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Monday, November 1, 2010

November Challenges 12 comments  
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Give Thanks for ACOT!

When November hits I know it is really time to buckle down and take the holiday season seriously.  October is firmly in the "Fall" category but November is kind of flirting with Winter, at least around these parts!  Schedules seem to get a little more full, to-do lists are getting longer, and it's easy to get lost in the madness.  The Creative Team hopes that these challenges will remind you to take a little time for yourself and for scrapping this month!


- only one LO per challenge will enter you into the points drawing

LOs cannot be entered into more than one challenge category

- *please* only enter LOs that meet the specific challenge instructions  


Ad Inspiration Challenge - By MamaK321 (Kristianne)

Paper or Digital Scrapbooking

Ad inspiration is about taking ideas, such as colors, patterns, title or keywords, theme, font styles, and element placement, and using them to create your own layout. You can break the ad inspiration down to a basic sketch, copy a prominent design straight from the ad, or you can alter a design to fit your own layout. Most ads are 8.5x11" but you can adapt the ad to fit any size. Remember, this is not a sketch and you are not required to follow every detail. You can use either one or both pages of this ad to inspire your layout. The key is to really LOOK at the ad and find the pieces that INSPIRE you!

Altered Object Challenge - By JulesinParadise (Jules)

Paper or Hybrid Scrapbooking

I have found some of the coolest things in my medicine chest this month.

The most fun thing I found was gauze that was left over from when my husband had a melanoma removed this past year.


The gauze is 4 layers thick and I found that if I did not take it out of the wrapper, my die cutting machine would cut through the paper and the gauze and the gauze would not get hung up in the die. I used Glimmer Mist on one of the resulting flowers, dabbing extra on the ends to increase the intensity of the color and I used an ink pad on the other.

So, without further ado, go raid your medicine cabinet and use something from it to create an embellishment for a card or layout or an altered object or alter one of the objects you find in your cabinet. Have fun and I can't wait to see what you come up with!

Card Challenge - By bluejeans7 (Angela)

Paper or Digital Scrapbooking

Create a birthday card using at least three different kinds of embellishments. Different examples could be buttons, brads, bling, ribbon, flowers, rub-ons, stickers, die-cuts, etc......

On my card I used bling, a die-cut and a puffy sticker sentiment.

Color Challenge - by Art_Teacher (Laura)

Paper or Digital Scrapbooking

Another color I don't use very often in my scrapping is Yellow! It is probably my least favorite color. However, it has many shades and can be very effective for scrapping, especially for Autumn photos. So, this month's challenge is for you to use yellow. You must use at least 2 shades of yellow and your layout must be at least 50% yellow.

Countdown Challenge - By sarahwhithers (Jennifer)

Paper or Digital Scrapbooking

For this challenge you will create a layout using a countdown method of items. I will list five different kinds of things (eg. elements, papers, photos) for you to use in your layout. Every month there will be five new items for you to use. And for this month, since those Halloween pictures will be hot off the presses, I want you to make Halloween pages!

5 - Buttons
4 - Halloween themed elements (eg. bats, ghosts, etc.. and other than the 2 pumpkins)
3 - Papers (other than the solid black)
2 - Pumpkins (can be an elements or in your picture(s)
1 - Solid black paper as your background

You are welcome to use more than these items (eg. 4 papers instead of 3 is fine) just as long as you meet the required list and numbers asked for each. An example is seen below.

Die Cut Challenge - By Dianedi (Diane)

Paper  Scrapbooking

For the die-cutting challenge for November, let's get working on those holiday cards! Create a holiday card with at at least 2 embellishments created with a die-cutting machine. (Cricut, Sizzix, Silhouette etc.) You could even create the base of your card with a die-cutting machine.

Please be sure to specify what die-cutting machine and/or cartridges you've used in your description. Have fun!

Digi CT Reveal Challenge - By Janello (Janell)

Paper or Digital Scrapbooking

Create a layout inspired by the Digi CT Reveal about scrapping your addictions.

Example Addicted by sarahwhithers

Digi Designer Challenge - By MamaK321 (Kristianne)

Digital only

This month scrap something from Crisdam Designs!

