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Monday, May 11, 2009

NSD 2009 2 comments  
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List of Crop Challenges

Scrappers often lose their mojo and rely on challenges to get them going.  ACOT's Creative Team thought it would be helpful to archive this year's crop challenges so that you can refer to them throughout upcoming months for ideas when you get stuck and need inspiration. 

Crop Challenge #1 - Special Female Relationship

The first challenge is for you to create a layout all about a special female relationship in your life.
Examples would be:

  • -mother/daughter
  • -sisters
  • -friends
  • -other female relatives, etc...

You also need to use at least 3 of these "girly" items on your layout:

  • glitter
  • lace
  • ribbon
  • bling
  • flowers

Crop Challenge #2 - Build a Superhero

Choose items from the categories below to see which elements you need to use on your LO. You need to use ALL the elements you chose but are not limited to ONLY those embellishments and colors... you can use more.

Super Power (COLORS) You must use your chosen colors SOMEWHERE on the LO!

  • strength = blue
  • laser eyes = red
  • speed = pink
  • transformation = orange
  • invisibility = brown
  • flying = green
  • rapid healing = purple
  • magnetism = yellow

Secret Weapon (# OF PHOTOS)

  • gem of knowledge = 1
  • arsenal of gadgets = 2
  • power ring = 3
  • ray gun = 4
  • lightning staff = 5


  • mob boss = 1
  • evil doctor = 2
  • common crooks = 3
  • dirty politician = 4
  • insane millionaire = 5
  • alien leader = 6


  • tights = brads
  • cape = rub-ons
  • belt = chipboard
  • gloves = felt/fabric
  • bustier = flowers
  • boots = buttons
  • minidress = bling
  • headband = ribbon
  • mask = stickers
  • underwear on the outside = punch(es)

Crop Challenge #3 - Super Heroine Inspiration

We thought it would super fun to pick a super heroine with some fun colors and costume to help inspire your layout.  You can take any part of this super heroine, her name, colors, clothes, pose, super powers, etc and use it for inspiration in your layout!
This can also be done with a card and it's digital or paper.
***You have to use at least two of the colors from her outfit.
****For an extra bonus...use the pattern of her pants in your layout too! Bonus details to come...

Her name is SKIDS
Powers: generates a deflection field around herself and others that disperses energy assaults, reflects kinetic impact off itself, and negates friction so that the field is incredibly slippery, and she can glide across its surface.

Examples below by FairyMouseMom & -Shannon-

Crop Challenge #4 - Pamper Yourself

Every super woman need some pampering now and then. We all need time to ourselves.
Scrap a page about what you do to pamper yourself. Or if your don't get the time for that, what would you like to do if you had the time.

Here is an example by Smiley-Scrap8:

Crop Challenge #5 - What is your Super Power?

This is a JOURNALING challenge! We want you to talk about your super girl power?

Davsar has created this great sample layout to help inspire you:

Crop Challenge #6 - Girl Power Template Challenge

Challenge #6 is to use The gilr power template either as a template or a sketch! You can download the sketch in our FREEBIES section here at ACOT.

1. Use the sketch if you are paper and the template if you are digi and create a layout.
2. Inside the "pow" bubble where your title is, you must use an exclamation as part of your title, (i.e. pow, zap, boom, bang, wow, etc.)

Here is the link TO DOWNLOAD

Crop Challenge #7 -

We thought it would be fun to challenge you to create a layout using a certain photography technique/style. You must use at least one photo on your layout, demonstrating one of the following techniques:

1. Fill the Frame – read about this technique
here. See katarria's example below:

2. Rule of Thirds – read about this technique
here. See -Shannon-’s example below.


3. Leading Lines – read about this technique
here. See -Shannon-’s example below.

Crop Challenge #8 - Makeup Challenge

Choose your makeup style from the list below, then create a layout that matches your style.

a) no make-up:

Do a layout with no photos, no patterned paper, and no fancy embellishments! (Sort of a clean, graphic style) You can use memorabilia, journaling, etc., but no photos. My definition of fancy embellishments would be flowers, ribbon, chipboard, pre-made embellies, etc. Try to use paper punches or deco scissors to make your own embellies, ink pens to doodle, you may use stickers (I know you have a stash!), and alphas.

b) minimal:

Do a layout using 1 or 2 photos, cardstock, alphas, and your choice of 1 or 2 embellishments. No patterned paper!

c) classic:

Do a 1, 2, or 3 photo layout with cardstock and patterned paper, alphas, ribbon, and flowers.

d) trendy:

Do a 1 photo layout with shaped cardstock, patterned paper, chipboard, rub-ons, and either Stickles or Glimmer Mist.

e) dramatic:

Do a layout with any number of photos, at least 3 patterned papers, a large monogram letter, and some form of bling.

Crop Challenge #9 - Page About YOU

Who is one of the most ROCKIN' girls you know???  It's YOU of course! We want to see a page all about you!

Here is an example from Suslvgeo:

And one from SarahA:

Crop Challenge #10 - Memorabilia

Scrapbooking is all about documenting the memories and events in our lives. For this challenge, I want you to make a LO including some type of memorabilia- tickets, a brochere, a play bill, a receipt, children's artwork, a handwritten note, or anything along those lines.

Here is the LO from Beth-W as an example:

Crop Challenge #11 - What's in your Purse?

Go get your purse and write a list right now. No peeking until you have written down your list. 
Now here is what you get to use based on the contents of your purse.

