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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

MIX-n-MATCH Mini Album 16 comments  
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Fancy Pants "Mix-n-Match Biggest Board Chipboard"

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*If you do not have any photos that will work with these papers, convert them
into black & white... unless it is a gift, then simply leave the photo areas blank.


Let's get started!

This is how each chipboard page is going to look when you've finished covering them
with their coordinating patterned papers (front & back page = front & back paper).

Let's start with the cover, using the "dainty" paper (see name on the right bottom corner).
Use liquid glue or mod podge on the smallest chipboard and place it face down on the
paper...give it a couple of minutes, and trim edges with a pair of scissors or with an
X-acto knife. (Please watch your fingers!) Make sure that you adhere the paper edges
properly, so it doesn't bunch up and peel off when sanding. You may also sand it later.


PAGE 1-5:
Please proceed to cover the rest of the chipboard pages with their coordinating papers.

( Note on Page 2 - if you have this Heidi Swapp "distresser" it's perfect for the edges )


Designing the Cover:

Take the circle chip with the round design and cover the ring with your choice of paper.
Cut away the excess paper, inside & out. Then, sand it using Basic Grey's Precision set.
When you've finished, use the ring to trace on to another piece of paper to use as base.

The base can either be left blank or you can add a circle text inside the ring, up to you!
If left blank, you can later on add a photo, flower, rub-ons, circle bling or whatever...

But, if you opt to add a circle text inside, here's a quick tutorial on how to use MS Word.
1 - Choose "new blank document" in your Word program to open up a new page.
2 - Click on the "A" icon at the bottom menu and a "Word Art Gallery" prompt will pop up.
< TIP: If not found, go to menu, click VIEW, TOOLBARS, and check WORD ART >
3 - Highlight the 3rd one (shaped like a rainbow), click OK and type your title/text/etc.
4 - From the Word Art menu, click Word Art Shape (cartoonish-looking "A") and choose
the circle or curve shape, so now you will be able to stretch the text into a circle.
< TIP: Adjust text spacing by clicking the "AV" icon or Word Art Character Spacing >
5 - Print the text out on a scratch paper or cardstock (after playing & eyeballing the right
size that will fit inside the ring). After printing, tape the patterned paper that you cut
out (use removable adhesive) right on top of the text & run it through the printer again.
< TIP: Hold cardstock & paper up to the window or any light to help with alignment >


Designing the Circle Chips:

This part is LABOR INTENSIVE, if you wish to paint these chips with acrylics or alter them later
when you have more time is fine too. You'll have to use x-acto carefully to cut around the chips
and use the BG sanding tools to get into the nooks & crannies of each design. Speaking of designs,
make sure you use the shapes that fit your theme (mine serves as examples and ones i really like).
You can also mix & match the type of patterned papers you want to use on them, totally up to you!
< TIP: Another option which is actually faster is to use acrylic paints instead of papers >
And, this is what they look like when you've finished altering them:


Building the Chipboard Pages:

1- You can use a corner rounder withOUT the guard to make scallops, use a deco scissor or
just do it freehand, even straight is fine. 2- As I've mentioned, inking is completely optional.

I have added each paper dimensions for easy reference, so that if you want to put the papers
together like an assembly line later for each page, you can... PAGE 1 & the back of the COVER.
< TIP: Use the negative side of the round chips for a photo, dates, quotes, or journaling >

Page 2 & the back of Page 1:

Page 3 & the back of Page 2:

Page 4 & the back of Page 3:

Page 5 & the back of Page 4:


Finished Chipboard Pages:

After each page construction, you should start thinking about how you can "make this your own"
by personalizing it with a variety of embellishments like buttons/doodles/swirls/stamps/charms/etc.

Final Step:

Use the Crop-a-Dile to punch a hole or two and bind each page with a metal ring or a ribbon
and make sure that you align them properly by holding each page upright on a flat surface.


Here's what my personalized mini album look like:

I added buttons, swirl rub-ons & clear stamps, ghost shapes, sequins, bling here and there,
tabs, mini tags, flowers, sticker quotes, and even turned a circle chip into a shaker box! :)


Posted by scrapsakes

Reader Comments ...
7/20/07 5:02 pm
thank you so much!!

i sent you a pm a while back, tynajan (i hope you got it :)) and in case any one else is wondering... i didn't use white ink around the edges, but did go a lil' nuts sanding the papers and the grey does show IRL except not so much in the photos here, probably due to the use of flash.

5/28/07 8:15 pm
I wondered if you used white ink dabbed or rubbed onto the edges of the chipboard for these pieces. It is wonderful book, Grace.
I have tried sanding, but the edges are still grey and would like a finished look, which tends to look white in the photos of your Mix-n-Match from a Cherry on Top album. Any hints or impressions about this idea?

5/26/07 7:11 pm
These are great; love these mini albums

5/22/07 3:15 am
Amazing article and examples Grace!!

5/17/07 6:52 pm
Thanks for doing this, I didn't think to get the supplies until after the crop started and my sister and I are going to make two up. It's so cute!

5/17/07 2:28 am
this is really neat - wants to make me try this type of mini-album!

5/16/07 9:58 am
O wow this is a cool mini album, love it!!

5/15/07 8:06 pm
What a cool mini album!! Now I want to make this. Great job!

5/15/07 6:46 pm
That is an amazing little album!

5/15/07 5:38 pm
Grace, I got my supplies and am ready to make this! Thank you so much! This album is gorgeous!

suslvgeo . Colorado
5/15/07 1:30 pm
Grace.....this is WICKED COOL!!!!!

5/15/07 12:48 pm
This is awesome!!!

5/15/07 11:01 am
This is so gorgeous, Grace! I want to make one of my own!!

5/15/07 9:42 am
This is so pretty!

5/15/07 8:59 am
Wowie, Grace!!!!

5/15/07 8:22 am
Oh my Grace, this is gorgeous! Thanks for taking the time to do this and all of the photos and instructions are so helpful! I can't wait to make this!!