Digi Do-Able Challenge - By Smiley-Scrap8 (Ronny)

Digital Scrapbooking

Welcome to another edition of Digi Do-Ables

This month the template was made using a layout by Janell.  Go into the Digi Shoppe and use that template to create your own layout. Flip it, change it, or just use it as it is, it's up to you! 


Janell's example:

Faithbooking Challenge - By Keling (Sara)

Paper or Digital Scrapbooking

Faithbooking Challenge - Count Your Blessings

"Count your Blessings" has always been a best-loved thanksgiving song. It was written by Johnson Oatman, Jr., and composed by Edwin Excell who created the tune for the hymn.

American Hymn-writer Johnson Oatman, Jr.

Rev. Johnson Oatman, Jr., born on 21st April 1856, near Medford, New Jersey, was one of the important and prolific gospel song writers of the late 19th and early 20th centuries. As a child Oatman Junior became acquainted with the hymns of the church through the singing talents of his father.

Aged 19, Oatman joined the Methodist Church and years later, granted a license to preach in local Methodist congregations. His mainstream career was in a mercantile business and later as administrator for a large insurance company in New Jersey. At the same time, he wrote over 5,000 hymn texts.

"Count your Blessings" is generally considered to be Oatman's finest hymn. It first appeared in Songs for Young People, compiled and published by Edwin O. Excell in 1897. It has been sung all over the world. One writer has stated, "Like a beam of sunlight it has brightened up the dark places of the earth."

Other Hymns by Johnson Oatman, Jr.

  • "Higher Ground"
  • "No, Not One!"

American composer E.O. Excell

E. O. Excell, the composer, is well-known in early gospel hymnody. He was born in Stark County, Ohio, on December 13, 1851. At 20, he became a singing teacher, traveling around the country establishing singing schools. For many years, Excell was associated with Sam Jones, a well-known Southern revivalist. In his time, he was one of the finest song leaders. In addition to writing and composing more than 2,000 gospel songs as well as publishing about 50 songbooks, Excell managed a successful music publishing business in Chicago. While assisting Gypsy Smith in an evangelistic campaign in Louisville, Kentucky, in 1921, he was suddenly stricken at the age of 70 and passed away.

Influence of "Count Your Blessings"

"Count Your Blessings" was received most overwhelmingly in Great Britain. The London Daily, in giving an account of a meeting presided over by Gypsy Smith, reported, "Mr. Smith announced the hymn 'Count Your Blessings.' He said, "In South London the men sing it, the boys whistle it, and the women rock their babies to sleep on this hymn." During the revival in Wales it was one of the hymns sung at every service.
To quote the Roman orator and writer Cicero: "A thankful heart is not only the greatest virtue, but the parent of all the other virtues."
(Taken from Count Your Blessings Hymn)


Heritage Challenge - By JanetM (Janet)

Paper AND Digital Scrapbooking

This month we're going to write about someone we didn't know or someone we barely knew. What would you have liked to know about them or what things do you remember?

Mine is of my great-grandmother that passed way when I was 6 so my memories of her are few. I love to hear the stories about her but I really would have liked to known her better.

Hybrid Challenge - By Smiley-Scrap8 (Ronny)

Paper AND Digital Scrapbooking

Use digital and traditional scrapbooking supplies to make a home decor project. This can be a banner, altered candle, place cards, napkin rings, wreath, wall hanging, etc. For my example I used Sunny Autumn Kit by Serene by RW to make a Thanksgiving Banner.

Journaling Challenge - By FairyMouseMom (Egle)

Paper or Digital Scrapbooking

"Ad Yourself" - November Journaling Challenge

You may be wondering what that means, right? Well, I want you to create a layout that "advertises yourself." Tell us about yourself... sell yourself to us. What have you done lately? What kinds of accomplishments have you made lately? Usually our layouts are about others, but this time the focus is on YOU!!! You can include a picture of yourself if you would like. You can include a picture of something tangible that has to do with your journaling for this challenge. Or, you could just keep it to the journaling. That decision is all yours.

This idea was given to me by my best friend who challenged me to do this! It made me reflect on what I have learned and accomplished in less than a year!

Manufacturer Challenge - By 4peasinourpod (Pam)

Paper Scrapbooking

This month... Sassfras Lass!!!!  (and stay tuned for the crop... as we are featuring them there as well!!!)

