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Thursday, December 14, 2006

Meet Linda (Claritee) 17 comments  
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She's mom to a special lady here at ACOT and you can find her talented pages showcased in the Gallery.

Greetings to all! I am a native of southern California, a writer and fulltime professor of English. I raised my two daughters by myself after the death of their father in 1975, and my family has grown now to include my second husband, his son and daughter-in-law, my son-in-law, and all six of our grandchildren.

I began scrapping two years ago because my older daughter (Elsie, a member of the CT at ACOT) had begun to do and think of little other than scrapbook layouts. It seemed to me that the way to continue spending valuable time with her was to join her in the hobby of paper crafts.

For me, scrapping is not about memorializing family moments. My children are grown, and my daughter is turning my grandchildren’s lives into layouts. She has the family covered. So, for me, the making of a page is a meditative exercise in which I lose myself in the colors and textures of paper, ink, and paint. As I cut and piece and draw, I lift myself out of the concerns of the day, and I wonder, remember, and imagine. In this way, my scrapping is much like other endeavors of my life have been—riding a horse or taking a photograph or writing a poem. These are transcending acts. And where my scrapping is concerned, my pages reflect my meditation in the details I work into corners and along edges.

My favorite line of papers is by Basic Grey because, first, the richness of colors falls between the primaries, just as my favorite season—autumn—falls between the heat of summer and the cold of winter. So it is that I love the sober lime of Urban Couture, the garish canary of Lucky, and the risky flamingo of Romani. And the second reason that I love Basic Grey is that the makers of this brand have a flair for metaphor and irony in the naming of their lines. The company name alone—Basic Grey—calls up a chuckle. Basic Grey is everything but grey, and—in the metaphor—never black or white.

I visit the gallery at ACOT because I find ideas there in the creative layouts and photographs and techniques of other scrappers. With paper crafts, there is always the possibility of something new—an unconsidered angle, a shape within a shape, an unexpected word, the intimate quality of layouts that makes each as different as a fingerprint.


Posted by MaBuglet

Reader Comments ...
12/14/06 10:39 pm
Your layouts are beautiful!

12/14/06 4:01 pm
Nice to "meet" you!

12/14/06 2:38 pm
Oh, YAY! The layouts are there now! :-)

12/14/06 2:17 pm
Hey...it's my emom!! Fantastic piece of writing! Great to read about you.

12/9/06 12:08 am
i had no idea, now i know where elsie got her fabulousness ;) and may i just say that i absolutely LOOOVE, as in "smooth like buttah" your basic grey description, WOW (i hope you write a book someday, seriously!) and move over sus, she's adopting me first!!

suslvgeo . Colorado
12/8/06 9:59 am
Can you adopt me please? You are just the sweetest. And to take up a hobby to keep in tune with your daughter...I am tearing up. Your work is amazing and so are you!!!! Nice to "meet" you. Hopefully if I am ever in Cali, I can meet both you and Elsie!

12/5/06 9:52 pm
Great to "know" you! What a great article!

12/5/06 12:54 pm
Linda....I love your take on why you scrap, so beautifully expressed! It's always a pleasure to learn more about you!

12/5/06 11:16 am
A wonderful piece of writing, it's nice to learn more about you. I love your work.

12/3/06 3:39 pm
Great article! Nice to meet you!

12/3/06 1:36 pm
LOVE you and your work...and yeah, why no layouts featured??

12/3/06 12:49 pm
Wow! Love what you had to say!

12/3/06 9:05 am
I love your work and I loved reading your article!

12/3/06 8:47 am
I love you!! xoxo

But...WHERE are Claritee's layouts?!

bluejeans7 . Kansas
12/3/06 8:14 am
Hey Linda! I love your layouts and the way you write!! Very glad you're here!!

12/3/06 7:02 am
We are so very, very lucky to have you here! I loooooooved reading this bit - thank you!

12/3/06 2:14 am
"If you can't beat 'em, join 'em!" Seemed to work for you, Linda!!!!