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Monday, March 2, 2015

Minc Foil Applicator & Starter Kit Features - Heidi Swapp  
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American Crafts’ Heidi Swapp Minc™ Features







What is the Minc?

The Minc is a new, enhanced foil applicator machine that allows the innovative crafter to create amazing foil effects to a wide range of paper, home décor, party and gift projects. 

How Does it Work?

The Minc uses a custom toner reactive foil (TRF) to transfer designs through a combination of heat and pressure.  The Minc™ has been engineered to optimize both heat and pressure to provide consistent high quality results.  Other machines on the market have been designed to perform other primary functions, and foil transfer is a secondary result.  While they may be able to perform good foil transfer under certain conditions, those conditions are fairly limited.

Why is the Minc Better?

The Minc is superior to other options in the market for several reasons:

  • Increased-diameter rollers -- Larger rollers deliver increased pressure to produce a more even foil transfer. 
  • Four rollers, twice most other options --Two heated rollers, and two pressure rollers have been calibrated to provide ideal temperature and pressure for foil transfer.  Machines with a single set of rollers often result in uneven foil transfer
    • Two directly-heated rollers allow for consistent temperature across entire length of rollers.  Some machines use a heating element which is separate from the roller to heat the surface of the rollers.  Directly-heated rollers are more efficient in maintaining and distributing consistent heat.
    • Two pressure rollers provide smooth even foil transfer and minimize poor transfer due to inconsistencies in substrata surface.
  • Pre-heat function  -- A separate heating element provides additional heat to provide better foil transfer.  The additional heat results in longer exposure to heat.  Pre-heat function allows roller temperature to be lower.  Lower roller temperature results in a more smooth foil transfer.  Machines without the pre-heat function have to rely exclusively on the limited time the foil is in contact with the rollers to transfer the foil.
  • Adjustable heat settings -- Different substrata have different heat requirements.  If temperature is too low, the foil may under-transfer.  If temperature is too high, the foil may wrinkle and over-transfer.  Adjustable heat settings allow for different substrata from lightweight paper to chipboard.  Machines which do not have adjustable heat settings may not produce an even foil transfer on lighter weight substrata, and may not transfer on heavier substrata.
  • 13 inch opening.  A large opening allows for use of full 12in sheet of paper.  The larger opening is perfect for scrapbooking, and for home décor projects.  Machines with single set of rollers may not be able to provide a consistent transfer across a 12in span.
  • Forward/reverse motor. The Minc™ has a reverse function which makes it simple to move projects in either direction.  Other machines require the user to dis-engage the rollers and manually pull the project from the machine.





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