some access passes to add interest to the photos.

To ground the photos even better, I cut up a few more of the Graphic 45 papers to make borders on the pages.  To see the rest of the album, click on the cover link above.


For my next project, I found all of Jessica's newspaper clippings from her cross country days. She was pretty successful, so there are LOTS! In the past, when I've tried to scrapbook them, they looked really sloppy because the articles are never on the same page as the photos, so I just gave up...until now. I recently saw a school page in Creating Keepsakes Magazine where a folder was used to place papers in. So I grabbed a few file folders and voila! No more sloppy newspaper articles!

I've been wanting to share some of my ideas about layering in one of my articles so here is where I'm going to do that! I started with three photos, a few papers, and the file folder.

The border was cut from the Graphic 45 paper, and the two blue papers are from Little Yellow Bicycle's Fall line. Cute, huh? And not a bad looking page, but what can I do to add interest? How about a few bits of ribbon, and a border from Kaiser Craft? And maybe even a cool embroidered patch?  A journaling spot and bright title, finish off the page. Isn't this much more fun to look at?


Lastly, as I was digging through those tubs, I came upon some cards my kids had made me that made me literally laugh out loud! My kids crack me up all the time now, but I had forgotten how long they have been doing that until I found these little homemade cards from Mother's Day and my birthday 1997. I'm pretty sure you can read the front of one of the cards in the photo! Well, what mom isn't going to have a tear in her eye when she comes across treasures like this? Totally scrappable! Of course I want the cards to be left as they are, so I just cut up an envelope for my page and placed them in it. It's pretty easy to decorate an envelope, since they're just paper too! I was even inspired to make this a monochromatic layout to fit the September contest! So, here are the bare essentials of my layout

Pretty pink papers from the Oo La La line by My Mind's Eye, the cards, and a bow from a bouquet of flowers my kids finally gave me this year.

The basics...pretty, right?

But let's add a few more layers! First I distressed everything and inked it pink to go along with the monochromatic feel. Next, I added in that ribbon I had nearly forgotten to use. Added a few diecuts from this awesome My Mind's Eye Page Pack...the photo frame, I cut in half to make a corner and a decoration for the card envelope. The bordered edge is actually part of the packaging from the page kit! I just punched it with a border punch. A few buttons, and the title and journaling over the top of it all complete this page.


Keep your eyes peeled for my gallery in the next few weeks, because I never even got to the project that started all of this...the page containing Nicolas' report cards and beautiful uncolored pages from kindergarten is coming soon! You can bet that from now on when I want to add a layer to my scrapbooking pages, I'll be digging around in those rubbermaid tubs to see what's there!


For these projects, I used the following products:





Posted by Laura Fiore

Reader Comments ...
suslvgeo . Colorado
9/24/09 9:04 am
have I mentioned I think uyou rock?

9/16/09 1:05 am
are you telling me there is hope for the rest of us, yet?! i looove this reveal, you made it look do-able :) i'm glad you went for it and those precious lil' cards are THE best!!

emarie803 . The Mile High City
9/15/09 2:17 pm
LOVE what you did with that mini album!!!I'm so gonna steal it for when I go to Boston this winter!! As always, you did fabulous and I am jealous over your layering (as always!) Love how you incorporated the areticles and the cards!!

bluejeans7 . Kansas
9/14/09 9:38 pm
OMG Laura! I love your reveal and those homemade cards your kids gave you are the best!

9/14/09 6:40 pm
I love your layering tutorial! Fabulous mini album, too. I totally love all the memorabilia- it makes the pages so interesting!

megamay . Philadelphia, PA
9/14/09 5:05 pm
this is wonderful! great job!

scraptag . Next to Disneyland
9/14/09 4:43 pm
Always love your work Laura. Thanks for taking thru some of the steps on that last layout. It's fun so see how your mind works....

9/14/09 4:34 pm
Unbelievable! You were born to be a scrapper!!!

9/14/09 12:18 pm
So many great ideas!! Your LO's are breathtaking and I just love your mini album! I guess I'll have to go thru my tubs, too!