Here is a layout of Kiley using an older line....

Musical Inspiration Challenge - By Kimandasmo (Cindy)

Paper or Digital Scrapbooking

I know we all start to get very busy this time of year, so,this month I have a very simple challenge for you. All I want you to do is create a project/layout using music note paper. There are tons of different brands of it out there right now that have music note paper as it seems to be a big trend.

Here is my example:

One Word Challenge - By milmomma (Brittney)

Paper or Digital Scrapbooking

One Word Challenge - Routine

This is the November one word challenge. We often, as scrappers, focus on changes and I want you to focus on something that stays the same in life. Scrap your favorite or dreaded routine and be sure you use the word routine in your title or make it stand out significantly in your journaling.

My Example-

Photography Challenge - By nun69 (Angie)


Get out and get those pictures taken of beautiful FALL! Whether Fall means snow, sunshine or beautiful leaves in your part of the world... share it with us!

Scraplift the GCT Challenge - By Kimandasmo and SarahA (Cindy and Sarah)

Paper or Digital Scrapbooking

This month's GCT is Carrie123. She has so many great layouts in her gallery that it was hard to choose, but I finally chose her Snickers layout.

Go to her gallery HERE, and choose a layout to scraplift. Be sure to show us which layout of hers that you chose!

Scrap Your Life Challenge - By nun69 (Angie)

Paper or Digital Scrapbooking

I want you to scrap about the FUN in your life... for me it is when the kids are having a blast outside with no cares in the world!

Sketch Challenge - By Laura Fiore and 4peasinourpod (Laura and Pam)

Paper or Digital Scrapbooking

In this busy life we lead, it's all about saving time! One perfect way to save time while scrapping, is to use a sketch. It's a quick map for the perfect page! This month, we're using a sketch from PageMaps... they're so popular, they've even come out with books of sketches! Use a component or two, or use the whole sketch... it's all up to you!


Laura's example:

Pam's example:

Supply List Challenge - By Beth-W (Beth) and ScrapGoo (Jess)

Paper or Digital Scrapbooking

This month your list is:

- kraft paper or embellishments
- the color orange
- stamping

Jess' example:

Theme Challenge - By ScrapGoo (Jess)

Paper or Digital Scrapbooking

To me, Fall means baking.  I struggle through the long months of Summer heat to be rewarded with cold temperatures and a warm oven!  So this month your theme challenge is to scrap some "lovin' from the oven"... anything you've baked!  It could be your Thanksgiving turkey, goodies for a bake sale, your grandma's secret biscuits, etc.  I did a layout about the Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day that I constantly have coming out of my kitchen these days!

Trends & Techniques Challenge - By Megamay (Meg)

Paper Scrapbooking

What is more trendy than banners?! That's your challenge this month: use a banner on your layout.

Here is my example:

Posted by ScrapGoo

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Reader Comments ...
happayscrappay . Missouri
11/3/10 9:05 pm
some great inspiration here!

Yankeegirl . Lititz PA
11/2/10 2:44 pm
Lots and lots of good things to pick from here!

Charleneanne . Central Valley California
11/1/10 11:21 pm
very nice and seasonal challenges this month. Looking forward to doing some of these

killarney_rose . Groesbeck, TX
11/1/10 11:15 pm
Awesomeness!!!! Along with the crop, this is going to be a great month to get some scrapping done!

11/1/10 3:32 pm
Awesome challenges! I can definitely see doing a whole bunch of these, if I can find the time, LOL!

nonnies . Osan, Korea
11/1/10 3:17 pm
Wonderful challenges this month!!!

11/1/10 2:51 pm
I absolutely love all the challenge layouts -wonderful work ladies! great challenges to - hope to use these to get me back into it this month.

sarahwhithers . Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
11/1/10 12:11 pm
Definitely some great challenges this month! Great work everyone! :D

shayla_rose . Florida
11/1/10 11:04 am
cool challenges! i hope to get some done!

11/1/10 10:40 am
Great challenges! Hopefully I can get a few of them done this month!!

11/1/10 10:38 am
omg......soooooooooooooo awesome!!!

meteechtap . Central Oklahoma
11/1/10 10:29 am
I love all of the challenges!!! This is going to be a fun month!!

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