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Monday, May 7, 2007

Meet Amy (aka amtmhj) 21 comments  
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She's a single mom of two girls and a full-time student. Find out what inspires her when she scraps and much, much more.

How long have you been scrapbooking and how did you get started?

I started scrapbooking in March of 2005 following a major bout of depression. I walked into a craft store and saw all this “stuff” and thought, “I can do this.” It started as a way of healing from the inside out, now it’s about the art form and the joy I get from creating.

I tell all my friends not to go to therapy; just start a Book of Me. Those revelations you pull from that are far more insightful. However, I think therapy may still be cheaper.

Tell us about your family life.

I’m a single mom with two girls. Taylor is 11, (soon to be 12), and Hannah is 6. We have a cat named Sadie. I think she has multiple personalities-a lot like the ex-boyfriend who gave her to me, but we still love her unconditionally.

I’m a full-time student at Washington State University (GO COUGS!) via their Distance Degree Program. I’m finishing my Bachelor’s degree, and want to start Grad school in fall of 2008. Some may be surprised to know that I love academia…I’m kind of geeky about that stuff.

What inspires you in your scrapping?

I love catalogs for color combinations and ads in magazines for title ides. My passion for art is a huge inspiration. I love pop art, folk art, unique photography. I have a big collection of art and photography books that I constantly look through for inspiration.

I’d be a big fibber if I denied that children’s book characters influence my layouts. You can’t help but be inspired by all the bright colors and cheerfulness in children’s books and the “attitudes” of certain book characters. Some of my favorites are Miss Spider, Eloise, Paddington Bear, Ramona the Pest, and Pippi Longstocking. I have the books scattered throughout my scrapbook room, and framed pictures of book characters.

Most importantly, the gallery at ACOT is my prime source of inspiration. There is so much talent here;I feel lucky that people share so much of their art here.

What do your friends and family think of your hobby?

Well, the kids love it. They scrapbook my “not so good” pictures, plus, they have the best art supplies in town. I have two aunts and a cousin that have started scrapbooking, and I think they understand my obsession. My uncle, on the other hand, is threatening to disown me for introducing my aunt to ACOT’s scrapbook shoppe. My friends don’t get a say in my hobby…my motto is “Love me, love my scrapbooking.”

What is a favorite layout that you've done and why do you like it so much?

My latest favorite is “My Children Color My World Beautiful.” I like it because of the bold colors, the painting on the lo (I LOVE to paint on lo’s), and the fact that the girls and I came up with those words to describe our family. It’s just a really special layout to me…not to mention that my kids look pretty darn cute too.

How did you find ACOT and how long have you been on the Message Boards?

I found ACOT in March-April 2005. I hate shopping in stores as it is, but I REALLY hate shopping for scrabooking supplies in a store. It’s just too overwhelming for me. I can’t think and everything starts to look the same. I think they call that sensory overload.

I wanted to see what’s was really out there, so I started surfing the net for a place that easy to shop at. (ie, pretty darn organized and easy to follow) ACOT fit what I was looking for. I remember going to the mb to see if there was any directions on how to set an eyelet. I couldn’t figure it out for the life of me…; I got plenty of help and then some.

What draws you to the Message Boards?

The humor, Hottie threads, Grey’s Anatomy analysis threads, the gallery, the Wednesday night chats, and just the general going-ons of people’s lives. It’s just a fun place to hang out!

Not to mention that Tania (koala1966) and I are running for President in 2008. We have people who listen to us here. (well, at least they pretend to! ha-ha) As campaign funds are rather low right now (okay, rather negative funds), we need all the free publicity we can get.

Shameless Plug: Vote Jr. & Tania in 2008! We’re in it to win it!

Do you have a favorite memory or event that came from being a member of the Board?

I have made many friends here…an online community can really become like an online family. We laugh, we celebrate, we grieve, we fight, we support each other through ups and downs…all the makings of a great virtual family. The mb is really the stuff that memories are made of. The memories are countless…and I need to stop here and plead the 5th. I’m sure my fond memories will get me censored. However, Tania and I have had an absolute blast discussing our future Presidency and designing ads!

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Reader Comments ...
5/15/07 11:44 pm
Hi Amy: I can relate to the therapeutic scrapbooking. Losing my parents and going through separation was difficult. Being a mom to three wonderful children, one who is autistic is difficult but rewarding and loving. I cherish moments through scrapbooking and try to remember the good ones through scrapbooking too. Although I did go to therapy my counsellor told me to continue with my scrapbooking because she knows how much it heals me from the past. Keep on scrappin....My life is an open - scrap - book.....I want to share all of the good stuff, cry about the sad stuff and say goodbye once it is in the book.....all the best and good luck at school. I am applying for college to become an Educational Assitant so I can help children like my son. Inspiration is life and what we make out of it....take care your layout is wonderful, hope to see more. Anabela

5/8/07 9:09 pm
Nice learning a little bit more about you!

5/8/07 8:34 pm
Nice meeting you, it is a real merit to study and have kids, congratulations, and your work is awesome!

5/8/07 2:50 pm
I love this, Amy!

MindySue . Sitka, Alaska
5/7/07 4:24 pm
Nice to get to know more about you!

5/6/07 11:53 pm
Well, that was fun getting to know you a little Amy! You are even more fun than I thought!

5/6/07 8:23 pm
ITA w/ the children's books for inspiration and you've got the perfect motto!!

5/6/07 12:06 pm
Look at you in the spotlight! Yay!

5/6/07 9:18 am
Hey Amy! Great to "meet" ya!

suslvgeo . Colorado
5/5/07 9:03 pm
HEY THERE JR!!!! Great to "meet" you. LOVE LOVE that layout!!

5/4/07 9:39 pm
Nice to meet you, Amy!

5/4/07 8:22 pm
Great article, Amy!!! I am so glad to get to know you more!! Best of luck in 2008---you have my vote!

5/4/07 6:15 pm
Amy is ont he home page!!! WHOA HOA!!!!!

5/4/07 1:54 pm
Wahoooo, Amy on the home page! So glad to see you featured, Junior, and learn a little more about you. Good luck with the campaign!

5/4/07 12:45 pm
Okay - how cool is this - you and me paired up for May!

zanettac . Ohio
5/4/07 12:01 pm
Nice to meet you!

5/4/07 11:17 am
Hi Junior!!

5/4/07 11:00 am
Hey you!!!

5/4/07 10:58 am
Love you!

5/4/07 10:25 am
OMV - this is campaign genius! You rock!

Kara . Howard County, Maryland or Woolford
5/4/07 10:13 am
Great to get to know you Amy!! Umm,,are you taking campaign donations? lol