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Monday, March 9, 2009

Loop Flower Tutorial 12 comments  
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Posted by Beth-W

Learn how to make these easy Loop Flowers in this step by step tutorial.


Loop Paper Flower Tutorial




You will need:


-Glue Dots

-Paper Strips in 3 different colors/patterns

**I used

22) 3” x ½”

22) 2 ½” x ½”

11) 2” x ½”

7) 1 ½” x ½”

-1 ¾” circular piece of chipboard or card stock

-Something for the center of the flower:

You could use brads or buttons.





Step 1

Take the largest strips of patterned paper (3” x ½”) and loop the one side over to meet the end of the other side. The ends should be touching. Do NOT fold the strip in half! Add a glue dot to the inside of the ends to keep the loop like this permanently.


Complete this step for all of the strips:

Step 2

Grab your chipboard or card stock circle. Using glue dots, attach 11 of the largest loops (3” x ½”) to the other edge of the circle.

Step 3

Flip the entire thing over.

Step 4

Add another layer of loops using the largest size strips (3” x ½”).  I tried to place them in the gaps created by the previous layer.

Step 5

Using the 2 ½” x ½” paper strips, add another row of loops to the flower. Once again, I added them in between the gaps of the previous layer.

Step 6

Using the same size paper loops as Step 5 (2 ½” x ½”), add another layer of paper loops to the flower. Remember to place them between the gaps of the previous layer for even placement.

Step 7

Using the 2” x ½” size paper loops, add another row to the flower.

Step 8

Using the 1 ½” x ½” paper loops, add the last layer to the flower.

Step 9

Add a center to your flower. Here I used a button with a Prima Say It in Crystals rhinestone cluster. In my reveal, I used a chipboard coaster with a jewel in the center. By layering the different materials, you have so many options.

You can change the sizes of the center and paper loops to make a larger or smaller flower. My finished flower was almost 4” in diameter. You could also create the flower with ribbon or fabric loops.

You could use epoxy shapes, chipboard, or bling. You could also layer more than one of these for an awesome look.

Posted by Beth-W

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Reader Comments ...
3/6/12 8:14 pm
how fun!!!!! I would love to do this...not sure I have the patience to cut the strips of paper though. I am guessing there must be so pre-cut strips of paper that can be purchased, eh? Either way, I will probably try this, the end product is just too darn cute!!!!!!

Kitkat137 . Shady Side, MD
3/26/10 8:21 pm
i just made one. Great tutorial!

3/25/10 7:19 pm
Terrific flower!! Thanks for the pictures and instructions.

4/15/09 7:18 pm
Just a 'P.S.' to my previous comment. I did make this lovely loop flower to adorn the lid of my exploding box project and it is perfect! Looks so nice! Thank u for this tutorial!

4/14/09 12:30 pm
Very lovely. I think this will be a great addition to the lid of my exploding box that I am going to make! Thanks so much!

3/15/09 10:22 am
Love it! Thanks for the tutorial!!

3/12/09 12:53 pm
This is so beautiful. And very good instructions, too.

3/11/09 8:59 am
Very cute!!

3/9/09 10:16 pm
Love that flower. Can't wait to show my granddaughters how to do it. They'll love it! And your instructions are so easy to follow.

Sus79 . Denmark
3/9/09 3:00 pm
Wow, that is amazing. Thank you for sharing you awesome talent :o)

3/7/09 4:31 pm
This TOTALLY ROCKS - WOW!! I am sooooooooooooooo going to make one of these!!

3/7/09 3:40 pm
I think this is amazing and beautiful and could become my newest addiction! Thanks for the awesome tut Beth!

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