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Sunday, May 2, 2010

October Afternoon Layout Class 0 comments  
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Completing a layout using a sketch

This class is going to show you how to turn a sketch into a finished layout. I chose to work with the new October Afternoon line of paper Fly a Kite, and sketches from Pagemaps by Becky Fletch.

We are going to complete 2 layouts. the first one will use 1 photo, the 2nd one will use 3 photos. I was going to do a 3rd layout with 2 photos but due to time constraints that is not going to be possible.

For the first layout we are going to start with this fabulous sketch.


For this page I am using a piece of Avalanche cardstock by Bazzill, as my base. Cats eye ink in rose, an edge punch by Martha Stewart.( all of these can substituted for items you have) I am just telling you exactly what I am using, in addition to the October Afternoon supplies.



Here is what the completed layout looks like.

As you can see I rotated the sketch, which is a great way to utilize the same sketch in more than one way. I started by cutting the Strawberry Jam paper to size. I did this by cutting one inch off both vertically and horizontal. I then used my edge punch along both the top and the bottom of the paper.


Next I centered it on my cardstock and adhered.


My next step was to cut the squares. Although the sketch shows 9 squares we are  only going to use six. Using the Front Porch paper, cut one piece, two rows in ..each one should have 2 circles in so



then turn that paper and cut it so you have 4 circles in each this.



Now you can ink the sides of your squares.

At this point you can begin to line them up on your page...there is no set distance from the top of bottom, just wherever you feel comfortable with them. Here is how I lined mine up, I also adhere my photo in at this point as well.

The next step is to work on the border that goes along the bottom edge of the photos. For this I cut a 1 inch by 12 inch strip from Front Porch paper, I then used my edge punch and inked it.



Next adhere this strip along the bottom of the photos.


I then used the gingham border strip from the stickers page and placed that along the top of this punched strip.

I know it is difficult to see, but I cut it to the same length as my background paper.


The next piece to work on is the title block. I started with one of the journal cards

and cut it in half.

Then working with the piece without the strawberry I cut the dotted edge off.

Next I added the word sweet

to the upper left hand corner..this is from the sticker accents sheet.

then I inked all the way around it.



Then I placed the green label sticker under the right hand corner of this piece. Like so...


and placed all of this on my page


under the photos to the left hand side. Next I took the journal card half with the strawberry on it and removed the dotted edge.

and then inked the edge

I then placed it to the right of the piece we placed lined so( yes I know the strawberry will be upside down..I covered it using one of the strawberries from the sticker accents page)

Next using letters from the alphabet stickers I placed my title along this newly created title block.


As you can see I also started to embellish my page a little. I cut 2 circles from the Front Porch paper and added a strawberry from the sticker accents page in the middle of each circle. I placed one in the bottom right hand corner of the page and one in the upper left hand corner of the photo. 

Then I used some stickles to edge both the top and bottom of my so. I used Fruit Punch Stickles.


I also added the same stickles around the edges of the strawberry circles.

The next step was to highlight the word sweet using Smooch ink..I used the color pool.

The last step for this layout was to create the cluster on the top right hand side of the page.I used the large green circle from the label stickers as the base for this cluster. I then added words from the word stickers and a small button that I had in my stash. for the final step I used another of the journaling cards trimmed to fit my page in the bottom right hand corner for some journaling. Here again is the finished page.


and the sketch. I hope you have fun creating a layout using these steps.

For the next layout here is the supplies used 

they include a paper edge punch and some ink...


here is the sketch we will be using

and the completed layout.

I started by cutting a piece of cream colored cardstock to approximatlely 4 by 11 inches.


I then cut a piece Garden paper to about 2  by 9 inches.

I lined both of these up on the Picnic table paper along with my photos..I did not adhere them at this point... I was juct checking size. I had to trim down the width of my picuters a little bit to make them fit the page. But you could leave them at 4x6.


I next cut a greren strip of cs 1 inch wide and 12 inches long and the used my edge punch on it..

I lined it up on my page with the other two papers and my pics like this

I then cut it down to be equally to the top of the pictures and the bottom of the Garden paper and adhered everything in place.

My next step was to start embellishing the layout. I started with a piece from the label stickers and placed it on the left hand side of the layout where the photos and the cream paper and the green strip meet.

I then used an and sign from the alpahbet stickers and words from the word stickers to create a cluster..

My step was to work on a journaling area. I used one of the journaling cards that I matted in a mactching green cs.

and placed it in the center of the page on the bottom .

Next step was to embellish it a little bit. I used a flower from the accent stickers page.

in the bottom right corner of the card then I added some of leaf stickers around it like this..


Next I cut the tail off the kite sticker and placed it on the right hand side of the title block, and topped it with a flower.

At this point I started working on my title..I used a label sticker directly below the first cluster and added some October Afternoon letter stickers for the first half of my title.

using another label sticker and the same letter stickers I placed another portion of title on the right hand side of the layout bordering on the kite tail.

I then used the Alphabet stickers to create the center of my title..

and finished off my title with some Thickers.

My next step was to add some extra bling to the layout. I used 2 word stickers on the left had side of the page.

I then added some stickles to different areas around the layout.

As a final touch I added some bling along the left hand side..

The last step is add some journaling to the journaling block. here again is the completed layout and sketch...


I hope you have enjoyed seeing how to turn a sketch into a completed layout...can not wait to see what yours look like...make sure to put them in the gallery under the October Afternoon class....and on Tuesday A random winner from all the entires will be for an American Crafts prize pack!

Posted by Kimandasmo

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