Credit/Debit Card - cardstock
Cash - patterned paper
Coin - alphabets (stickers, chipboard, etc)
Lotion - paint
Hair Accessory - paper clip
Clean Tissue - ribbon
Dirty Tissue - distress something on your layout
Chap/Lip Stick - glitter
Mints - brads
Gum - staples
Feminine Products - a tag
Photos - a frame
Any kind of glasses - chipboard
Mirror - rub-ons
Cell Phone - buttons
MP3 Player - bling
Car Keys - flowers
Receipt - die cut
Gift Card - felt
Coupon - stamp
Pen/Pencil - doodles

You must use at least 1 photo on your layout and you may only use the products found in your purse. If you have something in you purse that is not on the list you may pick 1 (and only 1) extra product to use.

The example below is by Smiley-Scrap8:

Crop Challenge #12 - Chick Flick

For this challenge, scrap about a favorite "chick flick".
"Chick flick is slang for a film designed to appeal to a female target audience." This can be any movie or even tv show that you love -could watch over and over- one that you're stuck watching it by yourself because the hubby refuses to watch. Maybe you have a family tradition with your mom and/or sisters to get together and watch a favorite chick flick together? Whatever your story, share it with us chicks. :inlove:

>> No photo is necessary for this challenge. You can also google for movie images and print those in place of photos. <<

Here is an example by MamaK321:

Crop Challenge #13 - Ad Inspiration

We just love Ad Inspiration, especially seeing how you girls get so creative with them every month! For the crop, we wanted to do a special "girly" Ad Inspiration, and when we think girly ads, Dove brand of products come to mind.

Use 1 or any combination of these 3 Dove ads as inspiration for your layout.

You can use just one ad, two of the ads, or pieces from all three of the ads to inspire you.

Crop Challenge #14 - Lyrics Inspiration

Okay, there's this cool remake of an old song by Ernie K. Doe topping the charts here in the UK. So your challenge, should you choose to accept it, is to create a layout inspired by the song "GIRLS", as sung by the Sugababes. Below is a link to the video, as well, for added inspiration! You must include at least one line of the song on your layout.

Video link

By Sugababes

Here come the girls
Mmm, oh yeah

Whoa, water, I don't need no lemonade)

Here come the girls! (Girls, Girls, Girls, Girls)
Here come the girls! (Girls, Girls, Girls, Girls)
Here come the girls! (Girls, Girls, Girls, Girls)
Here come the girls! (Girls, Girls, Girls, Girls)

Slippin’ on my little black dress
5 inches I’m bound to impress
Turn it up, I’m a little temptress
Monroe’s got nothin’ on me
Read my curves like poetry
Tonight we rule the world, beware cos here come the girls

Here come the girls! (Girls, Girls, Girls, Girls)
Here come the girls! (Girls, Girls, Girls, Girls)
Here come the girls! (Girls, Girls, Girls, Girls)
Here come the girls! (Girls, Girls, Girls, Girls)

Here the whistle as I walk by
Shine like a crystal all through the night
One look will make a grown man cry
Step aside I got a starring role
Camera, Action, Here we go
Tonight we rule the world, beware cos here come the girls

Here come the girls! (Girls, Girls, Girls, Girls)
Here come the girls! (Girls, Girls, Girls, Girls)
Here come the girls! (Girls, Girls, Girls, Girls)
Here come the girls! (Girls, Girls, Girls, Girls)

I’m filled with sexuality
With or without a man I feel complete
Stop speculating, I’m a regular girl
All independant women know
We got the guts to run the show
Don’t let no boy tell you nothing
You’re in control

[Chorus x2]
Here come the girls! (Girls, Girls, Girls, Girls)
Here come the girls! (Girls, Girls, Girls, Girls)
Here come the girls! (Girls, Girls, Girls, Girls)
Here come the girls! (Girls, Girls, Girls, Girls)

Crop Challenge # 15 - Girl Power Pink

Girl Power Pink!!!! Create a LO that is based on PINK!
you must have at least 1 of each of the below 5 items:
1. pink ribbon{s}
2. pink brad/eylet{s}
3. pink patterned paper{s}
4. pink cardstock
5. pink flower{s}

Crop Challenge #16 - Pick a Number

Choose a number from 1-10.  Then take that number and incorporate it into a layout. 

Here is an example by 4peasinourpod:

Crop Challenge #17 - Feminine Side

Create a layout with anything frilly and girlie such as flowers, lace, pearls, jewels, and soft colors!

Here is an example of a layout by Dianedi:

Crop Challenge #18 - 5, 4, 3, 2, 1

Create a layout using 5 items with a numerical value for each. Use the list of items below, then decide if you want to use 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5 of each item. You must have all five items and they must have one number applied to them for a total of 15 of the required items. You may have other elements on your page, but be sure to have the five listed.

Your items: color, metal embellishments, felt/ribbon, stickers/chipboard and picture(s).

My example:
1. 1 Felt
2. 2 pictures
3. 3 Metal soccer brads
4. 4 Colors (green, yellow, black and white)
5. 5 Stickers (4 yellow stars and 1 soccer ball “o”)

Crop Challenge #19 - Super Power Words

For this challenge, you will need to create a layout (paper or digital) with the words SUPER or POWER somewhere on the layout.

See an example below by dianagirly:

Crop Challenge #20 - M.O.M = Monochromatic Or Multicolored

Monochromatic layouts have ONE color (may have one neutral color, as well)....Multicolored should have at least 4 colors.

Example below is by Suslvgeo:

Example below is by 4peasinourpod:

Posted by katarria

Reader Comments ...
5/11/09 6:58 pm
This is a fantastic idea! I will certainly enjoy coming back to these for inspiration! I really love the "what's in your purse" challenge! Thanks for putting these all together!!!

Janell . Indiana
5/9/09 10:08 pm
This is so incredible to see all the crop challenges in one place and all the layout examples. This is enough to keep me busy for awhile! Thanks Kathy for putting this all together for all of us!!! You are amazing!!!