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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Paper Purse Class 12 comments  
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Step By Step Instructions

In this class I will show you how simple it is to turn a single sheet of patterned paper into an adorable little purse!  These purses make cute accents to your scrap area and can also be used as gift or party favor bags, notecard holders, etc.

How To Make A Paper Purse  
Example using Chatterbox paper

Variations to try:  You can use a sheet of 6x6 paper instead of 12x12 to make a mini purse.  
You can also use two patterned papers, as you'll see I did in the example.  Simply substitute the second paper for the 6x4" section to make the sides.

You will need the following supplies:

  • one 12 x 12" double sided patterned paper or cardstock
  • paper trimmer
  • scoring tool, such as a bone folder
  • adhesive
  • pencil
  • optional decorations: brads, faux flowers, ribbon, buckles, charms


  • Cut a 1" strip from the 12x12 sheet and set aside. This will be the strap.

  • Cut a 7x11" piece. Score on the 11" side at 4 1/2" and 6 1/2" on the underside of the patterned paper.  

  • On the 7" side, make a small mark at 1 1/4" and 5 3/4" on both sides.   the mark will not be noticeable once the purse is assembled

  • Score paper at an angle from one end of the center score line to the nearest small mark. Repeat for each corner. Set aside.   the paper will resemble a diamond shape once you fold each of the angles upward

  • Cut a 6x4" piece from the remaining paper.  On the 4" side, score 3/4 from one end - this will be the bottom.  Score 5/8 from the other end - this will be the top.  Cut this piece in half to make two 6x2" pieces.   Notice in the image below how the bottom section folds under and the top section fold over.   all these measurements make it sound difficult but hang in there, you're nearly done

  • Adhere the bottom part of the 6x2" piece to the 2" strip down the center of the 7x11" piece.  

  • Fold up the sides of the purse and the angled sides will overlap.  Fold down the top part of the 6x2" piece overtop and adhere.  Repeat for the other side.   your purse is taking shape now

  • Position the strap as desired and adhere or secure with brads.  You will have a square of patterned paper leftover which you could use to accent your purse.  Your purse is now finished - decorate as desired using faux flowers, ribbons, buckles, charms, etc. 


Paper Purse Paper Purse

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Posted by MamaK321

Reader Comments ...
3/27/11 4:04 pm
I have been looking for something to use as a favor for a Mother & Daughter tea. This is perfect. 2 sizes is a great idea. Of, course my own grown daughter will have to have one. The directions are great! Love it!!!!

11/6/06 2:12 am
I love your idea. Thanks I will try it out.

7/7/06 3:10 pm
I just saw something like this in a magazine and couldn't wait to try it! Your instructions are PERFECT and I love the styles!

7/2/06 5:40 pm
My 8 year old daughter and I just finished one. It turned out really cute. We are planning on inviting a few friends over to make tehir own. This was a great rainy day activity!!

6/16/06 6:59 am
Ok! You have discovered one of my weaknesses - purses. The night I signed on and saw the purse, I found a sheet of Chatterbox and started and finished in just a few folds and stickies. How cute. Now what to do with another purse. Thank you for such an easy but beautiful project......

6/15/06 12:14 am
so cute! I saved the page, and I'm definitely going to make some of these!! Thanks for the instructions!! These'll make great graduation gift holders, esp. if you have a gift card or something light!

6/14/06 4:30 pm
I'm going to try this!! Thanks for sharing it!

6/14/06 2:38 pm
kristianne this is so adorable...of course i am partial to the cactus pink one! i cannot wait to try this out!

6/14/06 8:15 am
Thanks Kristianne!!!!

6/13/06 6:59 pm
You know I'm hooked now!! Thanks!! Just one more thing!! ;-)

6/13/06 5:24 pm

6/13/06 5:10 pm
Thanks, Kristianne! This is a well-written and illustrated article, and makes me want to try one.